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General Technical Support / Re: Server down?
« on: 19-05-17, 19:18:05 »
Aand the server is offline now.


TC: Red-Dwarf / Re: TC: Red-Dwarf Offline??
« on: 19-05-17, 19:17:09 »
Aaaand the server is offline now.


General Technical Support / Re: Server down?
« on: 19-05-17, 11:59:46 »
I figured out what my problem was. 

I blocked port 445 because of the WannaCry Virus:  It uses that port to infiltrate networks on a local scale.   Apparently Stella Bellum login servers didn't like that change to much.

I can login now.

Edit:  It definitely was not the port block on my end causing the issue.  Had to have been something up with the login server.  Just re-enabled the port block and I can still login just fine now.

Just discovered this server last night. Old player (played on/off from launch to the end) looking to scratch that SWG itch.

So what's the problem or hold up with this server? Money, time, talent or all?

I think all of the above:  Some glitchy code borked the live release, and they are missing some talent.  Although they claim money isn't an issue, if you monitor their balances, it is a problem none the less.  Whoever pays for the Test server is taking a financial hit.

General Technical Support / Re: Server down?
« on: 19-05-17, 10:07:27 »
no i had the same problem with the normal login file name and i have talked with a friend in teamspeak...
meanwhile he was online  and i tried the things out to log me in

everything worked fine and didnt changed anything but since wdnesday i have the problem

I was able to login the day before yesterday, but last night, and today I cannot.   Same issue as you.  Friend was able to login but I cannot.

Nothing was changed on my system since the last time I logged in. 

The issue I have, is as if the login server is down, or unreachable.  But, no error messages.

General Technical Support / Re: Server down?
« on: 19-05-17, 04:54:04 »

since yesterday i can`t log me at the moment the server down?

And yes i have tried the tipps in the important threads^^

Edit: a friend can log in so i know now that something is wrong with my folder or with my account.

in my infolog file i get these lines :
[19.05.2017 00:53:43] ZUES::WHITELIST -> D:\Spiele\Star Wars Galaxies\local_machine_options.iff
[19.05.2017 00:53:43] ZUES::WHITELIST -> D:\Spiele\Star Wars Galaxies\login.cfg.cfg
[19.05.2017 00:53:43] ZUES::WHITELIST -> D:\Spiele\Star Wars Galaxies\options.cfg
[19.05.2017 00:54:50] ZUES::DELETED -> D:\Spiele\Star Wars Galaxies\ui.log

is it normal with the deleted line?

What i have tried: delete all reupdate the game and download the login file, delete the launcher and redownloaded it, started the repair tool

Ya might want to check this one first:

[19.05.2017 00:53:43] ZUES::WHITELIST -> D:\Spiele\Star Wars Galaxies\login.cfg.cfg

That said:  I think the login servers are down at the moment.  I cannot login.

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Let's count to 1000!
« on: 12-05-17, 13:39:17 »

Can we please get 12 more fucking people and get this over with so this thread can die?

Ok I completely deleted my previous install along with the launcher and re-installed and re-patched/updated.
The hash check now shows zero files are missing, and again the game runs perfectly.
However I still cannot start another client. Same issue occurs.
I've checked the live.cfg and the allowMultipleInstances=true IS in there.
I've tried running straight from the .exe in the game folder, same result. Client crash.
I tired making a new local user account as suggested and the results are the same. I can start one client, but not a second without a client crash.

I appreciate all the help you all have provided. I think i'm just out of luck on this machine.

If you have another PC try it on another PC.  As I said you might be the proverbial lottery winner for a coding bug with your current PC setup.  Basically means it's a coding issue with SB on that particular PC.   Especially if it works on another PC with different hardware setups.

Another shot in the dark I can think of:  Uninstall + Reinstall all the Visual Studio C++ Redistrubuteables on your PC for each year that is currently installed on your PC.  They range from 2005-2015? I think.

Here's where you can download them:

Sometimes these files can get corrupted, as most if not all games are coded in C++.

TC: Red-Dwarf / Re: Look at this spaceloot
« on: 11-05-17, 11:55:37 »
Filler, you should give to me instead.

Game Play Discussion / Re: Question regarding Resources
« on: 11-05-17, 00:58:03 »

TC: Red-Dwarf / Re: trapped!
« on: 10-05-17, 07:55:15 »

@ JekVanno, allowMultipleInstances=true is what I have.

      Operating System
         Windows 10 Home 64-bit Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.1066)
         Intel Core i7 @ 2.40GHz   49 °C
         Haswell 22nm Technology
         16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)
         Generic PnP Monitor ([email protected])
         HP E231 ([email protected])
         2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M (ASUStek Computer Inc)   43 °C
         465GB Hitachi HGST HTS725050A7E630 (SATA)   35 °C
         465GB Hitachi HGST HTS725050A7E630 (SATA)   38 °C
      Optical Drives
         Slimtype DVD A DS8A9SH
         Realtek High Definition Audio

There was a theory I was considering, I actually figured you had Win 10 Home and not Pro.

Without going to much in detail... sometimes Ring 3 user security requests are routed through Ring 0 Kernel permissions.... Sometimes it can happen and that error you are getting is indicative of a ring security error.   Basically your user account is being denied access by the kernel (Ring 0 or Root level security) to your PC hardware which would allow you to run another instance of SB.  Ring 3 user group says yes, Kernal Ring 0 says no.

It is "possible" it's a code issue with Stella Bellum and you happen to be the lottery winner.     It would explain that not everyone has the same issue, even people running win 10 home as PC hardware is different from PC to PC and model to model.   The reason I asked about your win 10 build initially regarding 1607 is because that is the anniversary build update MS put out that locks down user permission to certain administrative functions in windows.   But I do not believe that was the cause anymore after having done more research on the error you are getting.  I am not running build 1607, as there is a way to prevent that update from ever reaching your PC (A hacked work around if you will, but not really hacked just common sense)  The build I'm running is 1511 for Win10 Pro.

There is one thing you can try and it's a shot in the dark is if you have a corrupted install of SB, then start from scratch delete SB completely, including the launcher, and reinstall from scratch:,30.html

Another thing you can try, is creating a new windows profile and trying to run SB from that new profile and running a 2nd instance.  If it works, then you have a corrupted windows profile, which there is only 2 fixes for:  Creating a new profile (which is what I had you do just now)  or Re-installing everything on your PC from scratch.

If the issue still exists after that, then it's probably not an SB code issue.   And probably not a windows specific issue... And I'd be out of ideas.  It's not a very common error to get, and most of the time it is present regarding coding, when that error does occur.

Then again, I could be completely off the mark as well in which case an SB might have to comment to that extent maybe determine what could be causing it.

I only run it from the launcher, and I have win 10 as well.   I have no problem with multiple instances, even quad and quintuple logged a few times.

Check your game folder for live.cfg

Inside that should be:


Jek is definitely on to something with that.  That might be what is causing the error.

An exception status code that is used by the Win32 x86 emulation subsystem.

What are your PC specs and which windows flavor are you running?

I have my main account logged in and working fine. I Alt+tab out to desktop and click "play" on the launcher again. The launcher crashes and gives me "SWGClient_r.exe has stopped working"
I have done a hash check many files are missing including the login.cfg.
I followed the instructions in the dual logging guide on this site and downloaded the new login.cfg and put in my game folder where it's suppose to go. I was sure to over wright when prompted.
I ran the repair tool on the launcher a few times now, but I still get the same result. "SWGClient_r has stopped working.
I am 100% running the launcher in admin mode. I have even tried running it in compatibility mode for various OS's with no prevail.
Just to reiterate, the game runs perfectly when only one client is running. It won't start a second. I can't get to login screen to use my sub account.
Any new ideas would sure be welcome.


It is more than likely something on your PC causing the issue.

If you can give me the error code you get when that EXE crashes I can look in to it.

Control Panel --- Administrative Tools --- Event Viewer --- Windows Logs --- Applications

Look for the time stamp when the EXE crashes, and paste that information into a post here.

TC: Red-Dwarf / Re: possible to get god-mode ?
« on: 09-05-17, 18:36:29 »
More than likely no, not possible unless it's an exploit.

Game Play Discussion / Re: Question regarding Resources
« on: 08-05-17, 23:30:32 »
Yes, TC cycles resources.

That bug to crafting stations was fixed after I left then, because I played in 2009, and there were no +45 crafting stations on any of those servers I mentioned I played on all of them.

Also HOW OFTEN do the resources cycle, because we are going on 3 weeks now with the same resources from when I started.    Do they cycle monthly?

Game Play Discussion / Re: Question regarding Resources
« on: 08-05-17, 04:48:56 »
This is called server cap.  My MSS are pretty good.  It sometimes took years to cap player crafted armor.  This is all working as intended and is not WoWcrafting.

If they aren't 2.0 capped, I don't think incubators can be capped at 4.

As far as crafting stations cap was "said" to be 45, but in practice on live servers they never hit 45, they always hit 44.999 (which was cap on live servers)  Currently right now cap on TC is 44.6XX which is below cap in terms of resource quality.

And no it never took years to cap player armor:

Kettemore had it, ahazi had it, star sider had it, intrepid had it, Flurry had it, and god knows how many other servers.    It literally took 5 minutes to cap armor on those servers because they had far superior resources than what we have on TC.

Capped ship parts were easy to cap on all of those servers as well, because again far better resources.  On TC right now with the resources we have it's impossible to cap ship parts.   For example Chaff launchers cap at 850 and 978.   My chaff launcher is 853 / 1027 (which is the highest I can get with the resources on TC)

Also on live servers Free resource crates were actually useful because you could get resources that dropped years prior to the current resource availability.   Where as on TC, those resource deeds only give you what is currently available.

Hence my question:  Does TC cycle resources at regular intervals, because what we have now makes it impossible to cap anything, if the resources do not cycle like they did on Live servers.... Maybe it's a bug I don't know, I just wanted to know if and when the resources cycle on TC?

Game Play Discussion / Question regarding Resources
« on: 07-05-17, 15:02:03 »
Ok, having done many crafts of various items:  My friends and I have come to the conclusion that the resources on TC are absolute trash in MOST cases.  We cannot cap components, which in turn leads to uncapped final products.

Example of items that are impossible to cap with the current resources available on Red-DwarfTC

1.  Player armor cannot be capped.

2.  Most if not all Ship parts for Shipwright are impossible to cap.

3.  Some DE stuff cannot be capped such as micro sensor suites used for crafting Incubators for BM, which in turn makes Incubators impossible to cap.  So far we cannot get it past 3.75 on quality for Incubators because of the garbage resources available to DE's for components.

4.  Player weapons cannot be capped.  And the weapons on the frog are not something to write home about.

5.  Crafting stations cannot be capped: (44.999 = cap on crafting stations)

Does the server rotate resources at regular intervals so we can hopefully find better resources?   And if so, how frequently does that occur?    I don't recall from the original game how often the resources cycle, but I thought it was like every 3 days or perhaps weekly?   And I do remember that people could farm a resource node that was discovered for maybe 1-3 days at best before the resource changed, or I believe ran out... whichever came first, I don't remember.

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