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General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Last Poster Wins
« on: Today at 09:12:53 »
No close, but can we get a new page soon?

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Let's count to 1000!
« on: Today at 09:12:31 »

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: 3 Word Story
« on: Today at 09:06:30 »
from Leia Organa.

Code: (Full story thus far) [Select]
Today I bought a sex toy and ate it. I then ate a large pizza fuck the system man
 Oh my god ceman is back Kill him with a giant rubberduck Made out of rubber, you doofus.
Rubber made from other rubbery things Stella Bellum FTW! 8) said the man while being flayed
go away semen screamed dathoc in-coutus. I ate chocolate it tasted great and very
enjoyable just like this a wild Dathie who's best pony is very fluffy. I am IronMan I like to
party and play some SWG with wine and cheese while reading some porno magazines and hot
cheeto crumbs fell from his Long curly moustache while she twirled Around on his big long
johnson. Petaris is a wonderful human being and is definitely my favorite German stormtrooper
working sanitation. "My plumbus got murdered by a giant hairless wookiee who cuddled with
a human smuggler. The sad stormtrooper... took a vacation and missed his cats at home who
are very sneakily, badly misbehaving by destroying the Beautiful Christmas decorations.
The even ate his very favorite chocolate Santa Claus full size model That was in the
closet next next to a shiny suit of modded mando armor when suddenly the Famous Imperial
player ran in and started break dancing while playing a really bad folk-song with his
badgpipe. That he stole from the hutts Who didn't mind But still tried To become better.
A master bag-pipe For his Scottish Huttese gang members But don't know How to play 3
word story. The end, bois!

Or was it?

Part two begins with a Gungan On a stick in the senate while the Sith were having lunch
Togeth with Yuuzhan Vong who puked all over Thrawn While he booted a stormtrooper in
His shiny-white ass because it wouldn't Carry all his Stormtrooper corpses to the trash
compactor where they would not easily escape. From the lurking Weird eye monster who probed
Luke and was devastated When they cancelled star trek because it was bad, and JJ Abrams
decided to make a reboot of Star Wars IV. Which wasn't really but actually was lazors and
lensflares in a rehash Of previous flicks.

That didn't please real fans of catwoman and her Latex fetish fanbase who all want buttplugs
for christmas. But in the Night before new-years ...the Stella community was waiting for a
chicken because Moloch required it to eat another we want live. Thats not how he said,
angrily this is truly Not-done on new years Or Christmas So the server(s) cut me off
because he begged for live early and was [i]slapped[/i] by Cekis because nobody stops
lasod Except Donald Trump but only temporarily made me stare at the floor while I wept
Like silently guarding My lovely milkshakes from the traitorous milkshake summoned men
who sold me a gold watch that was broken so I looked.

 Yo, his palms were sweaty from a vigorous session of heroic raiding Which were very
confusing because of men who yelled THROW MOAR DOTS MOR DOTS NAO DOTS for everyone! OKAY
STOP DOTS. Now there was no good reason to throw DOTS at their corpses UNTIL ONYXIA
RESPAWNED and galloped away with my Penis Which made me repeatedly projectile vomit.
Luckily im made of projectile vomit out of Scrap and out of lollipops and eyedrops and so I
went to Eisley and ran ops till i crapped cause no ops could be found so i ran so far away
until I reached into the back for good milk but found none until they pulled a rubber
chicken out of his bag. And then he broke the ice cream dispenser.

Meeser Superman nohere he went shopping for icecream machine that isn't broken but bought a
giant stuffed panda and gave it to his big fat, Auntie Jerkface who ate lots of hot steaming
icecream which was otherwise a milkshake . Then she punched a small, sticky dirty, dirty Jawa
just to watch it scream "Utini!"

Nothing could have feel boring to slapbox against Eminem if your arms were made from
honey smoked ham that came from the pit of deviancy to mount a miniature seahorse bareback
no saddle while shooting pistols delightfully shaking his colorful jeweled tamourine
with his tongue while his hand assumed its position in his pocket to grab his overly
stuffed wallet filled with cash to get spice from Dune. Then I asked, "Do you wanna party?"
She smiled, sweetly and grabbed his huge... throbbing... toe. And then she rummaged through
her luggage trying to find where she left her lightsaber miniature cheese slicer from Leia

Stella Bellum Trade / Trader List 2.0
« on: Today at 08:31:21 »
As I feel that this is actually important to keep updated...

Trader List for SB Live.

Vendor name list for all your buying needs. You may contact these traders directly in game in regards to your needs. If you wish to have your Live server trader listed, please reply to this post or contact me via message. *Please note that it might take some time before traders are able to fulfill orders due to leveling/resource gathering when Stella Bellum goes Live.*



Beast Master




Droid Engineer



Akra Runningcrest


Kenai Romego
Mezka Runningcrest





Traders list updated 1/21/2017. Credit for list idea and creating original list goes to Kimaria.

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Let's count to 1000!
« on: Yesterday at 18:47:01 »

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Last Poster Wins
« on: Yesterday at 18:46:48 »
I just ended it.

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: 3 Word Story
« on: Yesterday at 18:46:30 »
left her lightsaber

Lol, I've always loved droids since I started playing.

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Last Poster Wins
« on: Yesterday at 06:04:19 »

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: 3 Word Story
« on: Yesterday at 06:03:50 »
luggage trying to

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Let's count to 1000!
« on: Yesterday at 06:03:00 »

General Technical Support / Re: Client doesn't connect...
« on: 17-01-17, 20:12:56 »
Hey there, Jinxit!

I'm able to get in perfectly fine, so on that note...

Please show me what you have in your login.cfg -- and then answer these basic questions for me!

What version of the Launcher are you using?
Is it in it's own folder, or the game's folder?
Is the game running fine, itself?

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: 3 Word Story
« on: 17-01-17, 20:09:35 »
I asked, "Do

General Technical Support / Re: Email error
« on: 17-01-17, 05:34:34 »
Hi there, Singlewinghog and Kishani!

I don't know how to help with this other than forwarding it to someone that does. So I did just that! Your patience is appreciated in the meantime. :)

Ooooh, yeahh.. And her as Mandalore? I mean, it makes sense..

And... for me, how amazing Admiral Thrawn is... <Chills>Every time I see him</Chills>

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: 3 Word Story
« on: 15-01-17, 16:35:22 »
the pit of

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Last Poster Wins
« on: 13-01-17, 15:28:44 »

Look, I found SG and Darth!

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: The Person Below Me
« on: 13-01-17, 15:27:34 »
Whoa, let's not get in to my kinks k?

TPBM lives in Neverland.

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: 3 Word Story
« on: 13-01-17, 15:26:49 »
if your arms

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