Author Topic: Blacksun Gunship Chassis/Schematics Dissapeared  (Read 272 times)

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Hey everybody, how are y'all?

Ok so here's the deal, I was creating a Blacksun Gunship at a Starship station with a starship crafting tool on my yt 2400(the one that looks similair to the Falcon). After I finished getting all of the resources and making the ship, the station said it was building or something of the like. However, I can't find the finished product and I can't find another Blacksun Gunship Chassis/schematic or a way to make them anywhere with my character. I was thinking of making one of my alternative characters into a Structure trader, look and find the chassis, make it, and trade it to my first character.

So, if anyone can help, please help and tell me your thoughts on this matter.

Thank you and have a good day...


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