Author Topic: Help With Crafting Good Stuff lol  (Read 19 times)

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Help With Crafting Good Stuff lol
« on: 08-03-18, 21:27:13 »
Ok... whoever it may be who still plays on this emu.... I can not figure out how to craft top of the line crafting tools. The highest I have been able to craft have been -6....

Help please :)
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Re: Help With Crafting Good Stuff lol
« Reply #1 on: 13-03-18, 14:07:46 »
i presuppose you use good resources and have the expertise boxes , wear the crafting suit and stand in range of a crafting station (i've used a near capped private one for trying).
Then  tool quality -6.00 is the default starting result for assembling the tool. For me it sounds like you did not do the experiment stage to increase the quality. Maybe you still use the generic crafting tool you got from leveling your character? You can't experiment with the generic tools, you need to craft a weapon/Droid/General tool first.
Even with the -6.00 W/D/G-tool (that you can make with the generic tool) you can craft a second W/D/G and experiment it up to 15.00.
There you go.
Oh, and make sure that you have the station buff running. Many times when i enter a house with station fast, the buff is not given. i have to leave and re-enter the house.
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