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Development Discussion / Re: SB - Launcher [Updated 1-12-17]
« Last post by jhfurnish on Yesterday at 17:50:23 »
I can't download the launcher at all, and when I look at the files, it won't let me extract nor download them.  All I can get is a view file that can't be recovered.  Is there some other way to get the launcher?
General Technical Support / Re: Installing main game
« Last post by jhfurnish on Yesterday at 17:39:18 »
So where is the login.cfg downloadable from?

What I do wish for, as I proceed with my setup, is a comprehensive list of things to do and where to find everything.

I'm thankful, in the meantime, that this is happening and that you folks are apparently doing so well with it.
General Technical Support / Re: Nova Courier POB Gun Turret Problem
« Last post by spaceguy5 on 21-08-17, 22:08:31 »
Did you try /unstick? And /eject? And /logout?
General Technical Support / Nova Courier POB Gun Turret Problem
« Last post by ashmaker on 21-08-17, 20:09:16 »
I'm stuck in the hole at the bottom of the latter after getting out of the turret.  I can't get out by any means that I can find.  Here is a picture that may help out.

If there is any way to get out of there, please let me know.
General Technical Support / Re: ajusting resolution
« Last post by Mavelion on 20-08-17, 22:17:17 »
Thank you !
General Technical Support / Re: ajusting resolution
« Last post by lasod on 20-08-17, 18:09:24 »
if the file location where you saved your copy of the game, open the SwgClientSetup_r , run as admin or the changes you make wont stick
General Technical Support / ajusting resolution
« Last post by Mavelion on 20-08-17, 13:15:31 »
where can I go to make an adjustment to the res most launcher have a tab on them to change these settings.
Hey everybody, how are you guys' doing? For a couple of days now I have noticed that my "Friends list" in the "community" section tells me that all of my friends are offline... It said this even though one of my friends were online. However, I did notice that in the chat, it notifies you when one of your friends comes online when you are also online.
Furthermore, I was talking to one of them about this issue and it appears to be the same on both ends.

So ya, I need help lol. If anyone can help please help.

Have a nice day and thank you.

Sincerely, Markino...
TC: Red-Dwarf / Frog Request
« Last post by EvilPaintballer on 19-08-17, 14:36:52 »
Hi, Just wondering if it would be possible to get a Frog dropped in my player city on Lok. I would like it in the vicinity of my BloodRain city hall

(4238 12 -909)

Thanks if this can happen and thanks if it can't. You guys are doing a great job and hopefully the server continues beyond your current timeline...
Hey everybody, how are y'all?

Ok so here's the deal, I was creating a Blacksun Gunship at a Starship station with a starship crafting tool on my yt 2400(the one that looks similair to the Falcon). After I finished getting all of the resources and making the ship, the station said it was building or something of the like. However, I can't find the finished product and I can't find another Blacksun Gunship Chassis/schematic or a way to make them anywhere with my character. I was thinking of making one of my alternative characters into a Structure trader, look and find the chassis, make it, and trade it to my first character.

So, if anyone can help, please help and tell me your thoughts on this matter.

Thank you and have a good day...

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