Author Topic: Anyone have a list of their old macros?  (Read 1026 times)

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Anyone have a list of their old macros?
« on: 02-01-17, 19:14:12 »

Mainly looking for a list of /commands to use in macro crafting.

thank you!

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Re: Anyone have a list of their old macros?
« Reply #2 on: 02-01-17, 21:41:21 »

things to remember

capital letters in macros matter

set your copy and paste in the  options - keymap


both panes and slots start with 00 so the first toolbarSlot row would be 00 thru 11 and then 12-23
just as Panes would be 0 - 5

/notepad is your friend for pasting large things and keeping a to-do list,
there is a limit to how long a macro can be, it wont cut it off until you logout but when you log back in it will be shortened to the limit

hand sampling macros, /ui action defaultButton will clear the popups. 

when adding a /pause, all macro time is based in seconds, you want to add a pause in between each command even if its /pause 0.5

while online searching you may come across a bunch of macros from other emulators but most of them are pre cu and many of the  commands from pre cu dont work in post nge so dont be surprised if a command doesnt work

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Re: Anyone have a list of their old macros?
« Reply #3 on: 10-01-17, 04:19:27 »
I have mine, but they are all Pre-NGE macros, not sure if they will work here.  Some should, but maybe not all.

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Re: Anyone have a list of their old macros?
« Reply #4 on: 16-01-17, 20:25:42 »
 In-house use:
 the concept made select machine service as you prefer instead seeming lifeless or even compared to junk.

    Powers in-home can offer generous interaction and even reward for those keen to step exactly right, such as Med-B pack delivery, with a 1:15 minute reset producing another pack in its storage hold, and, if a player sits and asks for a medpack on a empty storage, we don't get error that breaks code. We sort thu it all in the beta test period.

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beta tester experience.
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