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Development Discussion / Re: 02/05/2017 - Development Update
« Last post by Sisco on Yesterday at 12:45:10 »

Take a look at this:

In short, development will continue and they're going to make it open-source. But having a Live Server is off the table for now.
General Technical Support / Re: Help
« Last post by Furball on Yesterday at 06:52:46 »
i cant get game to launch properly im not tech savy woundering if i did something wrong or someone can run me through an how to do it from scratch possilby i log game up an it crashes in login to the game screen

Try running swgclientsetup.exe and change resolution to suit your needs.
General Technical Support / Re:Server Down?
« Last post by Furball on Yesterday at 06:51:24 »
so i downloaded the game about two to three days ago and have not been able to log in it just keeps saying connecting to login server

You're probably stuck with the launcher bug that doesn't download the login.cfg file.  Download it from here: 

It's described in the how to play link up top but not very obvious.
Because of the lack of players, I ended up just making some medic bots. Managed to get nearly a complete set of Mandalorian armor (just missing 1 BL for the gloves), and yesterday I finally finished the HK-47 series (really challenging to do using bots). Might do some Kashyyyk content next
TC: Red-Dwarf / Re: TC: Red-Dwarf Offline??
« Last post by adirtygriff on 22-05-17, 23:11:20 »
Did it come back up yet?
General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Let's count to 1000!
« Last post by dekporkins on 22-05-17, 22:46:20 »
Seen you around, Hellsayer. I'd be keen to group up sometime. What are you looking to do? Aside from crafting I've been working on Mustafar prequests for Champion of the Galaxy. I could definitely use a partner for The beetle cave, DF1, DF2 etc. I also hope to unlock DWB (jabba's themepark). Yesterday I ran a few city battles. Even solo I'm having a blast. Holler at me sometime.
Development Discussion / Re: 02/05/2017 - Development Update
« Last post by shuttleboy on 22-05-17, 19:36:15 »
If it's true that development is coming to a halt, can y'all give your code to someone else like ProjectSWG or SWGEMU? Or one of the other major emulator projects? I really enjoy the Jump to lightspeed aspects of this, and I know a lot of other people that love the NGE stuff are looking primarily at ProjectSWG. When I saw you guys being advertised as nearly complete by Captain Shack, I was like "OMG how did an NGE EMU slip right past me and become complete with JTL and quests, and everything?? Why doesn't everyone know about this?" I joined as quickly as I could to test out the mechanics and it was perfect. Exactly what I remembered. I don't know how you guys managed to get everything working so much quicker than everyone else but good on ya! SWGEmu has been around for a decade and a half and still doesn't even a WIP version of Jump to Lightspeed. Bloodfin is well... its own thing.. to say the least. This was the truest most complete form of Star Wars Galaxies I've played since the game was permanently discontinued. I know Cekis stepped down, though I'm not entirely sure why. But this is a project that is worth not giving up on. If y'all are unable to complete it please make your code publicly available and known to the other emulators, I really think it could speed up the process of bringing back multiple versions of SWG and JTL that everyone can enjoy.
General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Let's count to 1000!
« Last post by JekVanno on 22-05-17, 19:26:09 »

This is the number 2 top selling cake at Walmarts across the country...
General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Let's count to 1000!
« Last post by JekVanno on 22-05-17, 19:23:14 »
Well, you can't do "Boat Fires", "Porsche Autos", or even "Random Pics" because we played the **** outta those already...
No theme other than counting became the ever-evolving theme.
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