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Game Play Discussion / Question regarding Resources
« on: 07-05-17, 15:02:03 »
Ok, having done many crafts of various items:  My friends and I have come to the conclusion that the resources on TC are absolute trash in MOST cases.  We cannot cap components, which in turn leads to uncapped final products.

Example of items that are impossible to cap with the current resources available on Red-DwarfTC

1.  Player armor cannot be capped.

2.  Most if not all Ship parts for Shipwright are impossible to cap.

3.  Some DE stuff cannot be capped such as micro sensor suites used for crafting Incubators for BM, which in turn makes Incubators impossible to cap.  So far we cannot get it past 3.75 on quality for Incubators because of the garbage resources available to DE's for components.

4.  Player weapons cannot be capped.  And the weapons on the frog are not something to write home about.

5.  Crafting stations cannot be capped: (44.999 = cap on crafting stations)

Does the server rotate resources at regular intervals so we can hopefully find better resources?   And if so, how frequently does that occur?    I don't recall from the original game how often the resources cycle, but I thought it was like every 3 days or perhaps weekly?   And I do remember that people could farm a resource node that was discovered for maybe 1-3 days at best before the resource changed, or I believe ran out... whichever came first, I don't remember.

Hey everyone,

Made a video of our City on Lok:  More or less introducing ourselves to the people that do play.   We love to do end game content, crafting, even the occasional PVP escapade.

If there's anything we can do to help let us know!

Also as you will see in the video, we are doing our best to craft items as fast as possible to make many more things available on the Bazaar.

As it pertains to the development:  We were wondering, why not make Red-DwarfTC the "live" server, and remove the frog.  From what we can see MOST if not all of the mechanics work already on TC.  And those of us who have 90's and crafters can stock the bazaar with stuff new players will need.  Just a thought.

Cya out there!

So, when I played SWG officially.  I had my smuggler decked out in an appearance setup that was I thought awesome.  So I had a couple of questions if people can help me try to remember what those appearance items were and called so that I can figure out how to get them again.

1.  Head appearance -  This was a cybernetic robot head, it looked similar to an HK droid head.   In my case the head was all White (I do not recall if I changed the color of it or if it was always white.)  I am NOT talking about the IG88 head.

2.  There was I believe a faction jacket for imperials I believe and I think rebels had one as well of the same type just different insignias.  The jack was long sleeved and all white with an imperial or rebel insignia on the shoulder if I remember right.  I had this paired up with the Imperial Ace back pack for asthetics as well.

Does anyone have any idea what the head, and jacket were called, so I can try to look up how to acquire them again?

Appreciate any help.

There are a lot of former SWG players that flocked to this game, so I would expect some of them feeling nostalgic to come to Stella Bellum to check it out.

And by a lot of players I mean A LOT of former SWG players flocked to that game, hundreds if not thousands if not 10's of thousands of players.  I will try to keep that thread in the spot light as much as I can without breaking their TOS.

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