Author Topic: Bringing back memories - returning from Europe-Chimaera/-Farstar  (Read 674 times)

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Hey there,

I am quite happy that I found a link to Stella Bellum by sheer chance (or Fate or ways of the Force or...). Been RPing quite a lot back on Europe-Chimaera and a bit less so on Europe-Farstar and still recall many fun events and storylines we have had over the years. Been part of the Dune Sea Desperadoes (SEA) guild all the time, 'living' out in the Western Dune Sea close to the Palace in our charming little town called Outmian Yakta. While I know that those days are long gone, I dare hope to find at least a sliver of the old touch again, if only for nostalgias' sake.
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I think you'll find Stella to be a good home for you. We have quite a few Roleplayers here, most of whom are friendly and welcoming. All you have to do is look, and they'll be pretty easy to find!

Welcome aboard!

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As another newcomer to the community, welcome!

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welcome to the community dude, enjoy your new home :)