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Rattletrap ITV Collection
« on: 07-10-16, 13:34:05 »
Howdy good people of Stella Bellum! For those of you who remember the Rattletrap ITV and like to work on collections here's a cool, quick and super easy item to add to your arsenal. Just run through the starports listed below and go to the waypoint added to it and you'll be done quicker'n 3 shakes of a bantha's tail. They are all in the same location of each of the listed starports except for Theed. Also if you would like to use this vehicle from your toolbar there is a command already made for it by dragging and dropping it from your Commands/Other/Call For Rattletrap Pickup menu. So if you don't have it already hurry up and get yours! Happy gaming!  :)

Mos Eisley-   3568 -4813
Bestine-      -1324 -3573
Mos Espa-   -2878  2097

Theed-       -4771  4190
Kaadara-     5243  6660

Coronet-    -103   -4739

Nashal-       4474  5313
Dearic-       295   -2919
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Re: Rattletrap ITV Collection
« Reply #1 on: 07-10-16, 22:31:44 »
Yahoo!  I will have to go about getting this thing - its like the one ITV I don't have, and I can feel good about earning *one* legitimately!
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