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NGE Criticism
« on: 19-12-17, 01:27:33 »
So, I just watched all 7 of the youtube videos and I loved them! They are what led me here. Now in the past I have played SWGEmu and found it rather empty and ultra clunky. The bits that I saw in the videos appeared tremendously better.

I hear, often, the criticisms of content past NGE. Does this project aim to completely restore content as it was before or is there interest in changing and modifying future gameplay for the better?

As a side note I would love to hear every ones comments on the matter. I am really on the fence about joining this server but ultimately I believe it will be a fun experience. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated!

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Re: NGE Criticism
« Reply #1 on: 21-12-17, 10:57:43 »
Unfortunately this project’s development halted about a year ago. Though there are other SWG servers.
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