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General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / My last slice of pie..
« on: 14-03-17, 15:49:07 »
Since the project is heading towards open source, community building doesn't seem fashionable because most people hoped for a server. Since I'm not a Developer, I'll seize the moment to take a break until/if there is more work to do. The forums will continue to be monitored by Moderators. However, I hope the forums continue to be as tranquil and relaxing as they have been for the greater part of the last year. I like to thank everyone for keeping calm because the entire forum required nearly no moderation at all (one incident every three months). That is truly exceptional for an SWG forum. Stay exceptional ;)

Coding Discussion / Forum Locked
« on: 13-03-17, 18:31:45 »
Forum locked until Open-Source. Created if the team needs to post some guides or other preparations.

This topic has been moved to Trash Bin.

When things get heated by a topic we're passionate about, we all tend to lose our objectivity or take issues too personal. Let's all take a step back and relax.

Trader / For general trading threads.
« on: 11-02-17, 11:16:11 »
I.e. macro guides, resources, etc..

Development Discussion / 02/05/2017 - Development Update
« on: 05-02-17, 21:27:09 »

The repository for viewing the commits to TC Red-Dwarf is still closed, but will be opened for public view in future.
If you find a bug, please report it here. Please refer to the Interim Mantis for known bugs.

Server Development

Cekis (Core Developer)
  • Fixed issue with removing a guild member that is no longer a member of your guild (race condition).
  • Fixed issue with the Alum Mineral Sickness quest item.
  • Fixed issue with the Meatlump Camera.
  • Fixed issue with Treasure hunting and the Treasure Guardian cannot identify a random group member.
  • Fixed issue with the TCG Target Dummy such that it now removes itself from combat if the player cannot be found or is too far away.
  • Fixed broken space mission Imperial Tier 4.
  • Fixed Mandalorian Boots such that they can accept armor attachments again.
  • Fixed issue with city maintenance that would result in destroying cities.
  • Added map identifier for Vreni Island.
  • Added cantina status for Anchorhead cantina.
  • Fixed issue with pilots not able to dock sometimes.
  • Fixed issue when trader did not have the right tool for crafting in city invasions.
  • Fixed layout of Chronicler House sign not positioning properly on Merchant Tents.
Please focus on the following areas when you're wanting to test the new build (so we know if it's broke or not):
  • Manage your cities... they should be fixed now.
  • Ral Mundi questline.
  • Ship capacitor boosting while fighting enemy ships.
  • Fighting with Heavy Weapons.
  • Group Looting while in Lottery mode.
  • Destroy Duty Missions (space)
  • TCG Combat Dummy
  • Kashyyyk Zone Travel (i.e. transitioning between canopy levels)
  • Meatlump Camera
  • DWB Alum Mineral Sickness Quest

TC: Red-Dwarf / TC City level bumping
« on: 03-02-17, 01:27:43 »
If you like your city to be back on its previous level, place a new city hall and please use this format:

Name: Test
Planet: Tatooine
City Hall WP:  1234 -4567

Development Discussion / 01/29/2017 - Development Update
« on: 29-01-17, 19:26:14 »

The repository for viewing the commits to TC Red-Dwarf is still closed, but will be opened for public view in future.
If you find a bug, please report it here. Please refer to the Known Bugs thread.

Server Development

Cekis (Core Developer)
  • Added logging to further diagnose issues that pertain to (test these if you can!):
    Delivery Missions
    Using Vehicles
    Players or NPC's using a poison grenade ability (this may be an ability that is not a grenade but acts like one).
    Death Troopers Camp Defense quests.
    Encounter Missions
    World dynamic creature spawns
    Space Quests (pickup, inspect, dock, etc)
    Armor either crafted, looted or awarded.
    GCW Crafting (probably a frog induced issue)
  • Fixed issue with non-conversable creature causing an error when its position could not be identified.
  • Fixed issue regarding instance timers caused when no players have previously entered the instance.
  • Bestine Capitol data terminals may again be searched properly.
  • Fixed issue caused when a creature is killed, but is not associated to a collection.
  • Fixed issue caused when Restuss Space Mining Missions could not be granted or advanced.
  • Fixed issue with Tusken Raider "social" abilities.
  • Prevented issues where a Jedi bounty mission could not be created if the Jedi's location could not be identified.
  • Fixed an issue caused by a lair NPC trying to fight itself.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred with manufactured objects were created by a player that is not a trader (probably caused by the frog profession switching).
  • Fixed an issue with the Millennium Falcon not allowing players to board it during the Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with locations in game not correctly being translated for some cities.
  • Fixed an issue that occurs when a Player or NPC does an AoE attack and hate is generated against itself.
  • Fixed an issue when a player unpacks a house that does not contain any items.
  • Fixed an issue that occurs when a smuggler tries to inspect a corpse for contraband when the corpse does not have a loot table associated to it.
  • Fixed an issue that occurs when a pet (vehicle?) attempts to apply a buff to its master, but it has lost track of its master.
  • Fixed lairs that are not able to spawn new NPC's due to errors.
  • Fixed issue where an NPC would attempt to reset hate on non-combatable objects.
  • Fixed issue where IG-88 could not find the correct target location for his cone attack.
  • Fixed issue where IG-88 could not find the correct target location for his rocket attack.
  • Fixed issue with Corellian Corvettes not having components targetable.
  • Revamped City Invasion timers to work properly.

Announcements / Server Unreachable.
« on: 27-01-17, 16:45:09 »
From Cekis: We're having low-level system issues at the moment, possibly with server software upgrades, which is keeping us from bringing TC back up.  Once we get things at the system level resolved we should be back online.  If you're curious at what this may mean, just about what it's like when Microsoft suddenly pushes an unexpected update to their software and stuff breaks.

From Darth: Sorry guys, I'd have been on this last night and today if it weren't for the fact my personal laptop is dead. A new one arrives tomorrow, as does the weekend after work tonight, so don't fret, we'll take care of's somewhat a dead laptop's fault more than anything because I can't work on this stuff from my work PC.


Anton Petrov


TeleVidya - Let's Play

The Holo Report is a one-stop shop for news on all SWG development, rumors, and servers. NGE or pre-CU, emulator or source code, the Holo Report publishes it all. Find all the news fit to read about the big projects and the small servers alike.

The Holo Report is not associated with Stella Bellum.

Development Discussion / 01/19/2016 - Development Update
« on: 19-01-17, 18:30:20 »

The repository for viewing the commits to TC Red-Dwarf is still closed, but will be opened for public view in future.
If you find a bug, please report it here. Please refer to the Known Bugs thread.

Server Development

Darth (Core Developer)
  • Fixed various type issues for data containers
  • Plugged security holes that we won't disclose, so they aren't used elsewhere
  • R&D for some more security improvements
  • SWG64 now builds in native 64 bit (currently internal dev server)
  • Generated fresh build profiles
Cekis (Core Developer)

  • Expertise for Jedi and BH should now be correctly sync'd with server version.
  • Fixed issue where an NPC or NPC ship tries to enter combat with a non-combatable object.
  • Fixed issue caused when a beast finishes combat and tries to run back to its owner when the owner's location cannot be found.
  • Droids with a ranged weapon will now correctly have their weapon stats applied when they level up with their owner.
  • Crackdown NPC's will no longer attack players below level 25 if they are found to be carrying contraband.
  • Crackdown NPC's will no longer attack Jedi players below level 75 if they are found to be Jedi.
  • Fixed issue caused when a ship tries to stop attacking a target when it dies when that target is not on the ships attack list.
  • Firing Energy Pulse 3 will now only attempt to affect targets that are able to be affected by it.
  • Bugged Tier 5 "super" spawns for Nova and Orion missions will now correctly spawn as Tier 7's.
  • Fixed a few issues in the Decrepit Droid Factory on Mustafar.
  • Fixed issue caused by players not being able to be correctly comm'd in the tutorial when dead or logged off.
  • The Tusken Executioner and crew will now correctly return to the Tusken Fort some time after all cave inhabitants have been removed.
  • Fixed Darklight Cache quests (to a point - there's only so much that can be done at this time).
  • Fixed Space Station conversations (mission retrieval).
  • Fixed Legacy Shuttle quest for Watto.
  • Fixed Meatlump Bomb locations.
The Frog:
  • Profession jumpers (via the frog) will now be able to get the correct bonus to installed droid modules.
  • Fixed an issue on the frog where the best resource would not be able to be found.
  • Created new Fun Event™ for TC (announcement coming soon)
  • Removed old Mos Taike Tusken spawner (it was borked and belongs in Pre-CU only)
  • Added player tribute to Kimaria as completely created and donated by an anonymous community member.
  • City mayors will again receive mails about inactive citizens in their cities.
  • The oversupply of Flash Speeders and Lava Fleas will no longer happen at level 20 and 70.
  • The "RE Enhancement Module" is again craftable.
  • GCW Familiars should again be usable.
Damo (Core Developer)
  • Code Hardening and Security
  • Fixing Level Callback
  • Launcher Refactor & New UI
  • Server Development
Other Development

Darth (Core Developer)
  • Increased login frontend functionality.
Damo (Core Developer)
  • Launcher Refactor & New UI

Development Discussion / Development Progress
« on: 19-01-17, 00:19:08 »
Things that are being worked on:


  • Security updates to do our best to ensure we plug all the security holes we actually know about and can currently prevent.
  • Finishing Fun Event™ for TC
  • Fixing various bugs reported on the Interim Mantis forum.
  • Fixing other issues popping up on the TC identified as players are playing the game
  • Improving the launcher, making it more robust and as bug free as possible.
  • Getting ready to fix server bugs brought forward by players on the TC.
  • Assisting with security fixes to server and client.
  • Adding system monitoring tools to track status of current TC server and looking for improvements to overall system operation.

Items to be completed towards live:

  • Security updates
  • Fix current situation where the Tutorial server is crashing every few hours due to network packet size issues.
  • Hold "Fun Event" on TC. Capture data from that and analyze metrics
  • Fix potential necessary issues that resulted from Fun Event™ on TC in preparation for go live.
  • Hold evaluation of final release candidate (post Fun Event™ version) on TC with steady population.
  • Work out a plan for live.
  • Find a new host, configure and install server.

Bug Forum / Bug forum will be archived soon
« on: 16-01-17, 15:48:01 »
You will be only able to respond to existing threads and those will be archived in one week. If you respond to the questions in the remaining threads or elaborate, I can move it to the Mantis forum.

If you encounter a bug, please submit it to the Interim Mantis forum. Make sure that the bug you are reporting isn't already listed under content/server/client or declared as "Not a bug".

Bug Forum / MOVED: pet attacts
« on: 15-01-17, 16:08:13 »

Art, Videos & Screenshots / Your Saga Continues
« on: 14-01-17, 17:03:54 »

Project Discussion / Ideas for Launch
« on: 07-01-17, 21:39:26 »
We currently have 2500 nested and ~5000 main accounts (~7500 combined) registered on the main page. About half of those accounts were created within the last 4 weeks. Based on these numbers I guess (could be wrong), we will have 1000-3000 players creating ~5000-18000 characters on the first day. That is an insane amount for the old lady, especially when everyone is hanging out in Eisley.

Here are some possible solutions:

1) Open floodgates. Everyone can connect at once.
2) Soft Launch. Enable user accounts for live server based on their registration date. ("Oldest 1000* accounts at start, next 1000 after two hours, etc.. *Numbers subjected to change)
3) Soft launch (from 2). Additionally, every player is able to login only one character on the first day. Increase the amount of characters every player is able to login by 1 per day.
4) The Dev team has an idea not suggested yet (Keep in mind it has to be feasible to implement).
x) Your suggestions in this thread.

Feel free to throw in other suggestions of how the game launch could be facilitated. If there is another good idea I'll add it to the list and submit it to the Dev team for discussion - we will come up with a solution and present it then.
We will also announce a public stress test on the TC once the code is ready for live. This means, everyone connecting, everyone making at least one new character and logging in with as many characters as possible into Eisley.

For an upcoming project on our YouTube channel, please share your SWG screenshots in here until 13th January. (Note, that date does not correlate with launch plans)

Post as many or as little pictures you like to share: PVE, PVP, events, scenery, roleplay, decorations, houses, ships. Anything memorable from 2003 till 2011.

Important: please write the year above each screenshot. To finish the video, at least 270 screenshots are required from 2005-2011. Also needed are screenshots from major events (Pex' Farewell tour 2008(?), SWG Sunset 2011) and also your own events!

Please do some preselection! If you have only a couple screenshots leftover due to hdd crash or other reasons, feel free to share them anyhow! The intention is to show how diverse the game was for everyone throughout the years.

Thank you

Development Discussion / 01/01/2017 - Development Update
« on: 01-01-17, 22:59:47 »

The repository for viewing the commits to TC Red-Dwarf is still closed, but will be opened for public view in future.
If you find a bug, please report it here. Please refer to the Known Bugs thread.

Server Development

Apathy/Cekis/Darth/Damo/StellaB (Core Developer)
  • Fixed persistence of objvar
  • Server configuration
Darth (Core Developer)
  • Enabled move simulation. NPCs will now wander around
  • Fixed issue with new characters unable to login
  • Fixed loading issue into Tansarii
  • Added multiple Main account functionality to server
  • Added nested account functionality to server
  • Replaced SOE's calculation of station accounts (Now uses our session ID instead).
Cekis (Core Developer)
  • Addressed vanishing vendor issue.
    • Vendors will now send a warning after 35 days if no item was sold/relisted.
    • Vendors will now send a warning after 15 days if they are empty.
    • 15 days after any warning mail, vendors will self destruct if no items are added/relisted.
  • Distributed rewards for purchasing SWG packages. Details in upcoming announcement thread.
  • Added missing Imperial/Rebel recruiters in Theed/Moenia respectively.
  • Fixed Astromech Deeds not consuming upon use inside structures.
  • Fixed several string files.
StellaB (Core Developer)
  • Configured Operating System and installed libraries on server
  • Setup and preconfigured SWG server.

Other Development

Darth (Core Developer)
  • Added nested account functionality to login frontend.
  • Fixed issue causing players to nest their Main account into themselves.
    If you nested your Main account into itself before the fix and can't reset your password, please contact SilentGuardian on Discord
  • Added multiple Main account functionality to login frontend.
Damo (Core Developer)
  • Released new patcher. You can download it here
    With thanks to Kyng Koopa for visual art

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