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Beast Master viability
« on: 09-01-17, 00:09:15 »
In PreCU the CH was one of the best professions to pair with a combat class because they functioned as tanks and could take the alpha strike for the player. In fact, I once recall the only time a bunch of us were able to take down a Dark Jedi Master on Naboo was because we had a Rancor tanking it. How does this compare to the NGE?

Would BM pair well with commando for example? Or even Medic? Do pets get healed and buffed by the Medic or Officer skills? Also, with everyone now having access to pets, is there a market for selling pets you have created?

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Re: Beast Master viability
« Reply #1 on: 09-01-17, 00:33:17 »
Beast Master is really only viable with Medic and Bounty Hunter. They were great for Medics as DPS/Tank due to medics obviously being a support class and they were also great for Bounty Hunters to have as DPS/Tank while hunting a target. Other than that, Beast Master didn't really seem viable for anyone else due to how many expertise points have to be sacrificed in the BM tree.

Beast Master has its own heals for pets that you can pick up in the tree, if I recall correctly. I'm not even sure if medic heals work on a pet, but I'd assume they do. I do believe buffs will work on pets as well. Certain pets would be worth more due to their rarity (kimogila and wampa as an example). It's also worth pointing out that pets have different strengths and weaknesses, as some are better for DPS while others may be better for tanking.

As with everything in crafting, the quality of the pet will ultimately be dependent on the quality of the incubation process.

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Re: Beast Master viability
« Reply #2 on: 15-01-17, 18:39:57 »
My Medic/BM was great in instances and pvp.Just make sure your pet is a 60 pointer,you have the correct gear and your gtg.I used the DOOM set as well
BH/BM was ok,got a few marks but it's nowhere near as good as medic.

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Re: Beast Master viability
« Reply #3 on: 15-01-17, 18:46:58 »
I've played a First Responder Medic/BM on live. I never had any problems healing in groups, open world PvP or while hunting Krayts for my BM stuff. FR Medic/BM might not be the fastest method to kill stuff, but it's definitely a viable one.

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Re: Beast Master viability
« Reply #4 on: 15-01-17, 18:51:50 »
I've been running BH/BM on TC. Don't even have anywhere close to a 60 point pet and have been real successful hunting so far. Thats even with most targets being dark side jedi which are pretty strong right now.

Pets can get buffed by both medic and officers. Almost positive medics can heal them. Plus you can pick up a heal in expertise. I'm sure there will be a market for pets also on live. Don't think a whole lot of people will want to put in all the work to make 60 point pets.

I'm rolling a medic/bm on live also along with my bh/bm. Was always one of the funnest classes to play and real strong 1 on 1, at least for me.
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Re: Beast Master viability
« Reply #5 on: 16-01-17, 22:08:02 »
Medics can indeed heal pets. BM is highly viable but obviously you are going to want different pets for different occasions. This is particularly important as a BH/BM, where you'll want to use different pets for different marks. A pet for debuff, a pet for cc, a pet for burst, dots, et cetera. Therefore, it is chiefly rich BHs who undertake to be BMs.

While BH and Medic are at face value really good BM choices, Commando and Smuggler are exceptional choices too. Additionally, I recall a very successful Hellstorm Officer back in the day who wtfbbq'd entire groups of rebel pvpers by rushing in->vortex->stomp->sfp and unleash armageddon. It was at times obscenely useful in Restuss.

If you're a medic I'll recommend a pet like the kliknik - heavy dots and high dps. Medic won't in general need a tanky pet.
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