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Stella Bellum Trade / Re: Trader List
« on: Today at 07:46:13 »
I'll lock the thread as she won't update it anymore :(
If someone likes to create a new thread about traders, feel free.

Let's keep it civil from here, thank you :)


Anton Petrov


Removing the frogs and declaring it live is not happening because all the free frog money/items set the economy heavily askew, giving a disadvantage to anyone who hasn't played before the frogs were removed. It has been done on a previous SWGemu based project and the disadvantages were heavily notable.

We are working on a PayPal solution, it will be experimental for the first month.

Extract and place the launcher to a new folder. When the launcher asks, point it to your current SWG install folder.

The Holo Report is a one-stop shop for news on all SWG development, rumors, and servers. NGE or pre-CU, emulator or source code, the Holo Report publishes it all. Find all the news fit to read about the big projects and the small servers alike.

The Holo Report is not associated with Stella Bellum.

Why use a middleman when you can do it yourself? ;)

Regardless, when the game goes live, it will be Vanilla.

There will be zero changes to the heroic loot tables, nor new ways to acquire heroic loot on this server.

When they launch their Cocoa server down the road, this would be an idea for then.  Until then, end of discussion.  It's not happening.
It was never stated in our mission statement that we intend to launch a cocoa server. That will solely be a repository branch for accepting development outside vanilla and providing it to server hosts interested in featuring those options.

Note: The Fun branch will exist in development only - no server running with it. We don't intend to use content from that branch until everything Vanilla has been finished.

You will need to go back to the account login screen and enter your password. Sometimes the increased security measures are too strict and don't recognise you being logged in after you played and go back to the character selection screen.

Additionally, if you crashed and your character is still link-dead in the world, you will need to do this: Login once to the character, wait on the loading screen for a few seconds and go back to the character selection screen to log back in. Alternatively, you wait 5-10 minutes - that has always been the workaround on live.

Development Discussion / 01/19/2016 - Development Update
« on: 19-01-17, 18:30:20 »

The repository for viewing the commits to TC Red-Dwarf is still closed, but will be opened for public view in future.
If you find a bug, please report it here. Please refer to the Known Bugs thread.

Server Development

Darth (Core Developer)
  • Fixed various type issues for data containers
  • Plugged security holes that we won't disclose, so they aren't used elsewhere
  • R&D for some more security improvements
  • SWG64 now builds in native 64 bit
  • Generated fresh build profiles
Cekis (Core Developer)

  • Expertise for Jedi and BH should now be correctly sync'd with server version.
  • Fixed issue where an NPC or NPC ship tries to enter combat with a non-combatable object.
  • Fixed issue caused when a beast finishes combat and tries to run back to its owner when the owner's location cannot be found.
  • Droids with a ranged weapon will now correctly have their weapon stats applied when they level up with their owner.
  • Crackdown NPC's will no longer attack players below level 25 if they are found to be carrying contraband.
  • Crackdown NPC's will no longer attack Jedi players below level 75 if they are found to be Jedi.
  • Fixed issue caused when a ship tries to stop attacking a target when it dies when that target is not on the ships attack list.
  • Firing Energy Pulse 3 will now only attempt to affect targets that are able to be affected by it.
  • Bugged Tier 5 "super" spawns for Nova and Orion missions will now correctly spawn as Tier 7's.
  • Fixed a few issues in the Decrepit Droid Factory on Mustafar.
  • Fixed issue caused by players not being able to be correctly comm'd in the tutorial when dead or logged off.
  • The Tusken Executioner and crew will now correctly return to the Tusken Fort some time after all cave inhabitants have been removed.
  • Fixed Darklight Cache quests (to a point - there's only so much that can be done at this time).
  • Fixed Space Station conversations (mission retrieval).
  • Fixed Legacy Shuttle quest for Watto.
  • Fixed Meatlump Bomb locations.
The Frog:
  • Profession jumpers (via the frog) will now be able to get the correct bonus to installed droid modules.
  • Fixed an issue on the frog where the best resource would not be able to be found.
  • Created new Fun Event™ for TC (announcement coming soon)
  • Removed old Mos Taike Tusken spawner (it was borked and belongs in Pre-CU only)
  • Added player tribute to Kimaria as completely created and donated by an anonymous community member.
  • City mayors will again receive mails about inactive citizens in their cities.
  • The oversupply of Flash Speeders and Lava Fleas will no longer happen at level 20 and 70.
  • The "RE Enhancement Module" is again craftable.
  • GCW Familiars should again be usable.
Damo (Core Developer)
  • Code Hardening and Security
  • Fixing Level Callback
  • Launcher Refactor & New UI
  • Server Development
Other Development

Darth (Core Developer)
  • Increased login frontend functionality.
Damo (Core Developer)
  • Launcher Refactor & New UI

Development Discussion / Development Progress
« on: 19-01-17, 00:19:08 »
Things that are being worked on:


  • Security updates to do our best to ensure we plug all the security holes we actually know about and can currently prevent.
  • Pushing Fun Event™ on TC after security updates
  • Fixing various bugs reported on the Interim Mantis forum.
  • Fixing other issues popping up on the TC identified as players are playing the game
  • Improving the launcher, making it more robust and as bug free as possible.
  • Getting ready to fix server bugs brought forward by players on the TC.
  • Assisting with security fixes to server and client.
  • Adding system monitoring tools to track status of current TC server and looking for improvements to overall system operation.

Items to be completed towards live:

  • Security updates
  • Fix current situation where the Tutorial server is crashing every few hours due to network packet size issues.
  • Hold "Fun Event" on TC. Capture data from that and analyze metrics
  • Fix potential necessary issues that resulted from Fun Event™ on TC in preparation for go live.
  • Hold evaluation of final release candidate (post Fun Event™ version) on TC with steady population.
  • Work out a plan for live.
  • Find a new host, configure and install server.

Bug Forum / Re: Known Bugs
« on: 18-01-17, 16:34:42 »

General Technical Support / Re: Floating in space..
« on: 18-01-17, 00:19:09 »
Please contact the team on discord for such matters. Send me a message there when your character is online ingame.

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: 3 Word Story
« on: 17-01-17, 18:59:58 »
from Dune. Then

Stella Bellum / Re: My little discord group
« on: 17-01-17, 14:08:54 »
now i respect that statement but i also disagree in some parts of my mind i just think building a vocal community before actually pushing out the game has big potential well also for drama... but its not about me....
one again i will remove this channel if told so!

You're fine!

In regards to building a community and server development. One year ago, the code was considered ready for a server as not many issues showed up in internal development test servers. Then a TC was made and players invited - those shook up quite some unexpected bugs that needed addressing. Were a live server started at that point, it would have resulted in massive issues.

Now the second part, about discord. Its direct interaction with the community resulted in too many developers spending time reading or addressing negativity or drama. Which in turn resulted in less time/motivation to work on the project. It was an experiment, some few people chose to make an issue out of it and waste development time, therefore community interaction was outsourced to the community.

You can find an array of discords in this thread. If you give yours a title/purpose I can add it too!,32.0.html

General Technical Support / Re: TC down again?
« on: 16-01-17, 19:32:57 »
Still down!

On the top  right is an arrow
It allows you to download the archive. Not sure why google is treating it as folder.
All files need to go into your patcher folder and be overwritten.

19 almost sounds like your patcher has been gimped somehow.  How can it break where it doesn't detect missing files and replace them?
Some files are checked if they exist, and downloaded once. Thereafter, they will be ignored. If you edit/modify or delete the login.cfg it will not be reacquired.

Remove holocore.scfg. Select the SWG location anew. If this doesn't work, submit your issue in this thread:

And follow the instruction of how to submit the bug report.

Q. How do I submit bug reports?
A. Please use the following template(below) when submitted bug reports to Damo via Discord or Private Message.

Exception Info / Dump (if avail):
Status @ Crashed:

*Add Additional Launcher Logs*

You can add your logs using the # symbol in the middle of the toolbar. (Next to the speech bubble symbol)

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