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Smuggler PvP/PvE guide (Game Update 16.4)
« on: 11-07-16, 10:36:23 »
I: What role is the Smuggler Profession?
 The role that our profession plays was intended to be solely crowd control, however, we turned into more of a damage dealing and single target debuff profession as time went on. Our only true crowd control abilities are nerf herder and false hope, with coverfire/pin down/dirty trick being our AoE snares. In regards to single-target debuffs, only 1 out of the 4 work!
 That said, the role of smugglers as of now is 70% damage, 10% utility, and 20% crowd control or debuffs. Cloak other, junk dealer, and bounty check offer a fun and unique area of utility to other professions, while break the deal, nerf herder, and false hope offer decent CC and debuff ability. Our damage, however, is second to only spy in PvE (slight edge to smuggler when lucky break is active) and third behind spy and devastation commando in PvP. This is a difficult profession to play since we do not have a special ability like standfast or shields, and must rely on playing dirty through the use of line of sight and trickery to make our opponents waste their precious special abilities, and strike when they are at a disadvantage (sort of like spy almost, but without cloak!). There are also other ways to play smuggler too, which will be touched upon later in the guide.
 II: Equipment Check

 Armor: Primus Assault or Battle, but assault seems to be a favorite due to a majority of weapons being kinetic. Concerning PvE, you can't go wrong with either. For advanced players: when resources become relevant, cybernetics can work will well smuggler because of the innate armor gained through expertise. It's basically a tradeoff of 1000 armor for 1350 health (you will be sitting at 9200 kin/en with MUS and a capped cybernetic suit)
 Weapon: P-8's and DD6's for PvP,  unless you would just like to use a kinetic pistol of your choosing. P-8's and DD6's offer a 3m range bonus, which is quite invaluable to our profession. Acid for solo/small group pvp, heat for when you are with a commando with a CR-1 or a bh with a cold elemental tusken. You can also use heat for solo pvp as well, but I will touch on the different play styles between acid and heat in part IV. For melee smugglers, acid and cold weapons are your best bet, with the former being a bit better than the latter.
 Drink: Accarragm is my favorite solo food. The 27% movement speed allows you to get to line of sight quicker, and get to your target quicker if you have intentions of pistol whipping. It also makes it so you do not have to burn narrow escape for a movement speed burst, but rather save it for a snare break. This food is also the default food for PvE as a smuggler. The other drink that is a must have is breath of heaven. When you have an officer in group, or are just doing group pvp, you should start using breath of heaven to increase your own durability (+208 con/3% dodge). These two drinks listed here are the only drinks you will ever need, unless you like to stack rancor aid as well for the extra icon and the 6% snare resist!
 Attachments: For solo PvP and PvE, your exotics will pistol crit/pistol action cost/pistol damage. For group PvP, your exotics will be PvP crit/pistol crit/Pistol damage. For your base stats, you should do 9x con/agil/luck, but you can also do 6x con/agil/luck and 3x str/con/luck do get your strength to 400 (reduces innate miss chance). Personally, I do the latter.
 Entertainer Buff:
For solo PvP and PvE, I do action cost/crit chance/1 second chance heal/5 con/3 agility (or strength). For group PvP with an officer, it is crit chance/5 con/1 second chance/4 each armor. Note that armor gained from entertainer buffs calculates with innate armor from smuggler expertise, causing you to only get some extra armor. However, this is the best option for group PvP when you take into consideration the armor breaks you will receive due to being a high value target.
Rogue set for PvP, Gamblers set for PvE, Heroism for melee PvE w/o lucky break, Scoundrel set for someone who wants to play this game on all-madden
 Miscellaneous: Hoth radio, lair crystal, and tactical binocs work extremely well with this profession.
 III: Expertise Configurations

 There are not many ways to go about Smuggler Expertise in GU 16.8. That said, I will list what is the best use of your points.
 Group/Solo Smuggler (PvP or PvE)
 Comments: This template is also viable for solo pvp or smaller settings, with the use of Accarragam, kiting your target and line of sighting (not talking about running in and out of the restuss cloner). The two points in pistol whip can be taken out and used for shoot first, improved heal, or idiot proof plan. This is my go to template for this period of the game.
 Group Smuggler (PvP)
 Comments: This template is designed to root the opposing group as much as possible, while also providing increased damage on cover fires and fan shots. The 8% increased damage on fan shot and cover fire is superior to the 72 points of damage gained from Blaster at Your Side.
 Solo/Duel Smuggler (PvP)
 Comments: Designed to maximize your chance to win in a 1v1 situation, and taking into account that feeling lucky/lucky break will not always proc or not have time too. This template will lose against doom medics, however. You can take the point out of false hope for extended PW duration if need be.
 Melee Smuggler (PvP or PvE)
 Comments: More or less the solo smuggler, but with a melee weapon. You will do more spike damage with melee as opposed to being a pistoleer, but you will also need to learn to switch between a ranged and melee toolbar for when the situation arises to dire snare someone. Also should note that melee is ALOT more fun when we had a working 60m blackhand annihlator.
 Recently Level 90, need to get geared and make money Smuggler (PvE)
 Comments: This is a template I have used for SWGReborn and here as well, for when the server first started out and I had no equipment or cash. This enables me to farm elites with relative ease. Break the deal was too much of an action drain, and I usually did a well enough job of keeping elites away from me through use of snares and stuff.
 IV: PvP/PvE Tips and Tricks
 I'm going to go over the PvE aspect very briefly:
 - keep npcs away from you if you are ranged, and dont be afraid to draw them out of a small room or space if you need too!
 - use bleed 3 with otc (off the cuff) and nerf herder to open up with on gold bosses and tough elites
 - careful of using fan shot and cover fire around other npcs; line up your shots when you do use those specials (takes some learning of the cone widths)
 - the gamblers set ability "we're all fine here, how are you?" is a great way to drop combat from npc's, but be warned it does not work all the time!
 Now for the more intricate PvP aspect:
 - use Bleed 3 rather than Bleed 4 to save on huge action costs without an officer in group.
 - instead of using your cloak for a bh trap push, save it for someone important in your group, like a medic or an officer Saving people from certain death carries much satisfaction.
 - never use Cold pistols. They apply 6% damage increase, while someone else with a CR-1 will apply 20%.
 - always have a piece of line of sight you can use, even in a group setting. I use the trees in battlefields like jungle or Massissi to snipe some shots off, and go back to cover. You should try to minimize the other group's ability to focus fire on you.
 - do not give a bounty hunter free dire recourse. Only dire a bounty hunter when your group is ready to push, or if that bounty hunter is in no-man's land.
 - breaking the deal on an officer SFP is mighty satisfying, but seal the broken deal by adding skulduggery + impossible odds. It's 2 more debuffs that have to be removed before BtD can be removed off. I actually never thought of this, so credit goes to: TheHighlander.
 - pistol whipping an annoying jedi doing jedi stuff at the front can be a better use of your whip, as opposed to plotting to destroy their medic if he or she ever gets too close.
 - save Nerf Herder for when scatter is on cooldown, or when charge is up. Don't waste it on a scatter and not have it for when you need it. Same for false hope.
 - stay ~45m away from the closest player of the opposing team. You do not want to be caught in the front as a smuggler. It's a delicate balancing act of dire snaring the closest person while not becoming a target yourself. Also remember that fan shot and cover fire have a maximum range of 48m. Feel free to spam fan shot, but cover fire (longer CD and more damage) should be used intelligently for maximum damage potential
 - try using pistol whip for defense only. It will help you learn to be a better smuggler by fighting without relying on it.
 - heat pistols are good for people who want to dot stack and literally burn their opponent to death, but those who want to kill the opponnent more quickly would be better off with acid. Here are some of the solo matchups that have each pistol working best: dark jedi (acid), light side (heat), frontman commando (acid or heat, tough fight regardless), devastation commando (acid), spy (acid), officer (acid), medic (heat), smuggler (acid), bounty hunter (acid).
 - use line of sight to wait out your opponent's shields, standfast, ect and strike when they are vulnerable agaim - do not try to outlast it face to face
 - line of sight is your friend for any scenario; don't be ashamed to reset a fight if you have to - we fight dirty, after all!
 V: Frequently Asked Questions
 Q. What is False Hope?
 A. False Hope is an outdated AoE ability (can still be relevant) that gives -100% parry/block chance on the targets, and also applying 100% trivial hit debuff on them as well.
 Q. Why are "skullduggery" and "Impossible odds" underused?
 A. Simply because they do not work. It's a miscalculation on the game's part because the wrong numbers are in. 
 Q. Is there a way to set "loot contraband" as a macro?
 A. No, since it is not like /loot. Its tied to an ability, and therefore requires a toolbar macro if you want to use it that way.
 Q. Is there a way to avoid space in MUS?
 A. Yes, do PvP missions or have a couple bots set up GPP's off planet, just in case.
 Q. Is BAYS worth it?
 A. Depends. Is 72 (180 for melee) points of damage on every attack worth it to you? I go with it because of how CUYS works.
 Q. Why go with CUYS over False Hope?
 A. False Hope used to be really good when block stacking was a thing for every profession, but its less effective these days. CUYS/break the deal allows for 100% crit chance and double attack chance, meaning that you can do ALOT of damage in 10 seconds.
 Q. What's the fastest way to grind MUS?
 A. Have a couple friends set up group pick up points near the turn in npc's. If you are doing PvP missions, set the in game alarm clock and alt tab.
 Q. Acid pistol for solo PvP? why?
 A. The thing is I want to get an acid proc and make the other profession hit their panic button so I can line of sight them till it wears off. Personally, I'm not looking to do a two-step with them with a heat pistol.
 Q. Is shoot first worth it?
 A. With a 60 second cooldown and insane action cost - depends. I like hunting bounty hunters, but outside of that, points could be better used elsewhere. It is nice to use in place of otc+eotl+coverfire in 1v1's.
 Q. I get a feeling lucky proc, but no buff? Cmon Ref!
 A. That happens because feeling lucky misses the target, and therefore you get no buff. Think of feeling lucky as a proc like hammer fanning, except that it has to hit for anything to happen.
 Feel free to ask any questions on anything not covered in this guide. Good luck.
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Re: Smuggler PvP/PvE guide (Game Update 16.4)
« Reply #1 on: 19-07-16, 00:31:53 »
Well done sir.

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Re: Smuggler PvP/PvE guide (Game Update 16.4)
« Reply #2 on: 28-07-16, 13:39:55 »
This is great...its been way to long since I had to set up my toon...Theres no way I would have been able to remember what it looked like...thanks!!

Although, your expertise links are broken...They have the ellipsis in the links themselves.
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Re: Smuggler PvP/PvE guide (Game Update 16.4)
« Reply #3 on: 21-12-16, 17:16:57 »
I did not play Smuggler in NGE, so please pardon my ignorance. Would a build which focuses solely on pistol dps be viable for group content in game?


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Re: Smuggler PvP/PvE guide (Game Update 16.4)
« Reply #4 on: 22-12-16, 03:16:35 »
I did not play Smuggler in NGE, so please pardon my ignorance. Would a build which focuses solely on pistol dps be viable for group content in game?


you should be fine, but it would be better to go with this template:

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Re: Smuggler PvP/PvE guide (Game Update 16.4)
« Reply #5 on: 22-12-16, 03:36:09 »
Thanks for the reply and feedback.

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Re: Smuggler PvP/PvE guide (Game Update 16.4)
« Reply #6 on: 22-12-16, 07:44:17 »
Gorgeous! Love the effort put in to this. :)

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Re: Smuggler PvP/PvE guide (Game Update 16.4)
« Reply #7 on: 05-01-17, 17:41:13 »
If I wanted to go BM in current build I have 20 points to use. I want to go PVE melee. I was thinking about stacking str/pre/lck pups:weapon dmg Exotics: polearm acr/dmg/crit.

20 points in Expertise:

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Re: Smuggler PvP/PvE guide (Game Update 16.4)
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Really, there's only two things that need to be said about smugglers: Dire Snare and Dire Root. By far two of the most evil abilities in the game, especially for a melee class. The moment smugglers got dire abilities, along with the 5-piece dire set, was the moment they went from what was arguably the weakest class to one of the best DPSers.

I absolutely despise dire roots and dire snares. Makes it virtually impossible to fight a smuggler, especially with that insane burst damage. They burn through action considerably fast though, so there isn't a large margin for error playing the class.

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Re: Smuggler PvP/PvE guide (Game Update 16.4)
« Reply #9 on: 23-01-17, 22:59:40 »
I am pleasantly surprised by this guide.  All information is very accurate and given in a non-bias way.  I differed a little on the ent buff when I played but the suits and stats were virtually the same. Also like the fact that it was not written in a "get the cybernetics or you are a moron" way.  I remember many a fights on the forums between smugglers if they should go full cyber suit or just try to keep getting a better pistol to out do the clockwork boys.
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