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About the Project
« on: 13-07-16, 13:40:36 »
Hello and welcome to Stella Bellum, this thread is giving you the answer to most asked questions. Feel free to post a question here and it will be added to the list and answered.

Who are we?
We are a group of currently 8 developers, some of us have worked on various NGE projects in the past, and we like to bring back Star Wars Galaxies for the players, as it was in the final days before shutdown. A lot of projects have been a disappointment for players, as they fell apart and we want to break that cycle.

Which progress have you made?
Currently, our server code runs for weeks and does not require any restart. Many under the hood optimizations allow a server restart to take about 5-6 seconds (loadWholePlanet=0, for which SWGMasters takes significantly longer), about 1 minute in debug mode and 50 seconds in release mode with clustering enabled (default mode). A few months, we changed the server configuration to the same as SOE ran their server. We are still optimizing this configuration, as it does not guarantee uninterrupted gameplay yet.
The content of the code as of patch 16.4 is nearly implemented with only a few minor issues. If you find a missing NPC, feel free to report it as a bug. We are also a strong proponent of fixing exploits that give players an unfair advantage. For instance, BM Pets with insane damage have been fixed. If you are aware of an exploit or have found a new one, please contact Cekis or DarthArgus.

Why have I not heard about you til now?
Since many NGE projects the developers had their teams fall apart, ours decided to work in secret to finish the job. All trustworthy developers willing to work as a team were recruited and some have been working on the code for almost two years.

What is the goal of this project?
The goal is a (mostly) vanilla server that operates and resembles to live as close as possible. That means: development driven releases, GM interactions only when neccessary, no favoritism or special treatment like 'free passes' to individuals. In the end, even the team members are just players, hence the team/community interaction will be more relaxed compared to SOE's.

Why are you not live yet / Why is the TC so dead?
Patience and careful development has brought the project this far. The priority was always to fix issues in the way they were meant to fixed, over applying temporary bandaids. The latter may make the issue appear fixed, but those bandaids can tear and cause major damage to the code, or the database which may result in a forced wipe. Therefore, fix it once - fix it right. And fixing it right takes time. The TestCenter is inactive because most players want to play on a server where their invested time is reward.
Since "blue frogs" give you everything without investing time, it is not as rewarding. The frogs will remain on the TC Red-Dwarf as they are neccessary to complete our mission.

Which content will be added?
Nearly all content that was added before the shutdown of SWG. Some rare, unobtainable items will be added through Rare Loot System or quest rewards for new quests. Some developers are hesitant about adding Atmospheric Flight, hence "nearly all". This includes: changes to professions, items, adding new quests and game mechanics, etc.. However, this is currently not the priority, main priority is getting the current content working.We will consider metrics to see which impact a game change has.

What can I do to help?
We're more than welcoming reports about any you may encounter, such as missing NPCs, missing dialogues, etc. We have undergone a two month testing period during which most remaining issues have been found, thanks to our testers. It's likely though that something may have still slipped through the cracks.
In future, we need help with assembling a list of profession changes made from patch 16.4 throughout 22. Some profession changes made in the final months of SWG are considered as "too unbalanced" and will not be taken into consideration.

I like to become a Developer?
  • Are you familiar with the swgmasters or/and swgrevs source?
  • Are you able to run your own devserver without help?
  • Have you managed to fix small things in it? (Spawned NPCs, Objects, fixed Gamemechanic, added Things or worked on Corelibrarys)
    If not, start with those things, the documentation todo that is open. Once you are ready contact us.
Our current server code will be public one day, then everyone will be able to contribute.

Live server?
Will be made once the code is ready. It will co-exist to our currently existing TC Red-Dwarf. Transfers between TC and live will not occur, the live server will be a clean start.
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Re: FAQ Thread
« Reply #1 on: 13-07-16, 14:02:20 »
More details can also be found in our Mission Statement:,215.0.html
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