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Test Center Update - 2/5/2017
« on: 04-02-17, 22:06:10 »
On 2/5/2017, the following changes were made to the Red-Dwarf Test Center:

  • Fixed issue that occasionally prevented docking with ships.
  • Fixed issue with fireworks not working properly.
  • The Anchorhead cantina will now properly act as a cantina.
  • Vreni Island is again registered with the Planetary Mapping Committee, City Identification Team and will show up when looking at the planetary map.
  • Cities no longer mysteriously disappear.
  • Mandalorian Armor boots have been reclassified and will now accept Armor attachments.
  • The combat Target Dummy will now release attacker from combat properly.

Please focus on the following areas when you're wanting to test the new build (so we know if it's broke or not):

  • Manage your cities... they should be fixed now.
  • Ral Mundi questline.
  • Ship capacitor boosting while fighting enemy ships.
  • Fighting with Heavy Weapons.
  • Group Looting while in Lottery mode.
  • Destroy Duty Missions (space)
  • TCG Combat Dummy
  • Kashyyyk Zone Travel (i.e. transitioning between canopy levels)
  • Meatlump Camera
  • DWB Alum Mineral Sickness Quest
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