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Copy/paste from SOE's old forums -- Guide by TwiDeath

Officer is a hard profession to play...

...powerful though, the way of the officer goes through smart setup and deep knowledge of your own profession.
You have many way to personalize your gameplay, teamsupporter, damage dealer, ranged, melee, pistoleer; any of these  template should, MUST be learn
deeply and tried out.
Our expertise is, for my personal opinion (tried all the professions, and for long), the best and more complex.

Now, let's understand your fighter potential...


Squad Command Tree
Group Buffs
Leadership (4 points max for a 30 seconds increase) - Increase Group Buffs durations (very helpful, since they last a very short amount of time)
Initiative - Action Cost reduction (3 points max for 20% mitigation NEEDED to access the other buffs)
Advanced Tactics - Team Buff +115agi +70con 4:30 mins duration
Focus Fire - Team Buff +115pre +115str 4:30mins duration
Inspiration - 2.800 action heal and 5% action costs reduction
Scatter - Team Buff +5% avoidance Snare Removal and Speed boost 10seconds duration 3mins cooldown [AC drain 200]
Charge - Team Buff +10%dmg Snare Removal ACR and Speed boost 10 seconds duration 3mins cooldown [AC drain 450]
Last Words - Team Buff Heal, Action heal, Dodge chance, and Speed boost (when officers dies)

Supply Drop
Rapid Deployment - Cooldown reduction (4 points for 30mins reduction NEEDED to access to other specials)
Medical Supply - Call a supply drop of 8 stims with a 3.465 healing capacity (*read below for further details)
Tactical Supply - Call a supply drop of 8 stims +68con +3% critical chance +3% damage(*read below for further details)
Reinforcement - Call a 84 level <elite> pet (*see above for further details)

Explosives Expert - Action Cost Reduction an all AOE attacks (4 points for 25% ACR)
Surgical Demolitions - Critical Chance increase (3 points for 50%)
High Explosives - Damage Increase (2 points for 25% damage)
Superior Firepower - Damage Increase of 100% on AOE attacks, can apply to DOTS either(huge cooldown and timer)
Primacy - Timer Reduction on Superior Firepower (3 points for 10mins)

Ranged Tree
Sure Shot Efficiency - Action Cost Reduction on Shure shot (4 points max for 25% ACR)
Lethal Aim - Damage Increase on Shure shot (4 points max for +10%)
Target Selection - Action Cost Reduction on Paint Target (3 points max for 20% ACR)
Identify Weakness - Damage Increase on Paint Target (2 points max for +20%)
Advanced Paint Target - Mark Upgrade on Paint Target line (*see Damage Delivery Ranged for further details)

Officer Specialization Tree
Melee Line
Swordmanship - Damage Increase on any 1-handed weapon base attack (4 points max for +25%)
Grim Blows - Critical Chance Increased (2 points max for 10%)
Crippling Vortex - AOE root--->snare that causes a good amount of damage and a bleed DOT (*see below for further details at damage dealing:melee)
Decapitate - Single target LARGE damage delivery and bleed DOT (*see below for further details at damage dealing:melee)

Pistol Line
Side Arm Efficency - Action Cost Reduction an all attacks while wearing a pistol(4 points for 15% ACR)
Side Arm Accuracy - Damage Increase (2 points for 5% damage)
Tactical Supply - Critical Chance Increased (2 points max for 5%)
Drillmaster - 5% Action Cost Reduction while using a pistol and damage increased

Permanent Modifications
Close Combat - 4points max for +50 Str
Marksmanship - 4points max for +50 Pre
Toughness - 4points max for +50 Con
Endurance - 4points max for +50 Sta
Energy Defense - 2points max for +1000 energy bonuses on armor
Kinetic Defense - 2points max for +1000 kinetic bonuses on armor
(NOTE: all those skill are permanent, and do not require any activation)

Healing Abilities
Synaptic Stimulation - Heal from debuffs (up to 2) (NOTE: work either as an snare breaker)
Enviromental Purge - Heal from DOTS effects
Automated Diagnosis - Cooldown reduction on Heal (2points max for 3 seconds reduction)
Bacta Flush - Heal Boost (2points max for 15% boost [4025hp instead of 3500] on your healing ability)

(AOE) Artillery Strike - Long range AOE, High Damage
on Mark3 ---> 64mt range  AVGDMG 1900 AVGCDMG 2500<-->3500 [15 secs.cooldown]** same cooldown slot than Shock Gren. [AC drain 2180]
(AOE) Shock Grenade - Grenade range AOE, snare effect
on Mark3 ---> 30mt range  AVGDMG 1307 AVGCDMG 1800<-->2400 [15 secs.cooldown] 20 seconds SNARE ** same cooldown slot than Artillery Strike [AC drain 1920]
(AOE) Core Bomb - Minelike AOE, good damage and high fire DOT
on Mark3 ---> 0mt range AVGDMG 1656 AVGCDMG 2000<-->3000 [15 secs.cooldown] Fire DOT 475 (19-20 ticks)** [AC drain 1785]
(AOE) White Phosphorous Grenade - Tick damage and fire DOT
on Mark1 ---> 30mt range AVGDMG 564 each tick AVGCDMG 600<-->1000 (x2 ticks) [15 secs.cooldown] Fire DOT 325 (14-15 ticks)** [AC drain 1250]

(Ranged) Sure Shot - High Damage delivery
on Mark3 ---> weapon range AVGDMG 3000<-->3500 [5 secs.cooldown] [AC drain 2250]
(Ranged) Paint Target - Low Damage delivery and debuff
on Mark1 ---> weapon range AVGDMG 700<-->1100 [10 secs.cooldown] -65 Agility (20 seconds)
(Ranged) Advanced Paint Target (*) - High Damage delivery and stronger debuff
on Mark3 ---> weapon range AVGDMG 1700<-->2000 [10 secs.cooldown] -115 Agility +5% critical Chance (20 seconds) [AC drain 2500]
(Melee) Crippling Vortex (*) - AOE Root, Damage and Bleed DOT
on Mark3 ---> 4mt range AVGDMG 2500<-->2800 [45 secs.cooldown] Bleed DOT 90 (15 ticks)
(Melee) Decapitate (*) - Snare target, High Damage and Bleed DOT
on Mark3 ---> 4mt range AVGDMG 5600<-->5900 [35 secs.cooldown] Bleed DOT 115 (5 ticks)

(*) The specials marked are given spending expertise points on it, while the others are granted by profession advancement
(**) AVGDMG - Average damage on a field test without any armor reduction or damage boost buf
(**) AVGCDMG - Average Critical Min<--->Max damage on a field test without any armor reduction or damage boost buff
NOTE: While the Fire DOTs from Core Bomb and White Phosphorous Grenade DO NOT stacks, the AOE fire DOT can stack with a weapon fire DOT (like the one you get from a Totchee)


an officer you have access to a soldier, an elite 84 level pet, that
can be called and stored as it used to be with the old factional pets.
He will follow you everywhere and attack at your command.
you choose to get it (last box on the Supply Drop line),  create a
macro command like this and bind it to a key of your choice (handy).

/shout attack;


/tellpet attack;

As easy as effective.
This command will allow your soldier to attack the target you are currently aiming (NOTE:
if you have target locked and the mouse pointer is elsewhere, it won't
work - you need to "point" the target to get it attacked)

Stats of the support Pet:
Appearance: Random

84 lvl <elite>
15934 HP
6809 AP
DPS around 2,5k versus npc
quite less in PVP, but still effective

NOTE: The officer PET does not expire
like medical stims and tactical stims. You will be able to store it in
your datapad and recall it either after days, until he dies - then, in
order to get a new one you will need to "destroy" it from the datapad,
like you used to do during CU or PreCU.

an officer you can call a supply drop of heal stims, the lambda class
shuttle will drop 8 stims, single use, with a healingpower of 3.4xx HP
if you keep 3 or 4 slot of your second bank free, you can craft a macro
to stack your heal with this, and get 7k to 7,5k heal (NOTE: only
on the first heal cycle, since stims and heal are on different timers,
and stims have a bit longer one, either if you dont get cooldown
reduction - stims selfdelete from your inventory in like 1 hour, to
prevent stockings)

/ui action toolbarSlot11;
/pause 0.3;
/ui action toolbarBank2Slot11;

/pause 0.3;
/ui action toolbarBank2Slot10;

/pause 0.3;
/ui action toolbarBank2Slot09;

/pause 0.3;

macro is intedend with your Heal special on slot 12 of the lower bank,
and 3 stims on the upper bank on slots 12, 11 and 10 - box 12 is
the last one, but for macro to work, you will need to keep in mind that
slot 1 is recognized as 00, slot 2 --->01 and so on)

You can break snare and root 3 times. Charge!, Scatter and Synaptic Stimulator
are snarebreakers, and acts on different timer. So you will be
potentially un-snareable (NOTE: the snare break isn't fast as Jedi, and
you may experience a short cooldown from activation to the effective
debuff remove)

You can remove DOTS, using the Enviromental Purge special

Again, you can boost your heal ability spending points on Bacta Flush (2 points for max 15%more, to a total slightly over 4k) and reducing the cooldown timer with Automated Diagnosis (very important, and - numbers at the hand - more effective than Bacta Flush, 2 points for a 3 second reduction).

Officer have really many ways to buff up.
Some could be considered perma on, since the cooldown is far lower than the duration of the buff.
Advanced Tactics and Focus Fire are the always on buffs, boosting precision, constitution and other stats. If you have pistol tree, Drillmaster is the 3th always on buff, and grants action reduction of 5% and a greater damage output while using pistols.
Charge!, it's not only a GROUP snare breaker, but boost either your damage 10% and act even like a ACR while Scatter! grants you a slight avoidance bonus.
Inspiration is one of the best - since it HEALS 2.8k action and grants a temporary action cost reduction to all group. Shame on the ones who use it as a perma buff, since it goes wasted most of the times.
My suggestion is to use it after a big AOE strike, to countert the action drain and restore your worhty green bar.
Also, the officer, with the SUPPLY drop line, can get a Tactical Serum Stim, reuse (until it "expires", in like 1 hour). The crate dropped will grant 8 stims +68con +5% critical chance. (NOTE: You
won't need more than 1! you can reuse it as long as you keep it in your
inventory until it selfdelete, so you will be able to give one to each
member of your group!)

If you want to set Advanced Tactics and Focus Fire as automatic, you can create a macro like the following.

"macroname" (as you prefer)
/ui action toolbarBank2Slot11;--->(corresponding to slot 12 on second bank)
/pause 0.3;
/ui action toolbarBank2Slot10;--->(corresponding to slot 11 on second bank)
/pause 60;
/macro "macroname"

The problem in using automated macro is that they won't start if you,
say, are on a vehicle or cloning, or doing everything can usually
prevent a special to be fired.
Another issue is that you may get the
macro started, and then part of your action drained, while fighting
with an obviously bad final result.
Always remember that every time you restart it without /dump (reset any macro running) you will stack another macro on the previously running; they won't "self overwrite".
My personal suggesition is to run the macro before going into the battle, manually.

most of the other professions, you are allowed to reduce action costs
and/or increase damage output on Sure Shot line and Paint Target.
you plan to work mostly ranged, you will love Advanced Paint Target,
mostly for the +5% on critical chance, but it has very high action
drain if you don't lower it abit spending some points on action
Again, if you plan to work mostly from great distances
(over mostly of the AOE radius), and want to make an intense use of the
above mentioned specials, an action costs reduction is STRONGLY
A special chapter regarding pistols and this is love or hate.
The good thing is that you can deliver a wide amount of dps, and if you use an elemental pistol (like the CM-Dead Bolt Pistol rewarded on Restuss (cold-snare crits) the Totchee from Kashykk (heat-fire dot crits) Kashyyyk Stalker (acid) a crafted Republic Pistol (acid-armorbreak criticals) or Ion Stunner (electrical-glancing blows crits)) you will blast your enemy with like a "permacriticals on" - there aren't good choices for high level pistols, so HK Intimidator or Taskmaster Flechette if you want higher damage are almost all you can get.
At the bottom of the line, you can either choose to take Advanced Paint Target
that grants a powerful attack than the plain Paint Target NOTE: Paint
target line is granted with your professions, like sure shot and other
attacks, this box will only ENHANCE the current line as listed:
Paint Target: Low damage and -65 agility debuff on target
Advanced Paint Target: Average damage (less than Sure shot, but higher than the plain PT) -115 Agility +5% chance to receive  a critical hit from your group (HIGH action drain)

                                   - MELEE
of the best things, in damage dealing, we got from the expertise is the
brand new melee line. Well, we should call it the 1-handed weapons
line, since it's mostly oriented on sword/stick uses,
and the 2 special attacks granted at the bottom of the lines works ONLY with 1-handed melee weapon.
Crippling Vortex
is an AOE root, that hits all the enemy on its radius leaving them
stunned for a short time, and inflicting a little bleed DOT (90hp).
Decapitate it's a powerful attack that causes a bleed DOT (112hp) too, slightly better than the Crippling Vortex.
this line is very important when you are forced to go melee, or wants
to help your team to with a good crowd control root (Crip. Vortex),
while Decapite it's an awesome "last hit" when forced to go melee
versus a jedi or when you charge in to get someone down to cloner.
the damage enhance you get (max 25%) it's something more than useful,
when fighting melee professions like smugglers or Jedi.
Anyway, you
should consider melee not more than an addiction (a good one, indeed),
since we are mostly a ranged class - and we are more effective a bit
away from the fighting crowd, said that - a combo with Paint Target (or Adv. Paint Target) + Crippling Vortex + Decapitate + CoreBomb can give serious problems to any of your foes.
(NOTE: The
only decents 1handed weapons with elemental damage actually are X-ris
Acid Sword (80lvl sword with around 840dps and around 30acid elemental)
and the Stun Baton (more or less same stats but electric damage) while
if you are looking for pure damage all mustafarian swords will work
greatly, with a preference to Storm Caller and Blade of Betrayer for
their PROC)

                                   -AOE (Area of Effect)
Here comes the Officer.
iconic essence of this profession come mostly from the group support
buffs and the AOE specials, my suggestion is to get ALL the Explosive
tree (maybe but reduction, if you have no more point to spent).
You have 4 different attacks, on 3 timers. Unfortunately, Artillery Strike (the highest in damage, and range) and the Shock Grenade (our only ranged snare) are on the same timer, so choose wisely when and where use one and the other.
work like commando plasmamine, essentially as a trap, since the AOE
will be that surrounding the officer at the moment of the deploy - it
has a good damage and most important the highest DOT (fire) (NOTE: this is good when someone is chasing you, since a 460 points DOT can really make the difference through life and death)
Phosphorous Grenades grants different damage ticks and a DOT (fire) slightly less effective than corebomb.
will be able to lower the action costs of 25%, that will help if you
use to chain the area attacks, but the 2 mandatory abilities of the
Explosive tree are the critical chance increase (to 50%, basically a
must), and again the Superior Firepower/Primacy.
Superior Firepower
will almost double (around 80% tested damage increase) the damage of the AOE, and most important, there's a percentage of "critical DOTS"
letting you drop a lethal Corebomb with a DOT OVER 900 points of damage
per tick!
The timer on this special is very high, so my advice is to
keep 3 points to spend on the Primacy line (reduce the timer up to 10mins).
The best way to use Superior Firepower, due to the extremely short
duration, is close to the enemies line, in the very middle of the
battlefield, chaining immediately ALL the AOE attacks you can use; a
smart move would be to enter the crowd with Charge! special running,
this will allow you quickest moves, to deny snares and boost your
damage up).
The main issue, using bombs and tactical strike, is the
delay time from "throwing" to "landing", in other words the time that goes from activation of the special attack and the effective detonation
of the grenade/artillery strike that may allow your target to avoid
completely the attack.
To limit the wastings try to target groups,
snared or rooted enemies, or the ones currently chasing you. Tactical
Strike and Air Strike (same kind of special on same timer) are
differents, in this way - since while the first and more powerfull
shows a great cone of light coming from the sky, the second give no
alert to your enemy preventing them  to counter it, running away.

A good macro to chain AOE to use if you are in grenade range:
--->White Phosphorous Grenade (damage ticks + 365 fire DOT) --->Shock Grenade (detonation damage + snare)

/ui action toolbarSlot03;--->(corresponding to slot 4)
/pause 0.3;
/ui action toolbarSlot04;--->(corresponding to slot 5)
/pause 0.3;

or, if you are in the middle of the battle:
Vortex--->Superior Firepower--->White Phosphorous
Grenade --->Tactical Strike
(detonation damage)--->(INSPIRATION to recover some action)--->Corebomb

the macro, just copy+past the one written above - placing the
effect you want to run on the proper "toolbarSlotXX" (AGAIN -
toolbarSlotXX is always -1 than displayed on your UI, so first slot
correspond to toolbarSlot00!!!)

This one will results as a
potentially devastating damage versus your enemy, though it will
require your presence on the very middle of the battlefield to be
fully effective.
My suggestion is to enter field 2 seconds after the
battle beginnig; remember that, if you are the first to get in, than
you are the first being hit, let jedi do this.
Nonetheless, you will have a good part of your action restored, ready to be used at a ranged distance.
that the damage of the AOE specials is strictly related to the weapons
you are equipping, so be smart, and equip a Nym or a a melee kinetic weapon,
while using AOE - since
most of the players, due to recent kinetic weapons "nerf", use to wear a PSG and an energy layered armor.

Armor modifications and stats modifications are really a personal choice.
constitution is the usual first choice, I would also take a look at stamina
too (not ecceding 4 points in the whole stats mod. line) if you havent
taken any action costs reduction around (action bar will be your first
guess, while fighting).
Armor is a good choice too, and will become a must if you need to get the last lines without getting any of the pistol specials.

I have tested that for a while and it's really hard to get a single "conclusion" when debating on which of the two branches is the best to get.
There are big differences, big pro and cons on both sides that I want to get under your attention. Here we go...

Pistol Line:
This is probably the less used for more than a reason.
1) There aren't good pistols with elemental damage for higher levels. The only one is rewarded at general rank, and we all know it's not that easy to achieve.
2) The limited range of the pistols is not balanced by a higher dps as it should be.
3) Obviously, the closer you get to the battlefield the easier will be to get damaged and cloned.
4) You get no special attacks

1) The higher speed of the weapon grants you alot more chance to hit critical hits with their own related effects (snare/glancing blows/fire dot/armor break)*
2) Melee line have no ACR - needed to be really effective in a long time fights such as pvp fields.
3) The critical chance boost you get with this Line stacks with the one of "Explosives", same for ACR (action cost's reduction)
4) You can access a nice, though limited to pistol users, group buff (perma on, like Advanced tactics and so) that boost pistol damage and act as ACR (Drillmaster)
5) With a pistol equipped you are allowed to move faster, and combining this to specials like Charge! or Scatter will make you harder to hit
6) All the AOE (but tactical strke) works at about pistol range or are mine-like (corebomb), so great distances (rifle, carbine) aren't good for a damage dealer' Officer.

*this work greatly for both PvP or PvE, if you get the whole Surgical Demolition box (+50% AOE critical chance), all pistol line (+5% critical chance), Advanced Paint Target (+5% crits)
and use a Tactical Stim (another +3% from supply drop line) you can get a final +63% to fire a critical damage on all AOE, and add the damage bonuses you get for Drillmaster (+5%), Accuracy (+5%) and again Tactical Stim (+3%) with the +25% of High Explosives to reach a +38% damage (+48% using Charge!) on Area attacks.
Again, using pistol you get a +15% ACR on all your specials and buff.

Melee Line:
The most popular, grants 2 special attacks and a huge damage bonus on 1-handed weapons use.
1) First, and most important, all the specials granted with this line are on a long cooldown timer (1 to 2 mins)
2) The above mentioned specials are very action-draining
3) There's no ACR box to mitigate the big action-drain
4) They work only on 1-handed weapons; a very limited choice between melee weaponry, and probably not the best (read: Guardian Blaster Fist)
5) Obviously, all the specials works only at melee range - 4mt or less and this will bring you in the very middle of the battlefield
6) There aren't good 1-h weapons for higher (88lvl weapons) levels with elemental damage

here comes the pros:
1) Huge damage deal
2) Can do the difference between victory or failure, when properly chained (see melee chapter for further details)
3) Crippling vortex is an awesome AOE root with + bleed DOT
4) Decapitate is one of the best melee attacks ever, huge damage, snare and bleed DOT
5) The 25% bonuses on 1-h weapons is very useful

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