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Mainly looking for a list of /commands to use in macro crafting.

thank you!

Archive / Resolved / Rryatt Trail
« on: 28-12-16, 18:28:38 »
Not sure if there is anything that can be done here, but I was doing the Rryatt trail last night with a friend and between the two of us, we "fell through" the trail a total of 6 times in 1 hour. All on the Web Weaver Path. I remember this being a known bug, and a frustration during live. Is there anything that can be done to fix it?

Does anyone have a way to pull up the old SWG forums? OR does anyone have any profession guides? build examples, templates, etc? Macro collections for traders, and other professions? There was so much work done by community through testing trial and error, would be a shame if a lot of that no longer exists.

Project Discussion / Profession guides?
« on: 27-12-16, 17:54:24 »
Does anyone have a link to some archived or websites that have profession guides for NGE? I feel they shouldnt be hard to find, but for some reason I am having trouble finding them. Looking for guides on macros, builds, weapons, quests, etc., etc.

thank you!

Game Play Discussion / Pets and Creature Mutations
« on: 17-12-16, 19:40:23 »
Will the mutation system like it was in the last days of the game be present in this one? continuing with for example? I had 100 incubators working around the clock at the end of the game trying to get the last few unknown mutations. Was so much fun.

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