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TC: Red-Dwarf / Re: Rewards are missing
« Last post by fangren on 07-06-18, 08:29:41 »
Removing about 80% of the former available rewards to update the list does not make sense. There were some broken Rewards on that list, like the Email-Rewards, but i can't really remember anything missing there.
Also to work on this list the Devs would just disabled the "/claim" command to avoid players disturbing their work.

I think that with removing the events or fiddling other things with the code, the devs broke some coding, so those rewards don't show up.
The swg-code is infamous for being as orderly sorted as a bowl of spagetti noodles, and we all know that the real name of this game is "Bug Wars Galaxies". But i hope the devs can/would fix this in a not so far future. I would like to claim several items for deko, and of course the ITVs on newer toons.
TC: Red-Dwarf / Re: Rewards are missing
« Last post by markino2 on 06-06-18, 02:34:28 »
Hey, ya I have also noticed this. They maybe updating the list. It would appear that those rewards were taken off at about the same time the Developers removed the Life Day and Halloween holidays.
So, its a bitter sweet thing, a player (at the moment) cannot claim most of the rewards, but on the other hand one does not have to walk through the maze of walking Bones and GIANT SPIDERS in Mos Eisley lol.
TC: Red-Dwarf / Rewards are missing
« Last post by fangren on 05-06-18, 14:21:27 »
Since about 2-3 weeks, most of the rewards are missing, they don't show in the claim window, no matter if they are never claimed before.
Veteran revards are ok, but all the TCG-stuff and most of the special event rewards are gone. Even on new toons that are just made.
General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Looking for Paranoia triggers
« Last post by sjw on 04-06-18, 13:37:31 »
Lay it on me babes I wanna stay up ALL night thinking about it. From the La Pascualita being a real corpse to the simple disasters or even aliens like nightwalkers, open game fellas!
Should do a big push to get people playing to celebrate 15vl years of SWG
I hope people actually start playing again, it's fun still when you're alone playing since it's still a lot to do. But, still it'd be more fun if people begun playing heavily or just so it can be populated again.
Hey, I was having an issue logging into my characters on other accounts, as most people are.

I could log into sub-accounts of my main account, but other account names would log into the account, but not characters.

I have received this error after the launcher has updated:

I can now log into the characters on on any account, but I still receive this error, both in startup and admin mode. ;D
General Technical Support / Re: Launcher issues.
« Last post by Cekis on 18-05-18, 01:08:56 »
Darth made a few changes... you might want to try again.  If that doesn't work, try updating your client.  Not saying those will work, but it's worth a shot since we've made those changes.
Please give it a shot now!
I've had the account for over a year. Lately, been taking my laptop on the road with me. No issues, until today.
Today, I could log in, and get my normal character selection. Choosing a character, it tries to connect to the Galaxy, and just hangs (no server busy, try again later notice). I can ping the server (no connection issue). Indeed, it will connect to delete a character (x2). It just won't connect to play, after I've successfully logged in. I ran the fix-it tool from the launcher, observed the check-sum audit of the files (nothing unusual). I've not made any changes to my laptop - and I've checked the client side error logs (nothing unusual, no warnings). I see there were issues a long time ago, where toons became unlinked from their accounts. Any help would be appreciated (and of course, many thanks)

Character name: Eef Enolo
Login: Hamlet

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