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only 1024x768
« on: 21-04-18, 17:35:49 »

i have an problem, i use high end computer with 10 core and two gtx1080 , all works fine but SWG runs always only into 1024x768
if i start bloodfin then is all good. The Program SwgClientSetup show me 0MB Graphics mem (available 2x8GB)
The SwgSetpClient_r show me the scaled 1GB Gfx ram and some other resolutions, but ignored by game client SWGEmu.exe i have
all do all operations to fix the problem editing option.cfg and renew all driver i use my computer with high SLi bridge and two 4K Monitors. if
i plug in an HD Monitor the problem stay i have no more Ideas .. why its run with bloodfin one ? 

helpless thy for any respons or help
 Karsten from Berlin

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