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« on: 23-07-16, 13:01:13 »
General Troubleshooting

I have not received a confirmation mail and cannot login to forums/game?
Sometimes it arrives in your spam folder. If it doesn't appear after 15 minutes, contact a Staff member here to approve you manually. Alternatively, you can send a discord message to SilentGuardian or Ness including your account name/mail.
You can only login to the forums with your main account and if it was approved. If you accidentally nested your main account into your sub account, you will be unable to login to the forums either or reset your password/mail. Contact SilentGuardian to sort that issue out.

I forgot my password, or how do I reset my password?
Go to login.stellabellum.net and click on "I forgot my password". Or just click here. If you receive an error message about the message not being deliverable, just try again. If you know your password, login and click on "change my password"

I have issues with the patcher?
Please consult the detailed FAQ here. If your question has not been answered, post your reply in that thread.

Your IP may not register new accounts?
Please read our guide for Multiple accounts and make your request in this forum.

Game Troubleshooting

I cannot login for some reason?
  • Entering your password wrong 3 times will lock you out for 30 seconds.
  • If you try to connect too many times within a short time period, our system will blacklist your IP for a few minutes. If you have trouble, just login once, or twice and let the bar ping-pong.
  • Check your login settings in login.cfg. If it doesn't exist in your SWG folder, here is a current version. Link
  • If you are unable to connect to your character, go back to the login screen and enter your credentials again.
  • Less likely: Server down. Watch announcements on discord or other players posting about it.
The game resolution is too large/small?
Run SwgClientSetup_r.exe first to setup your game.

SwgClient_r.exe doesn't start or the game crashes on first connection?
Run SwgClientSetup_r.exe first to setup your game. If that didn't fix it, start the game as admin. You can also create a link to your desktop and start the game through the link.

I hear no sound?
Run SwgClientSetup_r.exe to configure hardware, login to your character and change volume settings ingame. (All sounds can be muted ingame)

The procedure entry point [email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library
Use our patcher and click on "repair client". Make sure you run swgclient_r.exe as Administrator.

My game resolution is 1024x768 / too small
Run swgclientsetup_r.exe in your SWG folder and configure it there.

Mouse cursor not working in-game
Start swgclientsetup_r.exe and go to the "Graphics Tab". Check the box for "Disable Hardware Mouse Cursor" and confirm with "OK".

My game doesn't show 144fps although I configured it?
You will also need to modify your options.cfg - see here.

My game crashes when I create and load in a new character?
You played on another server already, which could be caused by an existing 'Profiles' folder. Go to your SWG folder and backup/delete or rename the 'profiles' folder.

I cannot login two characters on the same account?
Correct. Please make a second account for multi-login. It is disabled on purpose. Come live, you will be able to login your characters; just not the ones on the same account.

Everytime I load to another planet or restart the game, my UI and toolbar are reset?
Run swgclient_r.exe in Administrator mode.

I am stuck ingame, or floating in space and cannot move?
Use the galactic chat channel, or ask your friends to invite you to a group and use a group pickup point. If you are stuck in space don't try anything of that and post about it in the General Technical Support forum, or contact us in Discord!

I am walking against an invisible wall and cannot pass?
Please use our patcher and not the installation of another project. If you used our installation guide, try using autowalk against the wall and tab out of the game. Known place for invisible wall is the back door of Moenia Cantina, and a bunker of the Legacy quest line.
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