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Build Advice
« on: 22-01-17, 00:42:39 »
Hey guys,
So I never played BH on live and I'm looking for advice to make my TC build better.
Enforcer set.
BH Armor
Attributes - Luck/Precision/Strength
Exotics - Strikethrough chance 5 / Assault Critical Chance 17  / PvP Critical Chance 3
Pups - Carbine Critical Chance 7 / Strikethrough Chance 17 / Strikethrough Chance 12
Carbine - Energy/Acid
Expertise -
Ent Buff - Armors/Crit/GB

Are the exotic stats possible on live? The Assault Crit seems high.
Haven't tried this in a PVP setting or with a bounty. Was able to kill krayts pretty easily last night if that counts for anything.

Any advice would be great. Thanks guys

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Re: Build Advice
« Reply #1 on: 23-01-17, 03:43:07 »

I strongly recommend against using STc for exotics and pups. It's not worth it by a long shot. Definately not worth it for pups, in any case.

If I was building a carbine build on live, I would either go

Basic: Agi Con Luck or Agi Luck Pre (the former is all around/group pvp, whereas the latter is all for hunting certain marks. Choose only one? Go with Agi Con Luck). Strength is simply not worth stacking so much for only the hit chance. If you feel you do not want con at all, I would strongly argue for agility, because you'll want to dodge and evade.
Exotics: Carbine Dmg, critical hit reduction, pvp OR carbine crit
Pups all carbine dmg (critical hit redux can be good to carry for certain marks too)
Considering that people have CHR in their suits, straight up damage mods are just that much more reliable. Besides, crit starts hitting DR fairly fast, if I recall correctly.

Jewelry will be Dire fate against certain/most marks and always in group pvp. Against turrets (hello commandos!), Flawless may arguably outshine enforcer's. Again depending on mark I would also consider a heat weapon to get that dot rolling. Acid is more bursty and therefore, I would say, better suited for sniper builds (but again, carry different weapons for different marks, there are few clear cuts here). What may become clear is that there is no one-fits-all solution, and if one wants to excel, getting many sets of jewelries and weapons will do the trick. Enforcer's can perhaps serve as a jack-of-all-trades, but you'll realise how much you want to dire snare jedis fairly quick. In a group pvp setting, the BHs role is pretty much dire rooting groups of enemies.

Glancing blow may be decent from the ent, but keep in mind glancing blow is worthless without critical hit reduction since crits override GB.

My two cents!
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Re: Build Advice
« Reply #2 on: 23-01-17, 15:58:13 »
Riggs has some good points,
Flawless is the better choice for higher defense such as commandos and some jedi builds. Flawless could break through a block suit on live.
I switched between crit and damage pups on live depending on the mark.
I am not sure where we are in the game history (the update number doesn't really help me figure it out) so dodge/evasion exotics might not be effective at this point for defensive builds, replaced them with damage/action cost/crit on live when dodge exotics got nerfed.
Your expertise and play style along with your mark will effect your best choice for build, best to test it out hunting and see what works for you.

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Re: Build Advice
« Reply #3 on: 23-01-17, 16:08:54 »
PvP Crit is basically useless on an exotic. Just go with Carbine Crit as it's the same amount so it will work out of PvP too.

You may want to consider sprint, even just to break cc on you.

You may also want to consider dropping points in places for dread strike, fumble and prescience (I would lose the Kinetic for this line, personally).

Hope that helps!
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Re: Build Advice
« Reply #4 on: 23-01-17, 16:09:43 »
IIRC, dodge exotics were always inferior to straight up agility, slot for slot.

I can't really think of any setting where one would want to stack so much defense anyways. Perhaps in mass pvp if the enemies stack hellstorm officers and you want to go in and dire root, but even then, agility would be better than dodge or evasion even in an exotic, because it gives both at a fairly even rate.

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Re: Build Advice
« Reply #5 on: 24-01-17, 23:04:19 »
What I like:

Agility\Precision\Luck(I will sub 1-2 Lucks for Strength to get over the 500 Mark - Heroism helps with this)


Exotics: Carb Crit, Carb Dmg, Carb Action Cost
Pups: 1 Carb Dmg and 2 PvP Crits
Weapon: MC EE3 Carbine (heat)(carb crit)
Ent Buff = Crit, 150 Precision, ACR, and whichever armor is needed(kin or ene; not both.  If I'm lazy I will drop Precision for both armors)

Heroic Jewelry Choice: Heroism
(Dire is nice but Jedi often get thru and you never want to root a commando)
(Enforcer isn't necessary with this build as action can be managed well enough)
(Flawless isn't without its flaws, tbqh)

In my experience, you can get ahead of the mark pretty easy with this, without using RO.  You don't want to over-spam Armor Break; it isn't necessary to maintain a 5 stack as 3-4 will do.  Keeping a 5 stack will drain your action quick in this build, especially if you are dropping traps no one is stepping in.

Go easy on Cripple shot using it sparingly\situational and use Dread when you know you pissed them off  ;D    I will sometimes use Dread after initial AB\Assault combo against spike-damage professions because you can get dread a 2nd time in the fight if you do it this way.  Save Intimidate until they are below half their action before using it at all or when your shields are wearing down.  If hunting a Medic... start with intimidate and stay on it!

You do want to spam Assault and let auto attacks fly(stop auto attacks when you see SaberReflect).  Pay attention to +FreeShot+ and ALWAYS Assault Again when you see it.

If you use shields in the first 10-20 seconds of any fight, you will die.  If you let a rooted commando stack on you without LOS'ing him, you will die most of the time.  I have had good success in toe to toe duels against commandos with this build if my timing is on point.  If you let a DJ reset after initial salvo, you will die.

I usually try to save RO until near end of fight.

In PVE, just change Ent buff from Crit to Con and PUPs to all Carb Dmg.

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