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Light Side Jedi
« on: 09-01-17, 13:20:42 »
Can we make them viable in this patch? Or are they doomed at the moment in the TC?
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Re: Light Side Jedi
« Reply #1 on: 09-01-17, 13:28:01 »
Incoming Aowin post. Calling it now.

I personally find that LSJ is still very much viable as a PvE role. My LSJ was able to run any content without issues :/

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Re: Light Side Jedi
« Reply #2 on: 09-01-17, 13:57:04 »
I guess I'm becoming too predictable...

LSJ is fine for PVE. They tank perfectly well in most cases. It's PVP where LSJ really under-performs. Virtually every Jedi in PVP will always be a DSJ. I was glad when SOE gave us saber intercept to help make LSJ a bit more relevant for PVP, but there are still a lot of drawbacks to the discipline. Dark Side Jedi, without a doubt, is the superior discipline for PVP given it's DPS and even its healing capability.

I'm all for the dev team looking at doing class balancing of their own, as I thought SOE always had a rather terrible track record. However, I wouldn't expect anything to happen anytime soon as the team has far more important issues to resolve. I definitely do believe the class could use a boost of sorts to make it more appealing in PVP. Or, a lot of other classes (commando, dsj, spy) could have some of their abilities reduced to make things less lopsided.

Class balance is always a tricky issue and nobody ever wants their class to be nerfed. It doesn't help that respec'ing to another class is so easy in this game, as it tends to make players jump to whatever the FOTM is at the time.

I do agree though, at least in part, that LSJ is a very difficult class to use in PVP. That's clear to see as you rarely see any LSJ in PVP. I'll be the exception though, since I'm too stubborn to go DSJ. :)

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