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Project Discussion / Re: Still plans for open source?
« on: 08-07-17, 16:53:41 »

Going live was motivation for the team, properly preparing the source for public is a hiatus. I can't give any timeframe, other than it will happen when it will happen.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Yeah you probably want to kill me for that answer. The truth is some months ago I learnt that you have to stoically accept it "as it is".)

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Let's count to 1000!
« on: 16-05-17, 18:05:55 »

Project Discussion / Re: Is the Server Staying
« on: 07-04-17, 17:37:02 »
The server is staying up as long as the benefactor keeps it up.

The donations were never sufficient enough to support ongoing server operations. Stuff isn't free on the internet.

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / My last slice of pie..
« on: 14-03-17, 15:49:07 »
Since the project is heading towards open source, community building doesn't seem fashionable because most people hoped for a server. Since I'm not a Developer, I'll seize the moment to take a break until/if there is more work to do. The forums will continue to be monitored by Moderators. However, I hope the forums continue to be as tranquil and relaxing as they have been for the greater part of the last year. I like to thank everyone for keeping calm because the entire forum required nearly no moderation at all (one incident every three months). That is truly exceptional for an SWG forum. Stay exceptional ;)

Project Discussion / Re: Status of Stella-Bellum V2
« on: 14-03-17, 15:26:20 »
I've had a paragraph written up, but the forums erased it. I'll keep it short.
More than a year ago in development chat (shortened)
cekis: 11:04 PM: but the code will demand a large process and team.
devcodex: 11:05 PM: yes, anything to automate that process and make it easier for people to test is key to improving the situation
devcodex: 11:06 PM: but the manhours that will go into it, i think most times i see people estimating in regards to this project miss that factor and so the timescales are much shorter than they should be
cekis: 11:06 PM: heh... yes.
devcodex: 11:06 PM: and that leads to devs who feel they need to meet those deadlines
devcodex: 11:06 PM: and then they crack
cekis: 11:07 PM: and I'll be honest, this is something I think about a lot...
cekis: 11:07 PM: I almost dread going live simply because that expectation that I have to get something fixed will be there.
cekis: 11:08 PM: one thing is guaranteed though...
cekis: 11:08 PM: the code will be miles farther ahead of where it is now...
cekis: 11:08 PM: and that's what I'm trying and have always just wanted to do... just make it better than it was before.
cekis: 11:09 PM: so, in a sense, I've already accomplished my goal.
devcodex: 11:09 PM: slow and steady, constantly re-evaluating goals, brutal honesty about current positions
devcodex: 11:10 PM: i like this group we have going on here because there is enthusiasm but we are also having convos like this that keep us grounded and consider the reality of where we are, where we want to go

It all boils down that the code still requires a lot of work and every possible developer who ever worked in the NGE scene has made their appearance in previous projects. There are likely no more developers who can work as a team. Disagreements, "wanting to be the boss" or whatever lead to failed projects. The development team which is condensed here, aside from PSWG, are the last developers of the NGE scene who could work together as a team. The team is simply not large enough to support development and operating a server. StellaB hoped the team size would increase over time with interested developers. At the same time, some on the team were selective about who to let on the team, to avoid project implosion, in-house fighting or leaking the code publicly. High standards come at a price and the team isn't willing to sacrifice that. After some negative experiences from other NGE projects, I wouldn't have helped the team if they weren't extremely sophisticated about certain parts of the project.

Instead of disappearing and taking the code to the grave like previous projects, it will be made public for everyone to do whatever they like. Help out to advance the code, run their server in the basement or whatnot. As said, the team will continue development with open sourcing and test new code to make sure it works properly. Open sourcing is the last chance for NGE development to have everyone work on the code without being directly involved in the project (thus not leading to project implosion.) The code is more advanced than SWGmasters, but it is still not perfect and not recommended for live usage without warning. StellaB: "Be warned, don't get to attached to someone's project, it might just fail any day." It will likely never be perfect, as that would require a development staff the size of SOE (GMs/Mods aren't developers). That simply does not exist on a volunteer project.

Project Discussion / Re: Status of Stella-Bellum V2
« on: 14-03-17, 00:26:11 »
Basically, the live announcement was a soft opening beta that was presented as a hard opening/release.  You can't get people to show up and populate the world unless you say "live server", and issues don't arise until everyone is in world.  Probably should have been presented as a beta on the live server for a month or so, with the understanding that it was a data collection event that would be wiped.  That way community would not have been left in the dark when things went wrong as they could have foreseen it, and dev team would not have been put in a compromising position where they had to stay quiet to keep the public from panicking.  Hindsight is 20-20 though.

Again, dev team can do what they want, its their product.  At the same time though, it is inadvisable to use a community as testers without telling them they are testers.  That's how modern MMO's get bashed to death, and SWG is in no position to take another bashing.

As for temp servers that may arise, will look into them, but as of now there is only one "stable" NGE server.  All parties involved may want to avoid firing salvos at each other.  Community will more than likely be populated by the same people by default.

Not quite hindsight, but the prospect of everything not working smoothly at launch has been communicated from the start:
The community was asked for their feedback and quite a few things have been sacrificed in favor of pushing towards live. The actual live announcement (which was never published due to the server being down 12 hours after launch and then the team deciding to keep it down) also contained several warnings in regards to what has been tested and what not.

But yes, you are right. People are not interested in playing if it isn't "live". It has been proven multiple times with multiple events and asking for players to login - with the result that only a limited amount of people care about testing. There was a peak of 250ish connections one time which wasn't nearly enough though to appease the concerns of the team.

Project Discussion / Re: Status of Stella-Bellum V2
« on: 13-03-17, 19:41:12 »
I understand your frustration, but there are simply not enough Developers on the team to develop and operate a server. Development will not halt and continue once the repository has been cleaned up. Then everyone will be able to play SWG locally or contribute to improving the server code.

Maybe if one day the code is advanced enough, and more developers magically appeared, then efforts could be made to a proper live server. That is a big maybe, for which you shouldn't hope as most developers interested in SWG have shown up and vanished on past projects, losing all progress made to the leaked code (which will not happen here). Knowing the shrinking NGE development scene, StellaB said that he phrased the announcement intentionally dark.

Coding Discussion / Forum Locked
« on: 13-03-17, 18:31:45 »
Forum locked until Open-Source. Created if the team needs to post some guides or other preparations.

Project Discussion / Re: Status of Stella-Bellum V2
« on: 13-03-17, 17:59:02 »
Unless i'm misunderstanding this, there goes the last bit of hope i had of ever playing on an actual functioning NGE SWG server run by a team that knows what they are doing. Other 'projects' might appear once this becomes open-source, but there is not going to be much hope of them actually running things properly; they aren't going to be as invested as this was due to developing it at the same time as well. They aren't going to treat it as seriously as others because why would they when just anyone can do it?

It would also mean no centralized server, which just makes the problem even worse.
Trust me, the people on the team are the reason why I am here too - for exactly the reason that they have the right mindset to operate the server. Unfortunately, not enough people with the right mindset showed interest in joining the team over the course of the past 2 years. Some of the team have made negative experiences with various troublemakers in the past on other NGE projects, which also increased the filtering quality of "who to let on the team", thus decreasing the pool of potential developers. It's the reality that we have to face that the small development team size cannot meet our expected quality.

It's likely someone will pick up the code and host a server, but as StellaB said "Be warned, don't get to attached to someone's project, it might just fail any day.".

Project Discussion / Re: Status of Stella-Bellum V2
« on: 13-03-17, 17:00:28 »
Does that mean Cekis is back on board developing as well?

What source control will you be using? Git?

Please make sure that it's distributed in a way that one angry person can't pull the entire plug.  That happens every Thursday in this community.

Devs, great work.  Thanks for sticking with it and being realistic for what you can and can't do.  Everyone involved in getting the leak working, stable, and public deserves applause, both those fine folks here and those that haven't been as public.

Git is used, but it is not yet public. As the entire project is very compartmentalized to avoid takeovers and malicious actions, I'm fairly certain that Darth/StellaB will not grant anyone administrative power over the git to destroy it (that and multiple backups across everyone's local computers make a high redundancy).

Project Discussion / Re: Status of Stella-Bellum V2
« on: 13-03-17, 16:41:58 »
The forums will be re-arranged and obligatory forum boards will be archived later today. The Paypal donation link has been deactivated for the time being. The Development repository will be made public once it has cleaned up. Since discussing the future of the project has taken nearly a month due to RL obligations, don't expect the repository to be cleaned up and public by tomorrow.

If you plan to advertise your server, you are more than welcome if you meet the requirements for cooperation.

Project Discussion / Re: Where is Server?
« on: 10-03-17, 19:07:38 »
It takes time to have a proper and elaborate discussion when not everyone is around 24/7 due to paying jobs /shrug

The current reason why the announcement hasn't been posted yet is because the project manager likes to have the appropriate time to respond to questions etc. hence why it "may or may not" happen on Sunday.

Project Discussion / Re: Where is Server?
« on: 09-03-17, 17:50:33 »
The response has been in draft stage for the last 3 weeks. It may or may not be pushed on Sunday.

General Technical Support / Re: Firends Email issue
« on: 03-03-17, 17:26:30 »
Not sure but i have his Email if that will help.
Sure, send me a PM

General Technical Support / Re: Firends Email issue
« on: 01-03-17, 17:40:01 »
What's his username?

I have said many times on many other posts, that i appreciate what
these guys have done, but if something is broke, you should either
fix it, or not allow the process to begin. In other words, don't allow
cities to be built till fix is completed.
I believe you are now able to understand why Cekis left. The capability to fix things is there, but time is limited and hotfixes cannot be done to the next day. That is the reality, SOE had 20-30 times our development staff to make "hotfixes within hours" and probably 50-100 times our CSRs. Stocking up CSRs (which don't have coding knowledge or server access) won't solve the problem that development power to operate a server and develop at the same time is limited by developer's free time. If someone has an important, career depending project at work then that/life always takes priority.

As written in the mission statement, the main motivation of the team is to develop the code, not operate a server. All arising issues on a live server are prevented by long release cycles and maturing the code on a Testcenter - which you are playing on.

Development will continue once the team has made a decision on how to proceed with the project as a whole.

This topic has been moved to Trash Bin.

When things get heated by a topic we're passionate about, we all tend to lose our objectivity or take issues too personal. Let's all take a step back and relax.

Game Play Discussion / Re: Thank you, Cekis
« on: 15-02-17, 09:02:26 »
The bandwidth issue can probably be addressed and handled if proper planning is done combined with communication with the community as to what the financial needs of that will be. As far as the issue of ability to respond to issues, well, that may indeed be problematic, but at the end of the day this *is* essentially a volunteer project.
The bandwidth issue he described is not a technical bandwidth issue, moreso a team bandwidth issue. In order to advance a server, you need developers who operate the server and developers who work on the server code. Operating a server does not equal development. Even right now without a live server our development team is spread thin with some being caught up with their paid jobs. You can cover up the lack of development with a massive CSR staff, but that does not mean "Forum Moderators" or "GMs" can help with issues arising on the server due to the code acting up. This is one of the reason why the community Volunteer Staff of SB is small. Right now it is not needed and as much as you like to help, you can't help address server problems without development knowledge and having the right mindset to fit into the development team (Darth/StellaB usually make those decisions).

To reiterate the Mission Statement. The developers working here on the project have a major interest in developing the server, but not operating it. And I think Cekis came to realize that operating a server also requires being able to address major gamebreaking issues in a timely fashion. His contributions will be greatly missed, as well as his aspirations of high quality development. I do hope he comes back to play and hang out.

Developers are scarce in the SWG development scene - which is why the development driven projects advance at agonizingly slow speed.

Pilot / Re: Vaksai-you dont have necessary badge
« on: 12-02-17, 22:44:52 »
You need 5 badges and if I'm not mistaken, do the quest required for the Vaksai

I do know once the event is held and the server holds the masses (hopefully 1000+ players, you'll all receive a mail), then the mind of the team is more at ease and we're closer to live.

Just to be clear, and this is probably a stupid question, is that an in-game mail or a mass PM here on the forums? I just want to make sure I don't miss it. :)

It will be a forum message, most likely. That way they can let you know without you needing to login to the client + if you have email alerts it's just more convenient anyway
We'll just access the database of all users who registered their accounts with their e-mail and compile a list for BCC. That way everyone who checks their mail at least once per week won't miss out.

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