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Project Discussion / only 1024x768
« Last post by brudertack on 21-04-18, 17:35:49 »

i have an problem, i use high end computer with 10 core and two gtx1080 , all works fine but SWG runs always only into 1024x768
if i start bloodfin then is all good. The Program SwgClientSetup show me 0MB Graphics mem (available 2x8GB)
The SwgSetpClient_r show me the scaled 1GB Gfx ram and some other resolutions, but ignored by game client SWGEmu.exe i have
all do all operations to fix the problem editing option.cfg and renew all driver i use my computer with high SLi bridge and two 4K Monitors. if
i plug in an HD Monitor the problem stay i have no more Ideas .. why its run with bloodfin one ? 

helpless thy for any respons or help
 Karsten from Berlin
General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Last Poster Wins
« Last post by IosnoworeKun on 01-04-18, 17:45:10 »
I win
Game Play Discussion / Re: Webweaver Path fall down
« Last post by fangren on 29-03-18, 08:54:07 »
So no chance to get into the shadow lands ? Sad :'(
Well, but thank you for the answer.
Game Play Discussion / Re: Webweaver Path fall down
« Last post by Cekis on 28-03-18, 21:49:39 »
Not at this time, no.
Game Play Discussion / Webweaver Path fall down
« Last post by fangren on 28-03-18, 15:43:48 »
Is there any Trick to overcome this falldown-bug on this Server ?
I've tried to cross the webweaver path 11 times, and have fallen down 11 times, always either between the both hills with ferral wookies, or right after the second. /Unstick always beamed me just back, either to the Trail Guide at start of webweaver or to the one at end of Worshyr canopy.
I'm still playing on the test center here, plus 3 brothers from other mothers, we loved and still love SWG, remember when I found this and told them, they were burning down the net downloaded from here, this is real Star Wars, not that swtor, that swtor is like watching JAWS without the shark.
Cekis and I like VoH quite a bit...they're using a lot of the code we open sourced.
General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Last Poster Wins
« Last post by DarthArgus on 16-03-18, 02:33:30 »
You guys know we opened up the code?
It's been open since January:

Basically, if you use it please keep your forks public and share any useful changes you make, and be sure to credit the Stella Bellum team. For help getting setup or working on an active project, please discuss over on
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