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General Star Wars / The Last Jedi
« on: 24-01-17, 15:18:28 »

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Wonder what the deep red Star Wars letters mean.... /ponder

Is the launcher supposed to be missing?
If you kept it within the SWG folder it will delete itself. The launcher folder needs to be separate.

But to clarify - (everything works so I'm assuming its working correctly) The launcher and its file exist in a separate folder elsewhere from the SWG directory... Ran the Stella.Launcher.updater .exe and it seemed to update all the patch files, and automatically redirect the executable in the SWG folder. (SWGClient_R.exe) When i originally downloaded this, the SB Launcher tutorial stated there was an installation process. However It didn't "install" or create any directories for SB Launcher. So everything seems to be working perfectly fine - it just installed quite differently than the SB guide advised it would.

Regardless i'm having an incredible time and an incredible blast of nostalgia flying around. Great work and Cheers!

Role Playing / Re: How do YOU RP?
« on: 11-01-17, 13:54:08 »
Its really a total judgement call. My guild back in the day was pretty into RP, and when we did events it was always IC. But if a few of us went to go do an instance or a quest, or a high level hunt, we would just stay OOC. Was easier that way. You kind of learned which guilds were RP as far as running into them in public places. Its really about learning your server and learning your people, some of the best RP was done completely spontaneously and unplanned. We always used (( xxxxx )) for OOC communication, unless it was pre determined that we'd be OOC for the duration.

Space Stations or outposts that are able to be occupied. Just like the Ring of Kafrene in RO. Do a couple good hybrid space/ground quests out of there and enjoy it for RP. /micdrop

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