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Project Structure and Tasks
« on: 31-07-16, 02:31:11 »
Everyone is free to submit suggestions how to improve the project - be it ideas, events, changes to Rules. Please address the person responsible for that department.
For instance, contact the Community Manager if you have an idea how forum disputes can be resolved.

Core Team

Project Operations
      Monitors and communicates with all Departments
      Creates a Roadmap

Server Operation
      Works with Buildmasters on Updates
      Backups, Serveruptime
      Performance reports for Development

      Develops Stuff
      Testing Locally
      Works together with Buildmaster on Implementation on next Release Cycle

      Builds Testing Releases for QA     
      Release Cycle for Liveserver


QA Testing
      Testing new Content on QA-Server
      Has only player rights on live server
      Looks after Bugs reported by GMs and creates Lists for Developers
      Uses all means to find bugs

Lead Game Masters
      Checking normal GMs activity for abusive usage
      Responding to Tickets requiring extended GM powers
      Training all Gamemasters & Altering Rules for the GM Program in agreement with other GMs
      Able to suspend players ingame, but not on Forums or Discord

Game Masters
      Checking Tickets and responding to ingame
      Pre-Sort player reported bugs for QA/LeadGMs
      Training new Gamemasters

Community Hero
      Administration of Forums and Monitoring the Moderation Program
      Responds to disputes if not settled by responsible Moderators
      Able to suspend players from the Forums and Discord permanently
      Altering Forum Rules in communication with Project Operations/Lead Moderators
      Has no access to any game relevant administration tools (GM etc..)

Hero Leader
      Monitoring Forum Moderators
      Training New Moderators
      Permission to suspend players on the forum for up to 14 days

      Moderation of Forums
      Able to warn users & remove their posting rights on the forum
      Has no access to any game relevant administration tools (GM etc..)
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