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TC: Red-Dwarf / Stella Bellum Cantina Event.
« on: 28-01-17, 19:58:04 »
Welcome to the Stella Bellum Cantina Event!

Please post if you are interested in this event. We don't have a date/time set just yet, but it's in the works.

   This event will take place over a period of about an hour and a half, possibly a bit longer. That’s our hopeful minimum run-time for the event, but if interest continues then so shall the event!

   The very first portion of the event will be to split up in groups of 5. These groups of 5 will join their corresponding guild (Guildmaster will be one of the Event Assistants) and will need to run through the “Dungeon” set up and get to the final boss for their loots! Be careful, though, as this portion of the event will not be safe passage… you’ll need to battle through elites, bosses, and other NPCs in order to reach the final boss, and while you’re at it, your guild may run in to another guild’s group of 5. Your groups will have to duke it out should you both meet at the same crossroads.

   Upon death, your group will need to go back to the beginning and continue down your path. Other groups may still come up during this time, so be careful! The first group to reach the final boss (With all previous trash/bosses cleared) and kill their boss will be crowned the victor of this event.

Event Part 2 – To the Races!

   Part 2 of the event will produce different race-tracks for players to, well, race on! Some of them are more obstacle based than others, and some are more about speed. Players will work independently from one another to achieve first place in each race.

   We plan on having multiple races and race-types available, some of which will be short, some of which will be a bit longer. Some will be in-city, some will be custom-made. All of them, however, will be fun!

Event Part 3 – Invasions

   For part 3 of the event, we will all head to one of the Invasion points as it starts fresh, creating everything we absolutely can to have the absolute most epic invasion battle of TC thus far. Crafters will be necessary on both sides for this part of the event, so prepare to help craft! What would be glorious would be to see everyone on both sides creating top-level turrets, reinforcement points, vehicles, barricades… etc.
   This part of the event is expected to take some time, as it is an invasion after all ;)
   Please note that we will likely do all three invasions and start each one fresh.

Event Part 4 – King of the Bunker

   King of the Bunker is an off-shoot of King of the Hill, and will be a PvP Event. The event will take place in a Mustafarian Bunker and have players attempting to control certain rooms per level, marked in-game as to what number they are. Players will need to pay attention to which room in the bunker is the “Hill” in order to score points for their team.
   This part of the event will be an Imperials vs Rebels bit of gameplay, so you’ll be with your usual teams for it. Group up, buff up, and get out there!

Event Part 5 – Championships

   For this bit of the event, teams will again be formed in groups of 5 until the last group wins. Groups of 4 will then be formed, and the process repeats until we get down to 1 on 1 fights between the champions of each bracket. Players will be able to choose who is and is not on their team for this battle.

Event Part 6 – Finale

   Well I can’t tell you a whole lot about the Finale, otherwise it wouldn’t be very grand! What I can tell you, however, is that it will be grand. =)

Red-Dwarf Trade / Trader List 2.0
« on: 21-01-17, 08:31:21 »
As I feel that this is actually important to keep updated...

Trader List for SB Live.

Vendor name list for all your buying needs. You may contact these traders directly in game in regards to your needs. If you wish to have your Live server trader listed, please reply to this post or contact me via message. *Please note that it might take some time before traders are able to fulfill orders due to leveling/resource gathering when Stella Bellum goes Live.*



Beast Master




Droid Engineer



Akra Runningcrest


Kenai Romego
Mezka Runningcrest




Signore Hunt

Traders list updated 1/23/2017. Credit for list idea and creating original list goes to Kimaria.

And... for me, how amazing Admiral Thrawn is... <Chills>Every time I see him</Chills>

Hey guys!

Recently I noticed that there have been quite a few people reporting that their game crashes upon entering the game, so I thought I'd just whip up a quick fix for this issue in form of a thread. :)

So, what's worked for myself and another user or two has been to run the game in Windowed Fullscreen Borderless mode. Some of you are already going over to try it, let me know if it works out for you!

Others are asking "What, who, where mode?"

Go ahead and follow these steps to make this happen for you.

1) Open up your launcher
2) Click the Cogwheel (Settings) in the top right corner.
3) Go to Game Settings
4) Go to Graphics and check "Windowed Mode" and "Borderless Window"
5) Try to launch the game.
6) Don't crash ;)

Added bonus : Pictures!

Project Discussion / To: You
« on: 03-01-17, 19:26:08 »
Dear Stella Bellum Community Members...

This comes with the backing of quite a few people that feel the same way as I do about this.

To those of you that stand by waiting idly, you are the glue that holds everything together.

To those of you that have posted publicly their thanks to the staff of Stella Bellum, you are the glimmer of the community, and your thank-yous are heard and appreciated by all of the staff here.

To those of you defending their honor, project, and everything else; you are what makes a community strong. A community that stands together will always stay together. You are noticed, and you are thanked.

To those of you that are outright angry because of what is happening here, on the other hand. You should really stop while you're behind and give it a rest. You are the very thing that tears any good community down. This very community, not but 3 weeks ago, was hand in hand singing Kum-bi-ya and sharing smores around the fire, until you showed up. Some of you have been here for quite some time, and used to be in the groups before this one. You used to be respectable, and the people that I looked up to when I first joined the server. Now, you're the people I have to fight with because you won't let up on the hate. You're not entitled to this server, and frankly they could pull the plug any time they wanted to. Nothing holds them here but themselves. Period.

Learn that. Accept that. Move along. There's no single person here that wants this to work more than the staff do. The very people who have spent months, nay, years getting everything ready to go want this more than you 10-fold. They want it more than the people above do, too. The difference, there, is that the people above are the ones that are going to be almost as happy as the Development team will be when everything eventually works out in the end. We have patience, why don't you?

Frankly, I wouldn't bat an eye if the people attacking the staff here were banned for a month. No, that doesn't mean the people constructively criticizing things that are going on. The ones that are spewing,

Communication sucks, server sucks, SB sucks, everything sucks.

That's great and all, but it doesn't matter. Is there anything in there to suggest a way to fix it? Nope!

Communication sucks, perhaps giving us a daily update about progress or push-backs would be helpful.

Look, constructive!

Do the second, and your opinions aren't going to be bashed. 

Project Discussion / To: SB Staff.
« on: 03-01-17, 19:25:49 »
Dear Staff Member of Stella Bellum.
This is coming to you all as the same message. I know there are a lot of toxic community members out there, and there are the same if not more trying to fend them off as your guys' personal firewall. You have all done an amazing thing with this project, and have come so far only to have everything suddenly fall to pieces all at once. You're genuinely worth more than that, and I speak on behalf of the "Drama-Free" community when I say we wish the turn of events from the last four weeks had been so very much different.
I know I'm but a lowly post-whore, but hear me out. I came to this community from PSWG, watching them grow a little bit more with each passing day. I found Stella Bellum and my first thought was, "Oh, cool, I'll play here for a while until PSWG gets the ball rolling." -- Then I found it was so much more.
I found the Silent Guardian, against all odds and with the entire server against him, kept up a positive attitude. He responded to people on the forums, he helped people in game, and he made this a server worth playing on for so many people. My first day in game the Test Center was having issues and I didn't know it, but I still managed to squirm my way through the login server and make a character right before the server did a reset. So I sat and wiggled around in my chair, excited for the reset to finish up. I came back to find that I was stuck in space, so I posted on the forums. SG worked for 10 minutes just to end up teleporting my broken character to Tatooine. He even talked to me, which was amazing to me at the time because I looked at him like he was a God due to his Mod powers on SWG of all things.
I found Kyng Koopa, who I didn't even know was a staff member at the time. BSing with him on the forums a bit was entertaining, and then I finally realized he was, in fact, a Mod. I thought he was incredible, nonetheless, with his "Forum Zombie" tag and semi-high post count (Compared to mine at the time!) -- We are now great friends and talk all the time, have helped Vroop create Clan Immortal, and so much more in the time we've gotten to know each other.
I met Vroop, the relatable Mod who has issues just like mine in real life. We became great friends, and I eventually convinced him to start his old guild here once more. Now, we're like besties and banter all through the day.
I met Darth, who is still Godly to me to this day with how mysterious he is. I see him getting so much heat from the toxic people of the community, and I do everything I can to defend him and the project at all costs. I've lost a lot of people I once called friends because of how much I defend his honor in different discord chats across the galaxy. There are, however, a good many that stand with me and defend him right alonside me. Good people that care about him, you, and the project. Some that have been here from day 1, some (Like me!) that joined up a bit later on and fell head over heels for it. Darth's job is anything but easy, but he still does it and carries the torch SOE left behind for him. (It even had his name on it!)
I met Cekis, who I find to be different from other Devs I've spoken to. Unlike most devs, Cekis is soft spoken and enjoys a good conversation. But that applies to all of you, so long as toxicity isn't involved. One day I had never even noticed Cekis existed, the next he's filing bug reports to their proper homes left and right (And forum spamming worse than I do!) in the mean-time. ;) But he does his job, and he does it extremely well alongside the rest of you.
The point is, I've met you all in one way or another, and again speak on behalf of the Stella Bellum community when I say that we are here. Trolls and Toxics are only alive for the sole purpose of tearing all of you down. Making you the bad guys, even though you're the only guys. Does it really make sense? No. Not at all. But they do it. I pleade with you that you don't let it get to you and take it as a grain of salt. Hell, I'd even say to hold the server off for the entire two weeks if not a bit longer. Don't give in to the demands of these trolls that think themselves entitled. They are not. You know this, I know this, and they know this.
Take those two weeks, nevertheless, and allow the hype to die down. Give updates about what you're pushing to the Live server without releasing it.
You'll get negative feedback from the imbeciles that think themselves entitled. Grain of salt it. Let them leave, they aren't contributing anything to the server and they never likely will outside of their +1-6 population increase server-side.
That is what I say, and I know the people worthy of being here will understand the delay. It's what I would do. It's what I have done in the past. It worked for me, it may well work for you.
But just remember. The actual community is here. Watching. Guarding. Defending. Waiting. We are Stella Bellum, and we stand by you in the darkest of times such as today.

Copy/paste from SOE's old forums -- Guide by TwiDeath

Officer is a hard profession to play...

...powerful though, the way of the officer goes through smart setup and deep knowledge of your own profession.
You have many way to personalize your gameplay, teamsupporter, damage dealer, ranged, melee, pistoleer; any of these  template should, MUST be learn
deeply and tried out.
Our expertise is, for my personal opinion (tried all the professions, and for long), the best and more complex.

Now, let's understand your fighter potential...


Squad Command Tree
Group Buffs
Leadership (4 points max for a 30 seconds increase) - Increase Group Buffs durations (very helpful, since they last a very short amount of time)
Initiative - Action Cost reduction (3 points max for 20% mitigation NEEDED to access the other buffs)
Advanced Tactics - Team Buff +115agi +70con 4:30 mins duration
Focus Fire - Team Buff +115pre +115str 4:30mins duration
Inspiration - 2.800 action heal and 5% action costs reduction
Scatter - Team Buff +5% avoidance Snare Removal and Speed boost 10seconds duration 3mins cooldown [AC drain 200]
Charge - Team Buff +10%dmg Snare Removal ACR and Speed boost 10 seconds duration 3mins cooldown [AC drain 450]
Last Words - Team Buff Heal, Action heal, Dodge chance, and Speed boost (when officers dies)

Supply Drop
Rapid Deployment - Cooldown reduction (4 points for 30mins reduction NEEDED to access to other specials)
Medical Supply - Call a supply drop of 8 stims with a 3.465 healing capacity (*read below for further details)
Tactical Supply - Call a supply drop of 8 stims +68con +3% critical chance +3% damage(*read below for further details)
Reinforcement - Call a 84 level <elite> pet (*see above for further details)

Explosives Expert - Action Cost Reduction an all AOE attacks (4 points for 25% ACR)
Surgical Demolitions - Critical Chance increase (3 points for 50%)
High Explosives - Damage Increase (2 points for 25% damage)
Superior Firepower - Damage Increase of 100% on AOE attacks, can apply to DOTS either(huge cooldown and timer)
Primacy - Timer Reduction on Superior Firepower (3 points for 10mins)

Ranged Tree
Sure Shot Efficiency - Action Cost Reduction on Shure shot (4 points max for 25% ACR)
Lethal Aim - Damage Increase on Shure shot (4 points max for +10%)
Target Selection - Action Cost Reduction on Paint Target (3 points max for 20% ACR)
Identify Weakness - Damage Increase on Paint Target (2 points max for +20%)
Advanced Paint Target - Mark Upgrade on Paint Target line (*see Damage Delivery Ranged for further details)

Officer Specialization Tree
Melee Line
Swordmanship - Damage Increase on any 1-handed weapon base attack (4 points max for +25%)
Grim Blows - Critical Chance Increased (2 points max for 10%)
Crippling Vortex - AOE root--->snare that causes a good amount of damage and a bleed DOT (*see below for further details at damage dealing:melee)
Decapitate - Single target LARGE damage delivery and bleed DOT (*see below for further details at damage dealing:melee)

Pistol Line
Side Arm Efficency - Action Cost Reduction an all attacks while wearing a pistol(4 points for 15% ACR)
Side Arm Accuracy - Damage Increase (2 points for 5% damage)
Tactical Supply - Critical Chance Increased (2 points max for 5%)
Drillmaster - 5% Action Cost Reduction while using a pistol and damage increased

Permanent Modifications
Close Combat - 4points max for +50 Str
Marksmanship - 4points max for +50 Pre
Toughness - 4points max for +50 Con
Endurance - 4points max for +50 Sta
Energy Defense - 2points max for +1000 energy bonuses on armor
Kinetic Defense - 2points max for +1000 kinetic bonuses on armor
(NOTE: all those skill are permanent, and do not require any activation)

Healing Abilities
Synaptic Stimulation - Heal from debuffs (up to 2) (NOTE: work either as an snare breaker)
Enviromental Purge - Heal from DOTS effects
Automated Diagnosis - Cooldown reduction on Heal (2points max for 3 seconds reduction)
Bacta Flush - Heal Boost (2points max for 15% boost [4025hp instead of 3500] on your healing ability)

(AOE) Artillery Strike - Long range AOE, High Damage
on Mark3 ---> 64mt range  AVGDMG 1900 AVGCDMG 2500<-->3500 [15 secs.cooldown]** same cooldown slot than Shock Gren. [AC drain 2180]
(AOE) Shock Grenade - Grenade range AOE, snare effect
on Mark3 ---> 30mt range  AVGDMG 1307 AVGCDMG 1800<-->2400 [15 secs.cooldown] 20 seconds SNARE ** same cooldown slot than Artillery Strike [AC drain 1920]
(AOE) Core Bomb - Minelike AOE, good damage and high fire DOT
on Mark3 ---> 0mt range AVGDMG 1656 AVGCDMG 2000<-->3000 [15 secs.cooldown] Fire DOT 475 (19-20 ticks)** [AC drain 1785]
(AOE) White Phosphorous Grenade - Tick damage and fire DOT
on Mark1 ---> 30mt range AVGDMG 564 each tick AVGCDMG 600<-->1000 (x2 ticks) [15 secs.cooldown] Fire DOT 325 (14-15 ticks)** [AC drain 1250]

(Ranged) Sure Shot - High Damage delivery
on Mark3 ---> weapon range AVGDMG 3000<-->3500 [5 secs.cooldown] [AC drain 2250]
(Ranged) Paint Target - Low Damage delivery and debuff
on Mark1 ---> weapon range AVGDMG 700<-->1100 [10 secs.cooldown] -65 Agility (20 seconds)
(Ranged) Advanced Paint Target (*) - High Damage delivery and stronger debuff
on Mark3 ---> weapon range AVGDMG 1700<-->2000 [10 secs.cooldown] -115 Agility +5% critical Chance (20 seconds) [AC drain 2500]
(Melee) Crippling Vortex (*) - AOE Root, Damage and Bleed DOT
on Mark3 ---> 4mt range AVGDMG 2500<-->2800 [45 secs.cooldown] Bleed DOT 90 (15 ticks)
(Melee) Decapitate (*) - Snare target, High Damage and Bleed DOT
on Mark3 ---> 4mt range AVGDMG 5600<-->5900 [35 secs.cooldown] Bleed DOT 115 (5 ticks)

(*) The specials marked are given spending expertise points on it, while the others are granted by profession advancement
(**) AVGDMG - Average damage on a field test without any armor reduction or damage boost buf
(**) AVGCDMG - Average Critical Min<--->Max damage on a field test without any armor reduction or damage boost buff
NOTE: While the Fire DOTs from Core Bomb and White Phosphorous Grenade DO NOT stacks, the AOE fire DOT can stack with a weapon fire DOT (like the one you get from a Totchee)


an officer you have access to a soldier, an elite 84 level pet, that
can be called and stored as it used to be with the old factional pets.
He will follow you everywhere and attack at your command.
you choose to get it (last box on the Supply Drop line),  create a
macro command like this and bind it to a key of your choice (handy).

/shout attack;


/tellpet attack;

As easy as effective.
This command will allow your soldier to attack the target you are currently aiming (NOTE:
if you have target locked and the mouse pointer is elsewhere, it won't
work - you need to "point" the target to get it attacked)

Stats of the support Pet:
Appearance: Random

84 lvl <elite>
15934 HP
6809 AP
DPS around 2,5k versus npc
quite less in PVP, but still effective

NOTE: The officer PET does not expire
like medical stims and tactical stims. You will be able to store it in
your datapad and recall it either after days, until he dies - then, in
order to get a new one you will need to "destroy" it from the datapad,
like you used to do during CU or PreCU.

an officer you can call a supply drop of heal stims, the lambda class
shuttle will drop 8 stims, single use, with a healingpower of 3.4xx HP
if you keep 3 or 4 slot of your second bank free, you can craft a macro
to stack your heal with this, and get 7k to 7,5k heal (NOTE: only
on the first heal cycle, since stims and heal are on different timers,
and stims have a bit longer one, either if you dont get cooldown
reduction - stims selfdelete from your inventory in like 1 hour, to
prevent stockings)

/ui action toolbarSlot11;
/pause 0.3;
/ui action toolbarBank2Slot11;

/pause 0.3;
/ui action toolbarBank2Slot10;

/pause 0.3;
/ui action toolbarBank2Slot09;

/pause 0.3;

macro is intedend with your Heal special on slot 12 of the lower bank,
and 3 stims on the upper bank on slots 12, 11 and 10 - box 12 is
the last one, but for macro to work, you will need to keep in mind that
slot 1 is recognized as 00, slot 2 --->01 and so on)

You can break snare and root 3 times. Charge!, Scatter and Synaptic Stimulator
are snarebreakers, and acts on different timer. So you will be
potentially un-snareable (NOTE: the snare break isn't fast as Jedi, and
you may experience a short cooldown from activation to the effective
debuff remove)

You can remove DOTS, using the Enviromental Purge special

Again, you can boost your heal ability spending points on Bacta Flush (2 points for max 15%more, to a total slightly over 4k) and reducing the cooldown timer with Automated Diagnosis (very important, and - numbers at the hand - more effective than Bacta Flush, 2 points for a 3 second reduction).

Officer have really many ways to buff up.
Some could be considered perma on, since the cooldown is far lower than the duration of the buff.
Advanced Tactics and Focus Fire are the always on buffs, boosting precision, constitution and other stats. If you have pistol tree, Drillmaster is the 3th always on buff, and grants action reduction of 5% and a greater damage output while using pistols.
Charge!, it's not only a GROUP snare breaker, but boost either your damage 10% and act even like a ACR while Scatter! grants you a slight avoidance bonus.
Inspiration is one of the best - since it HEALS 2.8k action and grants a temporary action cost reduction to all group. Shame on the ones who use it as a perma buff, since it goes wasted most of the times.
My suggestion is to use it after a big AOE strike, to countert the action drain and restore your worhty green bar.
Also, the officer, with the SUPPLY drop line, can get a Tactical Serum Stim, reuse (until it "expires", in like 1 hour). The crate dropped will grant 8 stims +68con +5% critical chance. (NOTE: You
won't need more than 1! you can reuse it as long as you keep it in your
inventory until it selfdelete, so you will be able to give one to each
member of your group!)

If you want to set Advanced Tactics and Focus Fire as automatic, you can create a macro like the following.

"macroname" (as you prefer)
/ui action toolbarBank2Slot11;--->(corresponding to slot 12 on second bank)
/pause 0.3;
/ui action toolbarBank2Slot10;--->(corresponding to slot 11 on second bank)
/pause 60;
/macro "macroname"

The problem in using automated macro is that they won't start if you,
say, are on a vehicle or cloning, or doing everything can usually
prevent a special to be fired.
Another issue is that you may get the
macro started, and then part of your action drained, while fighting
with an obviously bad final result.
Always remember that every time you restart it without /dump (reset any macro running) you will stack another macro on the previously running; they won't "self overwrite".
My personal suggesition is to run the macro before going into the battle, manually.

most of the other professions, you are allowed to reduce action costs
and/or increase damage output on Sure Shot line and Paint Target.
you plan to work mostly ranged, you will love Advanced Paint Target,
mostly for the +5% on critical chance, but it has very high action
drain if you don't lower it abit spending some points on action
Again, if you plan to work mostly from great distances
(over mostly of the AOE radius), and want to make an intense use of the
above mentioned specials, an action costs reduction is STRONGLY
A special chapter regarding pistols and this is love or hate.
The good thing is that you can deliver a wide amount of dps, and if you use an elemental pistol (like the CM-Dead Bolt Pistol rewarded on Restuss (cold-snare crits) the Totchee from Kashykk (heat-fire dot crits) Kashyyyk Stalker (acid) a crafted Republic Pistol (acid-armorbreak criticals) or Ion Stunner (electrical-glancing blows crits)) you will blast your enemy with like a "permacriticals on" - there aren't good choices for high level pistols, so HK Intimidator or Taskmaster Flechette if you want higher damage are almost all you can get.
At the bottom of the line, you can either choose to take Advanced Paint Target
that grants a powerful attack than the plain Paint Target NOTE: Paint
target line is granted with your professions, like sure shot and other
attacks, this box will only ENHANCE the current line as listed:
Paint Target: Low damage and -65 agility debuff on target
Advanced Paint Target: Average damage (less than Sure shot, but higher than the plain PT) -115 Agility +5% chance to receive  a critical hit from your group (HIGH action drain)

                                   - MELEE
of the best things, in damage dealing, we got from the expertise is the
brand new melee line. Well, we should call it the 1-handed weapons
line, since it's mostly oriented on sword/stick uses,
and the 2 special attacks granted at the bottom of the lines works ONLY with 1-handed melee weapon.
Crippling Vortex
is an AOE root, that hits all the enemy on its radius leaving them
stunned for a short time, and inflicting a little bleed DOT (90hp).
Decapitate it's a powerful attack that causes a bleed DOT (112hp) too, slightly better than the Crippling Vortex.
this line is very important when you are forced to go melee, or wants
to help your team to with a good crowd control root (Crip. Vortex),
while Decapite it's an awesome "last hit" when forced to go melee
versus a jedi or when you charge in to get someone down to cloner.
the damage enhance you get (max 25%) it's something more than useful,
when fighting melee professions like smugglers or Jedi.
Anyway, you
should consider melee not more than an addiction (a good one, indeed),
since we are mostly a ranged class - and we are more effective a bit
away from the fighting crowd, said that - a combo with Paint Target (or Adv. Paint Target) + Crippling Vortex + Decapitate + CoreBomb can give serious problems to any of your foes.
(NOTE: The
only decents 1handed weapons with elemental damage actually are X-ris
Acid Sword (80lvl sword with around 840dps and around 30acid elemental)
and the Stun Baton (more or less same stats but electric damage) while
if you are looking for pure damage all mustafarian swords will work
greatly, with a preference to Storm Caller and Blade of Betrayer for
their PROC)

                                   -AOE (Area of Effect)
Here comes the Officer.
iconic essence of this profession come mostly from the group support
buffs and the AOE specials, my suggestion is to get ALL the Explosive
tree (maybe but reduction, if you have no more point to spent).
You have 4 different attacks, on 3 timers. Unfortunately, Artillery Strike (the highest in damage, and range) and the Shock Grenade (our only ranged snare) are on the same timer, so choose wisely when and where use one and the other.
work like commando plasmamine, essentially as a trap, since the AOE
will be that surrounding the officer at the moment of the deploy - it
has a good damage and most important the highest DOT (fire) (NOTE: this is good when someone is chasing you, since a 460 points DOT can really make the difference through life and death)
Phosphorous Grenades grants different damage ticks and a DOT (fire) slightly less effective than corebomb.
will be able to lower the action costs of 25%, that will help if you
use to chain the area attacks, but the 2 mandatory abilities of the
Explosive tree are the critical chance increase (to 50%, basically a
must), and again the Superior Firepower/Primacy.
Superior Firepower
will almost double (around 80% tested damage increase) the damage of the AOE, and most important, there's a percentage of "critical DOTS"
letting you drop a lethal Corebomb with a DOT OVER 900 points of damage
per tick!
The timer on this special is very high, so my advice is to
keep 3 points to spend on the Primacy line (reduce the timer up to 10mins).
The best way to use Superior Firepower, due to the extremely short
duration, is close to the enemies line, in the very middle of the
battlefield, chaining immediately ALL the AOE attacks you can use; a
smart move would be to enter the crowd with Charge! special running,
this will allow you quickest moves, to deny snares and boost your
damage up).
The main issue, using bombs and tactical strike, is the
delay time from "throwing" to "landing", in other words the time that goes from activation of the special attack and the effective detonation
of the grenade/artillery strike that may allow your target to avoid
completely the attack.
To limit the wastings try to target groups,
snared or rooted enemies, or the ones currently chasing you. Tactical
Strike and Air Strike (same kind of special on same timer) are
differents, in this way - since while the first and more powerfull
shows a great cone of light coming from the sky, the second give no
alert to your enemy preventing them  to counter it, running away.

A good macro to chain AOE to use if you are in grenade range:
--->White Phosphorous Grenade (damage ticks + 365 fire DOT) --->Shock Grenade (detonation damage + snare)

/ui action toolbarSlot03;--->(corresponding to slot 4)
/pause 0.3;
/ui action toolbarSlot04;--->(corresponding to slot 5)
/pause 0.3;

or, if you are in the middle of the battle:
Vortex--->Superior Firepower--->White Phosphorous
Grenade --->Tactical Strike
(detonation damage)--->(INSPIRATION to recover some action)--->Corebomb

the macro, just copy+past the one written above - placing the
effect you want to run on the proper "toolbarSlotXX" (AGAIN -
toolbarSlotXX is always -1 than displayed on your UI, so first slot
correspond to toolbarSlot00!!!)

This one will results as a
potentially devastating damage versus your enemy, though it will
require your presence on the very middle of the battlefield to be
fully effective.
My suggestion is to enter field 2 seconds after the
battle beginnig; remember that, if you are the first to get in, than
you are the first being hit, let jedi do this.
Nonetheless, you will have a good part of your action restored, ready to be used at a ranged distance.
that the damage of the AOE specials is strictly related to the weapons
you are equipping, so be smart, and equip a Nym or a a melee kinetic weapon,
while using AOE - since
most of the players, due to recent kinetic weapons "nerf", use to wear a PSG and an energy layered armor.

Armor modifications and stats modifications are really a personal choice.
constitution is the usual first choice, I would also take a look at stamina
too (not ecceding 4 points in the whole stats mod. line) if you havent
taken any action costs reduction around (action bar will be your first
guess, while fighting).
Armor is a good choice too, and will become a must if you need to get the last lines without getting any of the pistol specials.

I have tested that for a while and it's really hard to get a single "conclusion" when debating on which of the two branches is the best to get.
There are big differences, big pro and cons on both sides that I want to get under your attention. Here we go...

Pistol Line:
This is probably the less used for more than a reason.
1) There aren't good pistols with elemental damage for higher levels. The only one is rewarded at general rank, and we all know it's not that easy to achieve.
2) The limited range of the pistols is not balanced by a higher dps as it should be.
3) Obviously, the closer you get to the battlefield the easier will be to get damaged and cloned.
4) You get no special attacks

1) The higher speed of the weapon grants you alot more chance to hit critical hits with their own related effects (snare/glancing blows/fire dot/armor break)*
2) Melee line have no ACR - needed to be really effective in a long time fights such as pvp fields.
3) The critical chance boost you get with this Line stacks with the one of "Explosives", same for ACR (action cost's reduction)
4) You can access a nice, though limited to pistol users, group buff (perma on, like Advanced tactics and so) that boost pistol damage and act as ACR (Drillmaster)
5) With a pistol equipped you are allowed to move faster, and combining this to specials like Charge! or Scatter will make you harder to hit
6) All the AOE (but tactical strke) works at about pistol range or are mine-like (corebomb), so great distances (rifle, carbine) aren't good for a damage dealer' Officer.

*this work greatly for both PvP or PvE, if you get the whole Surgical Demolition box (+50% AOE critical chance), all pistol line (+5% critical chance), Advanced Paint Target (+5% crits)
and use a Tactical Stim (another +3% from supply drop line) you can get a final +63% to fire a critical damage on all AOE, and add the damage bonuses you get for Drillmaster (+5%), Accuracy (+5%) and again Tactical Stim (+3%) with the +25% of High Explosives to reach a +38% damage (+48% using Charge!) on Area attacks.
Again, using pistol you get a +15% ACR on all your specials and buff.

Melee Line:
The most popular, grants 2 special attacks and a huge damage bonus on 1-handed weapons use.
1) First, and most important, all the specials granted with this line are on a long cooldown timer (1 to 2 mins)
2) The above mentioned specials are very action-draining
3) There's no ACR box to mitigate the big action-drain
4) They work only on 1-handed weapons; a very limited choice between melee weaponry, and probably not the best (read: Guardian Blaster Fist)
5) Obviously, all the specials works only at melee range - 4mt or less and this will bring you in the very middle of the battlefield
6) There aren't good 1-h weapons for higher (88lvl weapons) levels with elemental damage

here comes the pros:
1) Huge damage deal
2) Can do the difference between victory or failure, when properly chained (see melee chapter for further details)
3) Crippling vortex is an awesome AOE root with + bleed DOT
4) Decapitate is one of the best melee attacks ever, huge damage, snare and bleed DOT
5) The 25% bonuses on 1-h weapons is very useful

**I did not write this guide, but I think it's something that looks like it'll be helpful for new players coming in. We seem to have a lot of those lately. I don't know how accurate this guide is, as it was posted in 2007, but hey. Here it is, nevertheless.**

To start mining you need equipment, there are two essential items and one optional one. The essential kit is a mining laser and cargo hold, the optional item is a tractor beam. There are now three types of cargo hold and mining laser which are craftable by your local shipwright, though he will need asteroid resources to make them, so you'll need quest ones (see below) or a well supplied shipwright to get you started. The important stat for the mining lasers is "Mining Extraction Rate" which is simply based on the damage of the weapon.

Extraction rate (on mining lasers) effects the number of shots required to break through a stage in the mining process. With a class 1 laser it will take multiple shots to get a chunk off an asteroid, with a Y-8 Elite laser you can get multiple chunks for one shot. It does not effect the quantity of asteroid resource mined when destroying a final chunk but it does affect the number of shots to break up the rock (again as above a class 1 may take 2 or 3 shots, the Y-8 will take 1).

All the kit is given to you in a series of quests that start with Flash Harrison who is in the cantina in the great tree of Kachiro. I'm not going to give away all the secrets of the quests, as they are fairly self explanatory, and I'm not in the mood to spoil them for you  (I will say the quests are designed with tier 2/3 pilots in mind, with some of the later missions being designed for higher level pilots, so lower level pilots may need an escort, the Y-8 itself which is the final reward is a master pilot certified ship). I am however more interested in the mechanics of mining, and how best to go about it.

In summary it is basically the old game "Asteroids" - anyone who knows it has the basics, for everyone else here are the basics:

Step one: Finding the asteroids

Asteroids show up on the navigation map in each sector they are in. There are 13 types of asteroid and are found in the following systems (added the average station price per unit):
Iron (2)                          Tatooine / Corellia
Sulphuric (8)                 Naboo
Organometallic (8)        Lok / Kashyyyk / Deep Space
Cyanomethanic (10)     Yavin 4
Carbonaceous (4)        Naboo
Petrochemical (10)       Yavin 4
Methane (10)                 Dantooine / Kashyyyk
Silicaceous (3)              Corellia
Acidic (10)                     Dantooine
Crystal (17)                   Dathomir
Ice (6)                            Endor
Obsidian (10)                Lok / Kessel
Diamond (20)                Kessel

Step Two: The big one

The big asteroid can only be broken up with a mining laser (and only by an RotW player - I tested with my non-beta account and however many shots he fired no asteroids broke off, the pilot of the ship has to have RotW). Fire a few shots and an asteroid chunk will break off and begin floating off. You can spawn multiple chunks by continuing to attack the big one.

Please Note: When attacking the big one there is a chance Asteroid Bandits will spawn. They spawn appropriate to the system you are in, so expect to see Tier 1 fighters in Naboo space, but that Diamond in Kessel will get you some Tier 5 attackers, generally around 2-4 spawn at any given time.
Oh, in one of the screenshots released of the Y-8 ship you see it using a tractor beam apparently on a big rock - don't bother with that  - it doesn't do anything, even though it looks cool.
Cheers to Zeon_Zaku for reminding me of this - the big asteroid can itself be destroyed (currently it is to use Tony Blair's term a damp squib, I'm hoping for a big boom). Don't Panic - it will respawn in a second or two a few metres from where it was.
Occasionally you will find an asteroid is "dry" (doesn't spawn any asteroids). It is likely it is empty and you have to keep blasting till it blows up and then can attack the new one.
Step Three: The medium one

Now you have the chunk that spawned from the big one, chase it down and again use a mining laser on it, after a lot of debris flies off it (decoration only) the rock will break up. Anything from 2 to 10 small asteroid chunks will then spawn and float off in different directions.
Bug: If either a medium or small asteroid reaches the edge of the space zone (any of it's co-ordinates reach 8,000 or -8000) then it becomes invincible, tractor beams also become ineffective so you can't pull it back from the edge. This is still a bug however the key asteroids that were affected have been moved so it is less of an issue.
Step Four: The small ones

Ok almost there now, you are about to actually get some asteroid resources. If doing the quests at this stage you will only have your mining laser, so blast each rock a few times and they will break up and the resources added to your hold - the hold symbol will light up and it will tell you the % of your hold you have filled up. It rounds down, so don't worry if it shows 0%.

If you are later on in the quests or if another player has given you one you may have a tractor beam. Personally I find the keymap command to "Toggle Tractor Beam" best to control this, map it to a button you can reach to turn it on or off. If the beam 'hits' a rock then it will change course towards you, get close enough to it and it will be brought on board your ship (it can fly past you, do another pass on it if that happens).

When destroying the rocks with a mining laser you will receive 20 units, when using a tractor beam you will receive 40 units per rock.

Step Five: What to do next?

There are two choices, either you can fly to a mining outpost and use /comm. Most mining stations are POI's in the appropriate system (look in the descriptions of the POI's for 'station') and are run by Miners, Trade Federation, RSF or CorSec. There is currently no distance restriction on the /comm so you don't have to fly to them. I detailed above average prices as a very unscientific average, some stations will buy for less than the listed prices, some for more (so look out for the best deal, and don't sell Organometallic to the Tatooine miners - they are cheapskates!)
You can sell resources direct from your hold to the station. However you cannot (at the moment, I hope this changes) sell from your inventory.

If you don't want to sell to the station you have to land - you cannot unload a ship in flight (and that includes when out of station on a POB ship). Once landed then open your datapad and use the radial menu to reveal two new options for any ship with a cargo hold: View Cargo (which surprisingly enough gives you a dialog box showing the cargo in the hold) and Unload cargo (which surprisingly enough unloads the cargo!).
Bug: If your inventory is full and you "unload cargo" you will lose the cargo - please check you are not at 80/80 before you unload.
Step Six: What can I do with the crates of asteroid resource?

Your local shipwright is likely to want them.

The resources are used in the mining equipment, Heavy ship schematics for the Z-95, TIE Light Duty and Scyk fighter, also in the Elite (POB only) and Mining (Y-8 only) components and finally in the cosmetic items (new texture kits and winglets and strakes) the full list by asteroid is as follows:

Iron                             Heavy fighters (Scyk/TIE/Z-95), Texture kits.
Sulphuric                    Y-8 Reactor.
Organometallic          Capacitor, Reactor, Y-8 Reactor, Shield, Null Bolt, Railgun.
Cyanomethanic          Starfighter cargo holds, Tecture kits, Kimoglia and Rihkxyrk winglets, TIE Adv winglets, X-wing & Z-95 strakes.
Carbonaceous           Armour, Capacitor, Engine, Null Bolt, Gauss, Railgun, All mining lasers, Tractor beam, Vehicle restore kits.
Petrochemical           Armour, Reactor, Heavy fighters (Scyk/TIE/Z-95), Y-8 cargo holds, Vehicle restore kits.
Methane                     Booster, Gauss, Mk1 and 2 mining laser.
Silicaceous                Booster, Shield, Starfighter and POB cargo holds.
Acidic                         Engine, POB cargo holds.
Crystal                       Mk3 mining laser, Tractor beam, Kimoglia and Rigkxyrk winglets.
Icy                              No known use.
Obsidian                    Y-8 cargo holds, TIE Adv winglets, X-wing & Z-95 strakes.
Diamond                    Y-8 mining laser.

Step Seven: What was this - I got an unusual looking asteroid chunk in my inventory?

Congrats - they are a random drop when you are mining, both mining laser and tractor beam can generate them, as of now we have no idea if the tractor beam has a higher chance or not. They are used in the new texture kits and are one of five types so far seen: Misshapen (A-wing kit), Colourful (ARC and Z-95), Strange (B-wing), Glowing (X-wing) and Ancient (Y-wing)

Mining hints:
Try not to get more than three medium size chunks spawning at any given point - by the time you have chased down the first three the fourth will be so far away it is quicker to go back to the big asteroid. I generally try to spawn just two to keep me from having long flights back to the asteroid.
Start shooting the big asteroid from maximum range, with your speed set for manoeuvrability so you can either defend yourself or line up to hit the medium rocks.
Set your weapon groups, the default will fire all groups including your tractor beam, the easiest thing is simply to open the group screen, default "g", then remove the tractor beam from its group and use the "toggle tractor beam" button to control the beam.
Remember to shop around for selling mining resources - Shipwrights will probably offer better than the stations, and some stations sell for more than others.
The macro
/target asteroid
/macro asteroid
You will need to find the main asteroid and blast it, this will only kick in once the chunk has spawned. Please note once the bandits spawn the macro will effectively break, as such I'm not really a fan of it and there are a few variations (for example including a pause or attempting to auto-fire the weapons, but the latter gets rather too close to breaking the new policy on AFK combat for me)

The Restuss mining missions

There are just two of these, the first is 500 units of obsidian asteroid from Kessel, the second is 250 units of organometallic from Deep Space. For anyone new to space as well as mining be aware that DS is a PvP zone so if you enter you may be attacked without further warning by players from the other side.

Please note you will need to have the asteroid in your inventory to complete the mission as the NPC needs to take the asteroid from you. Be aware of the bug noted above with 80/80 inventories before you attempt to unload.

Recommended Mining ships

Personally I feel the tractor beam is essential, and with you needing a mining laser and the mk3 one being fairly low damage if you are going to a high end system (say Kessel or DS on the Restuss missions) then you'll need a proper gun (given the mining laser and tractor are small I would try to fit a nice big RE'd 10 in). Otherwise for loadout I don't do anything special, my main program setup is RO4, EO3 (4 if I have a RE'd engine in it), CO4 and CSS4 when needed.

So that only leaves the three-gun ships, so the choices are:
Kimo (too small mass for my tastes),
Rihkxyrk (a good choice if you have a spare slot),
Krayt (I use this a lot, swapping the loadout between combat and mining, but if you want to have a dedicated mining ship it's a bit expensive),
X-wing (again a bit small),
Heavy X-wing (a good choice for rebels),
B-wing (ok, so this has 4 guns, but it has the movement skills of a bus, so I don't really like it)
Oppressor (ok, so this has 2 guns, but the missile tubes can be used for attack when needed, it's the closest there is to an imperial mining ship)
JSF/Bel-22 (yeah, again 2 guns, but these can keep themselves moving and so stay out of trouble if the fight is too tough)
Y-8 (yeah, 5 guns, but need lots of players to handle this, so imho it's not that useful for mining, but it is a great fun ship)
Good luck and enjoy mining.

Thanks go to the beta testers who helped me in mining, and especially to Darth Platypus for awarding this guide the 2005 Golden Platypus award for "Guide Writing"

If anyone has any other hints please post them, or if I've made any mistakes let me know.

Project Discussion / 3 more days!
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I noticed no one has started the countdown clock, yet. So here it is.
3 more days!

TC: Red-Dwarf / Anyone for another event?
« on: 19-12-16, 17:40:25 »
So, I noticed that the last event was in October for a PvP server event. What about another?

I do realize that the devs are currently running around like Chickens with their heads cut off, but interest in the server has grown exponentially from what I've been seeing as of late. Maybe another event wouldn't be too bad of an idea to see what strain looks like again?

Any thoughts from anyone?

Guide writing, describing, guiding, etc. credit goes to  LadyLeala of SWGEmu. I only copy/pasted it here for users that don't want to go off-site for another guide due to my guide in progress "HomeOwner's Guide" -- I do not take credit for this guide at all. Original guide link is here

Ok, here's my unofficial guide to the ambiguous "hex colors":
"Hex" is short for "Hexadecimal", which means: "Of, relating to, or based on the number 16"
Now what the heck does that have to do with colors??  Well, I'll get to that.
It's actually kinda easy, once you understand the basic structure of these numbers.
Normally we count to 16 like this:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
But, in the hexadecimal system, you count to 16 using only a single digit... like this:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F
So the letter A would represent the number 10.  And (oddly) the number 0 in hexadecimal would be the number 1 in regular counting.  You just have to shift your thinking a little.
For purposes of making colors in Star Wars, there are 6 hexadecimal numbers that are used.  They are used in three pairs of two numbers.  For example FFFFFF is a code you might see, and it happens to represent the color WHITE (I'll explain that shortly).
Next, in computers, there are THREE BASIC COLORS that we are working with.  Now you'll have to forget a bit about what you learned in art class, because this is computer land.  So the color wheel is a little skewed.
The three basic colors we are dealing with here are RED, GREEN, and BLUE.  And you mix various amounts of each of these colors to create a very broad spectrum.  Virtually any color can be made on a computer using these three colors.
This is perhaps the trickiest part of making your colors.  I'm going to try and explain it simply.
The three pairs of numbers used in the color code in the game each control the AMOUNT of each of the three BASIC COLORS to use.  For example, the code "00" represents ZERO of that particular color.  So if you used "00" in the very first two spaces for your code, then there would be NO red color in your text.
Conversely, the code "FF" is at the opposite end of the scale, and shows that you have the amount of red being used as high as it can go (namely, a very bright red color like this).
So 00 and FF are the two extremes here.  It's the numbers in between that get to be tricky to figure out.  So let me put down a couple of examples, and hopefully this'll make more sense.
I listed the number sequence above to count to 16 using hexadecimal.  Now I'm going to use TWO hexadecimal digits, and show you how the sequence goes:
00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 0A, 0B, 0C, 0D, 0E, 0F, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 20, ... etc up to FF.
Are you following me here?
So you can see the range here.  Depending on which pair of letters/numbers you enter, you will get varying degrees of that particular color.
So now that you've got some fundamentals down... it's time to show you how SIX of these numbers work with the three colors:  RED, GREEN, and BLUE.
They go in that exact order when you are making your code.  Like this:
FF0000 - This shows that we're using "FF" for RED and then "00" for both GREEN and BLUE.  The color that this will make is of course RED.
00FF00 - In this one, the "FF" is put in the middle, which represents GREEN.  Since the other two are both "00", the result here will be GREEN.
0000FF - And of course, this code will make the color BLUE.
Now we get to mix the colors!  Yippee!!!
Okay, if you mix RED and BLUE you get PURPLE.  Does everyone know that?  It works the same way with this code.
FF00FF - makes PURPLE.
Oddly, there are a couple weird combinations to get some other common colors.... in computers, you mix RED and GREEN to make YELLOW.  (Sorry for you artistic folk who say this is not so!  I assure you, it is. )
FFFF00 - makes YELLOW.
Another odd one is CYAN.  For this one, if you mix GREEN and BLUE, you get CYAN.
00FFFF - makes CYAN.
The last odd one that I can think of is WHITE.  But it's not really odd if you know about prisms and rainbows.  If you mix an equal amount of ALL three colors, you will get various shades of WHITE.
999999 - GRAY
555555 - DARK GRAY
000000 - BLACK
Now we're on the last stretch...  you've got to mix it all together. 
All of the above examples that I stated were for BRIGHT colors.  And it certainly did not include EVERY color.  You may need to experiment for awhile until you get it just right.  But here's a couple more examples:
8B4500 - BROWN
So now you want to implement these colors in the game?  Well, keep in mind that the only things you can use these color codes on are:  Structure names, backpacks, Spatial typing (including tells and such), and emails.
In order to tell the game that you are using a color code, you have to include a BACKSLASH "\" followed by a NUMBER SIGN "#".  So it would look kind of like this:
\#FF00FF - This code in the game would make all the text after it appear PURPLE.
The text that you want to be purple should start immediately after the last letter/number in the color code.  You can use a second BACKSLASH "\" at the end of your code if it makes it easier for you.
...would both look just like this in the game:
That's about all I have for my guide folks.  Oh yes, and it IS possible to use more than one color code in a single name for something.  Just insert a fresh \#xxxxxx before each color change.  Of course you have to use numbers/letters in place of the x's.
Let me know if you have any questions!  If I need to make any changes to my post to make corrections, you'll have to wait until I become a veteran.
Wayfarer's Designs

Relocating on CHILASTRA


Game Guides / Tips / Event Ideas / HomeOwner's Guide
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Home Owner's Manual

Let's go over a brief overview of what you're about to dive in to.

In SWG, one of the most basic concepts has always been player housing and cities. It's one of many features of this game that made is so unique, and feel like your very own universe in so many ways. Unfortunately, not many people know the many extra features player housing has to offer. Decorating being one of them, as many people will place a house down just so they can throw their junk-loot in them. While that's perfectly fine and good, here are some ways that you can make even the junkiest of lootiest homes look like, and feel like, your humble abode.

Table of Contents
The Basics of Home Ownership
Shop Basics
Pitch and Roll Collections

Pilot / Shipwrights : How long are we talking here?
« on: 18-12-16, 02:37:09 »

I was wondering what kind of timeline we're looking at in your opinions for the best ship parts to be available. I know there are plenty of us Pilots out there that are excited to get back into space for whichever factions, but how long before I'll be able to go to your shops and buy the best RE'd parts and etc?

Thanks in advance.

Clan Immortal

Clan Immortal has come to Stella Bellum! The guild was founded in the first year of SWG on the Chilastra server, and has finally re-opened her doors to the community of Stella Bellum.

We are a multi-focus and multi-faction guild! We would like to find a Rebel Commander and Imperial Commander in the future that would assist us in running the guild itself, planning events, and much more.

Something we would love to have happen would be to run Invasions against each other, PvP Battles in Restuss, and of course Heroics for all.

Our home world is going to be on Naboo come live. We haven't quite decided on an exact location as of yet, but I'm sure it will be in one of the best possible places. :)

Anyways, feel free to contact any of us or drop a comment on this thread in order to become a member of CI; our Officers at this time are myself and KyngKoopa, with the Guild Leader being Vroop.

Role Playing / Where my Merc friends at?
« on: 11-12-16, 00:06:14 »
Seriously, guys. Who am I going to hire to PvP kill my enemies on either faction?

Are you running Neutral? Tell me why here!

Personally, I ran neutral on only a couple of characters. I liked the feeling of being able to fight for whichever side I wanted to that day. What about you?

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Story time!
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Hello, world!

So, very few of you know this about me, but I like to write short-stories. Some day I'd like to try my hand at writing a full fledged novel. That, however, takes time and dedication; only one of which I have.

But, nevertheless, here's a quick short story that I decided to write for #200.

Adventures of.... us!

       We were walking through the destroyed streets of what was once the beautiful Restuss, looking for any sign of enemy movement. Evo Vyst, or as we liked to call him, Kyng, lead the squad of 8. I was second in command, and damn good at what I did. So was he, but we did the same thing, sort of. The rest of our squad was made up of Norm, Athelion, Silent Guardian, Cortheart, and VoidDragon. All of us were loyal servants of the Empire.

       Our mission was a simple one, today. Track and destroy any signs of Rebel activity through Restuss. The bombs had only just dropped a few days ago, and already the Rebellion was swarming the place to gain territory. We thought it was rather sad, watching them go through the rubble looking for scraps or weapons. This is why it was only obvious what faction you should have enlisted to: The Galactic Empire.

       "Anything on your guys' radar?" Kyng asked us.

       "Nothing yet, sir." Cortheart replied. Cortheart was generally the guy for watching radar. If anything came up, ever, he would spot it within a heartbeat.

       "Silent, are you sensing anything in the Force?" Kyng asked.

       "No; if I had, I would have said something by now..." replied Silent sarcastically. He was the Inquisitor sent to our squad in case any Force Sensitives were found in the area.

       "These Rebels are good at hiding, then. The scum; should have just joined the Empire like everyone else. They don't know what they're up against!" Kyng shouted, menacingly. It echoed mildly throughout the ruins.

       Void and I were the quiet ones in the group. Void was a Scout, sent to us for his remarkable abilities with a Sniper Rifle. He wore battle-worn Scout Trooper's armor, despite the Empire's offers to give him a new set. He claimed it made him more menacing to the enemy, should they ever get close enough to take a look at him. I didn't disagree.

       "I would bet credits that they're hiding out in the Medical Center. Makes the most sense to me!" Chimed Athelion. He wasn't necessarily wrong, but it was too obvious a location. Not to mention Foxtrot squad having already combed the section of town.

       "Radar's picking something up, sirs!" Shouted Cortheart over the comm. "It's a Rebel Gunship! Get down!"

       As if on cue, a Rebel Gunship came swooping down with a pair of X-Wing Fighters and a Y-Wing bomber trailing it. The Gunship shot rounds of laser fire into the city's streets, bombarding areas that other squads had been assigned to recon. The X-Wings dropped Plasma Bombs on top of two different buildings. One, ironically, was the Med Center.
       I guess there weren't any Rebels in there, then... I thought.

       Finally, the Y-Wing bomber dropped her payload through the direct center of town, where there were four relief squads patiently awaiting our arrival. After their initial attack run, the group of ships ascended back into the lower-atmosphere, and flew back off of radar.

       "Is anyone injured?! Is everyone alive!?" screamed Norm, our squad's medic. One by one we all chimed back that we were fine.

       "That was close," Kyng mentioned, "Why didn't we see them coming earlier?"

       "Sensors are a bit foggy right now trying to get through the rubble here, sir." Responded Cortheart.

       "They aren't done," Silent said, without tone in his voice, "They'll be back, and soon. Possibly in, yes... In far greater number than before. This squad won't be able to handle them all. We need to go back to base immediately before they arrive."

       "But our mission?" Athelion asked, "It isn't over. We should stay and continue hun--"

       "I do not care what mission you were sent here for. I do not care if you even decide to come with me, but I am returning to base to report to my superiors. You can stay here, and die; or you can return to base with me and live to come back in greater numbers to fight another day. Make your choice, Troopers."


That's the end (For now!)

What I'd love do to with this is continue the story, but base it off of what you guys think the troopers should do. SG will not be in all of the stories. Some of the characters will die, some of them won't. Obviously our narrator will not die, as this is a story that follows his journeys. Anyways. Here are the options for the squad!

The squad can :

A) Return to Base with Silent Guardian and report to their Field Officers. (Guaranteed that the members will live!)

B) Stay in Restuss and carry out their mission (Successful life expectancy unknown at this time!)

It's up to the community! I will check back tomorrow night and see what is decided. Meanwhile, only 8 days until Live! Eeeep!

Also, I should mention that any member of the community may be randomly selected to be put into the story as a character. I can't promise you'll live (Especially if you're a Rebel!) but I can promise to contact you for more information first!

Finally, please feel free to comment and tell me what I can improve on in my writing. I know I'm far from the "best writer" out there, but I like to think I'm pretty good with room for improvement! :)

Welcome to Decilation's Newbie Guide to the NGE!

This is my first attempt at a guide of this type, so please bear with me!

Before we begin, you should definitely take a look at the official "How to Play" post. It has information that is not on this guide. You can find that at the top of your screen or here!

If you are running via a Steam copy, please note that we have had a lot of issues regarding that client, and I recommend you follow this guide using Option 2. It will almost guarantee better results for you than patching over your Steam copy of the game.

I made this guide as an attempt to help out the new players all at once, hopefully reducing the stress each one feels as they enter this whole new world.

To assist in the navigation of this guide, I have added a Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

Are you, like me, going to start out with Tansarii Point Station, or are you just going to jump right into playing on Tatooine? I'm curious...


Hello, everyone!
I present to you the last 2-3 days worth of decorating and crafting, the interior of the Radovich!

The Radovich is the flagship for the guild <Vital> -- and I am willing to decorate other ships, as well! Also happy to decorate player houses, city halls, guild halls, and other designs so long as you have a theme for me to fit.

I tried to go with a bit of a TOR feeling with a lot of this ship, and I personally think that I did the best at that with the Captain's Quarters. The barracks area is incomplete, and I doubt that it's something I'll put a lot more effort in to, just because of it being a lightly-used RP area (Minus the turret ladder) -- thus it just consists of 10 beds. (One for each gunner, comm, ship diagnostics, and radar)

The Captain's Quarters is shared by the Captain and First Mate of the Radovich, thus the bunk-bed set up (Which is incomplete. I couldn't find anything post-like outside of street lights, which I didn't have the mats to create atm)

Any constructive criticism is good, and welcomed! This is my first project on SWG outside of my shop, which I will also post pictures of at another time. Please keep that in mind before blasting me with "This looks just horrible! The details are so bleh! The color scheme sucks, and your ship is super ugly!" :)

With all of that out of the way, I present to you... the Radovich!

Radovich Interior
First looks
Cabin Part 2
Unassuming Hallway
Conference Room
Conference Room 2
Crafting Center
Crafting Center 2
Unassuming Hallway 2
Captain's Quarters
Captain's Quarters Armory
Captain's Quarters Study

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