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When things get heated by a topic we're passionate about, we all tend to lose our objectivity or take issues too personal. Let's all take a step back and relax.

Game Play Discussion / Re: Thank you, Cekis
« on: 15-02-17, 09:02:26 »
The bandwidth issue can probably be addressed and handled if proper planning is done combined with communication with the community as to what the financial needs of that will be. As far as the issue of ability to respond to issues, well, that may indeed be problematic, but at the end of the day this *is* essentially a volunteer project.
The bandwidth issue he described is not a technical bandwidth issue, moreso a team bandwidth issue. In order to advance a server, you need developers who operate the server and developers who work on the server code. Operating a server does not equal development. Even right now without a live server our development team is spread thin with some being caught up with their paid jobs. You can cover up the lack of development with a massive CSR staff, but that does not mean "Forum Moderators" or "GMs" can help with issues arising on the server due to the code acting up. This is one of the reason why the community Volunteer Staff of SB is small. Right now it is not needed and as much as you like to help, you can't help address server problems without development knowledge and having the right mindset to fit into the development team (Darth/StellaB usually make those decisions).

To reiterate the Mission Statement. The developers working here on the project have a major interest in developing the server, but not operating it. And I think Cekis came to realize that operating a server also requires being able to address major gamebreaking issues in a timely fashion. His contributions will be greatly missed, as well as his aspirations of high quality development. I do hope he comes back to play and hang out.

Developers are scarce in the SWG development scene - which is why the development driven projects advance at agonizingly slow speed.

Pilot / Re: Vaksai-you dont have necessary badge
« on: 12-02-17, 22:44:52 »
You need 5 badges and if I'm not mistaken, do the quest required for the Vaksai

I do know once the event is held and the server holds the masses (hopefully 1000+ players, you'll all receive a mail), then the mind of the team is more at ease and we're closer to live.

Just to be clear, and this is probably a stupid question, is that an in-game mail or a mass PM here on the forums? I just want to make sure I don't miss it. :)

It will be a forum message, most likely. That way they can let you know without you needing to login to the client + if you have email alerts it's just more convenient anyway
We'll just access the database of all users who registered their accounts with their e-mail and compile a list for BCC. That way everyone who checks their mail at least once per week won't miss out.

Trader / For general trading threads.
« on: 11-02-17, 11:16:11 »
I.e. macro guides, resources, etc..

TC: Red-Dwarf / Re: LTO Weekend Battlefields
« on: 10-02-17, 20:08:46 »
When you know a time schedule, I could post it to discord/social media to attract more interested players.

I also suggest chatting with people on these discords:
SB Cantina
Imperial Discord

Game Play Discussion / Re: Life Day
« on: 08-02-17, 17:16:42 »
The Developer who's working on the patchserver hasn't been around to push out the latest changes. That includes the removal of snow :P

A quote from a former SWG community manager reflecting upon the time between CU/NGE

"That's how I didn't lose my mind sitting on top of the raw community conflagration that was SWG. Every day I started off by reminding myself that we're all in this together and this is about everyone's passion. It is NOT about us falling apart."

We're in this together. It takes time. We will get there. I ask about ETAs internally every now and then. And I don't get annoyed by anyone asking it, more so than being unable to answer it precisely.
I do know once the event is held and the server holds the masses (hopefully 1000+ players, you'll all receive a mail), then the mind of the team is more at ease and we're closer to live.

The only way to speed this up is if someone has extensive coding knowledge in C++ and has worked with the code before. However, Damo and Darth are currently really busy with work (their paid jobs).
No amount of QA, GM or Moderators can speed up the development process, nor do I feel right now that a massive staff of volunteers is necessary.

That being said. The development progress thread is being updated when there has been an update. Asking the same question five times a day won't make it happen faster either. It's the reason why the thread exists so people don't have to ask.

TC: Red-Dwarf / Re: "Public Target Dummy"
« on: 07-02-17, 13:14:33 »
Set your house to public and you can create the target dummy.

General Technical Support / Re: Stuck in YT-2400 Over Tat
« on: 07-02-17, 03:34:35 »
The tilde key opens the radial menu. It's not like preCU where one click opens the menu

"ETA" is under "Items to be completed before live"

The holdup are not bugs, but security concerns. The server code is public and anyone capable and interested to harm the server (or cheat ingame) can do so.

The allowMultipleInstances=true is enabled by default through our patcher in the live.cfg. It allows you to start the SWG client more than once.

Just delete holocron.scfg in the patcher's folder.

Albeit your description is a bit different from the bug report, I'd assume it is related with the anti-cheat positioning. I've included your original post in the bug report.

Development Discussion / 02/05/2017 - Development Update
« on: 05-02-17, 21:27:09 »

The repository for viewing the commits to TC Red-Dwarf is still closed, but will be opened for public view in future.
If you find a bug, please report it here. Please refer to the Interim Mantis for known bugs.

Server Development

Cekis (Core Developer)
  • Fixed issue with removing a guild member that is no longer a member of your guild (race condition).
  • Fixed issue with the Alum Mineral Sickness quest item.
  • Fixed issue with the Meatlump Camera.
  • Fixed issue with Treasure hunting and the Treasure Guardian cannot identify a random group member.
  • Fixed issue with the TCG Target Dummy such that it now removes itself from combat if the player cannot be found or is too far away.
  • Fixed broken space mission Imperial Tier 4.
  • Fixed Mandalorian Boots such that they can accept armor attachments again.
  • Fixed issue with city maintenance that would result in destroying cities.
  • Added map identifier for Vreni Island.
  • Added cantina status for Anchorhead cantina.
  • Fixed issue with pilots not able to dock sometimes.
  • Fixed issue when trader did not have the right tool for crafting in city invasions.
  • Fixed layout of Chronicler House sign not positioning properly on Merchant Tents.
Please focus on the following areas when you're wanting to test the new build (so we know if it's broke or not):
  • Manage your cities... they should be fixed now.
  • Ral Mundi questline.
  • Ship capacitor boosting while fighting enemy ships.
  • Fighting with Heavy Weapons.
  • Group Looting while in Lottery mode.
  • Destroy Duty Missions (space)
  • TCG Combat Dummy
  • Kashyyyk Zone Travel (i.e. transitioning between canopy levels)
  • Meatlump Camera
  • DWB Alum Mineral Sickness Quest

The issue is related with the hyper sensitive anti-cheat of SWG.

General Technical Support / Re: Login Issues
« on: 05-02-17, 20:40:02 »
Have you tried whitelisting SWG client on your firewall? Mine always asks when a new application is detected, but I disabled the windows built-in firewall.

TC: Red-Dwarf / Re: Stuck in floor
« on: 05-02-17, 20:35:06 »
Ok I tried the logout command. That didn't work either. I think it's time to come to terms with the fact that my character is now forever trapped in space inside a cantina.
I didn't know you were stuck inside a building. What's your ingame name? When you login, send me a message on discord please :)
Also, which hangar were you in when the game shut down?

TC: Red-Dwarf / Re: Stuck in floor
« on: 05-02-17, 17:47:37 »
Call a bike and mount it.

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