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Talent Tree System
« on: 09-01-17, 19:03:26 »
I'm new to SWG and hopped onto the test server the other day to check everything out and get a feel for things. So far I'm really liking it, however, I had one question about the talent trees. Are there "required" builds for these? Meaning, is everyone who wants to max out, damage for example, be running with the same talents or is there some room for personal preference?

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Re: Talent Tree System
« Reply #1 on: 09-01-17, 20:57:01 »
Depends on your profession (class) and what type of fighting you want to do, personly i like tanking with lightsaber attacks so i play light side jedi with some parry skills
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Re: Talent Tree System
« Reply #2 on: 10-01-17, 21:02:04 »
In any class, you can have a mixture of the three talent trees(two profession talents + Beast Master talent tree).

You get 45 points to put them anywhere you want in those three trees, adhering to prerequisite rules.  On top of that is your items/weapons/armor/buffs which can further define your character at any given time.

That is basically it.  There is no mix-matching or combining of professions as there was in PreCU SWG.

Jedi sort of forces you to choose one talent tree or the other, straight up(Dark or Light) because of the Stance.  Most other professions give you some room to wiggle points around without such a huge hit to performance.  Some other professions would have you choose ranged or melee within the template.  One could argue switching a stance is the same as switching from a sword to a pistol in any given profession.  Some classes like Spy, I believe, will let you use the same skills in melee or ranged.

You certainly can make a Grey Jedi and deal with switching stances in mid fight.  I've never known one to be as effective as one who chooses Light or Dark, in PvP for example.  There is room to role-play or even PVE that sort of skillpoint selection, if you want.
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Re: Talent Tree System
« Reply #3 on: 13-01-17, 17:52:48 »
While there are standard templates of expertise that often matches play type (pve, pvp, control, survival, straight up dps) and to some extent the jewelry sets, most if not all professions will require you to choose between equally appealing talents.

For example, the BH can be built around focusing on CC, debuffs, burst and pure dps, or a mix of several, to some extent. Your character's 'build' is pretty much the product of expertise, armor mods, weapon type, and jewelry set. And between those factors, the build options are plentiful. Sure, not pre-cu plentiful, but enough to last you some serious experimentation.