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How do YOU RP?
« on: 09-01-17, 23:58:22 »
  Okay, bear with me here. I'm relatively new to SWG. Played maybe five minutes of Live at a friend's back in the day, and I've spent a little bit of time in SWGEmu. I'm also kind of a noob when it comes to role-playing in an actual multiplayer game.
  My question isn't so much what's the "right" way to RP, just how do you like to do it? What are your methods? Do you like to stay in-character all the time, even when no one else is around, or do you only get into character during an actual RP event? Do you stay in-character when dealing with someone who doesn't role play? Any particular RPing highlights that have stuck with you?

  Again, there are no right or wrong answers here, I just want to see other folk's ideas and preferences. Stories, tips...anything you want to share. See if I can't learn something before jumping into the pool. :)
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Re: How do YOU RP?
« Reply #1 on: 10-01-17, 03:07:12 »
Personally I stay IC when im RPing with someone. Remember, from my experience: "" = Talking, so does blank, () = OOC, Out of character. You can also use /ooc for this. ** = Doing an action when /emote won't work.

Not really sure how to answer this, but I personally find it best to go IC when you find other roleplayers who are IC, or after you make an arrangement to be IC with someone, AKA starting an RP
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Re: How do YOU RP?
« Reply #2 on: 11-01-17, 13:54:08 »
Its really a total judgement call. My guild back in the day was pretty into RP, and when we did events it was always IC. But if a few of us went to go do an instance or a quest, or a high level hunt, we would just stay OOC. Was easier that way. You kind of learned which guilds were RP as far as running into them in public places. Its really about learning your server and learning your people, some of the best RP was done completely spontaneously and unplanned. We always used (( xxxxx )) for OOC communication, unless it was pre determined that we'd be OOC for the duration.
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Re: How do YOU RP?
« Reply #3 on: 11-01-17, 20:36:33 »
IN regards to staying in character, there were times that even alone i was in character.  Usually when I was working through a story and trying to get a feel for how my character would react or where would they go, or just because I was bored. As for in character it depended on who i was with and what was going on.  I tend to get sidetracked easily so I tended to stay in character better when those around me did as well.  Most of the time it was spatial for IC and group chat for OCC, unless it was for comms.

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Re: How do YOU RP?
« Reply #4 on: 11-01-17, 22:02:38 »
Personally, I am a fan of a mix of RP/Non-RP depending on the circumstances. I used to be a priest in Tera, but became interested in SWG-emu after the blessings / buffs I gave people were made to vanish once they went into a dungeon, since I liked handing out little stat presents, and Entertainer/Officer appealed to me when I read about the classes. I made an entertainer on the test server and am loving the little custom-buff effects in the artiste tree that I can give to people. But since I like helping people and doing that kind of stuff, there'd be a lot of circumstances where someone asks "what is the key to open the map" and it would be (in my opinion) thoroughly irritating were they to receive "what is this map key thing you speak of human?" - a main point about RPing is not being obnoxious about it.

I can be nice to people and give them little dancer buffs, but if someone is looking for specific information, RPing can obstruct it; and those that don't care for it would find it frustrating, which I saw contribute to the stereotype of RPers being unhelpful snobs in some WoW servers. So my rule of thumb is RP until it reaches the point of costing pragmatism, at which point I sortof houserule myself as my character and my character as myself (cause I based my character off of myself) where I can just politely give them information and instructions that are OOC but still IC, sortof... you know what I mean. I guess I consider it a bit of OOC that's actually IC for pragmatic/technical/support reasons, as odd as that may sound, cause I/my-character would try to be helpful and that's an IC thing even if it uses OOC information.