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any update?

I think city housing/available space will not be the biggest issue with multiple accounts. Instead I feel the overall trade/economy will be impacted the most. When people dont have to rely on others for goods and services, creating everything themselves, it hurts the overall market. Granted, this will take sometime as each account is max leveled and resources are horded, but it will eventually happen. Also you will see players who race to max level combat professions camping end game loot spawns with 6 players on /follow and combat macros. I would like to see a smaller cap on nested accounts for the first year (unless server population is much smaller than anticipated), and only opened up afterward everything is established and stable.

General Any Topic (Non-SWG) / Re: Let's count to 1000!
« on: 12-01-17, 08:09:40 »

Game Play Discussion / Re: How the heck you get enzymes?
« on: 12-01-17, 06:37:37 »
ask in chat who can make it for you in game. or use a nested account to create your own munitions trader

Red-Dwarf Trade / Re: Resource Survey & Listing on GH
« on: 12-01-17, 03:15:54 »
I will be posting to GH. Here to help.

Red-Dwarf Trade / Re: Resource Trade @ Beginning!
« on: 12-01-17, 03:14:09 »
Im in for sure. will have a handful of toons just hand sampling. Lets get together and try to make sure we are all after different materials.  Best ones to target early are mats used for low level building (Low grade ore, metal, etc.).

i was on the showcase SOE website wiht my cantina, there was a housing decor competition i won, but i cant find these screenshot, this makes me so sad  :'(

Im right there with you! I have since changes computers a few times and no longer have my screen shots saved. I use to win server wide and website decor competitions. Made some AWESOME projects.    Honestly - what I look forward to doing again once this gets started.

Game Play Discussion / Re: How the heck you get enzymes?
« on: 12-01-17, 03:06:51 »
I use to AFk forage on LOK all the time. Good thing about LOK is that there are large areas without many creature spawns, or red aggressive spawns. So you can AFK without worry. I forget the exact macro, but it had to do with /dance, and /forage, etc. Will look it up later.

Extractor - Need these from a munitions trader. Along with a bunch of other components once you get all your enzymes and DNA.  There are a ton of guides still I believe. I always used  for my BM needs.

Project Discussion / Re: Ideas for Launch
« on: 10-01-17, 20:37:14 »
Thought - not sure if this is possible, but what about limiting to main account only, and nested accounts are "unlocked". So once your main toon hits level 10, you can log in 1 nested account. Hit level 20, able to bring in 2. etc. It will create space between log-in attempts, and space in the stations and Mos Eisley.

Other than that, it has been touched on multiple times here. I think you need to soft launch. Launch at midnight PST, on a weekday (Tuesday or Monday, etc). Make the announcement on Discord again, and only 30 min before. Set the server cap to increments of 250 main accounts.

I would also launch hours (12, 6, or even 24) to donors and the first 500 accounts to log-in. Send a message to those accounts for the invitation/log-in details.

Ramp it up, dont over-log the server with 5000 traders all out hand sampling.

edit: Whatever is the most time-sensitive approach, while not melting the server should be the best solution. No additional code, just limit the # of log-in, make the announcement in discord or a PM on the servers to accounts by age. Either way, we will wait, best of luck.

Game Play Discussion / Re: One account per IP address?
« on: 10-01-17, 01:11:29 »
Personally think 6 per person is too many still, as this will eventually lead to the same economy problems other Emus have. No need to trade/buy/sell when you have your own characters who are capable of doing it. HOWEVER, happy to play some NGE no matter what the Devs decide, and I look forward to leveling up 6 different professions over time.

I believe so yes, I know the starport works for it, as I was there a week or so ago. I did not venture into zombie land though yet. Seems to all be there.

Archive / Resolved / Re: launcher problem
« on: 07-01-17, 19:17:24 »
I got the same thing. but it never goes anywhere. just stays on that

Applied on the website.

Project Discussion / Re: Status of Stella-Bellum
« on: 04-01-17, 21:41:45 »
I feel it would help to have some of the progress saved, and not wiped. I got in early, played only for about an hour, but in that time got through the station, to M.E. and started the legacy quests. Even with the soft launch I was waiting around for mobs to respawn, etc. If they open the flood gates and everyone rushes in, there will be a lot more waiting around. Let it be spread out. There is no advantage to a couple hours of gameplay.

PS. thanks Devs.

Project Discussion / Re: What Happened?
« on: 04-01-17, 19:18:48 »
I think there is a difference between a game community where you paid for the game and those working on it are getting paid for their time, and a community that is supported by volunteers who do this on their own free time, with no reimbursement, and significant out-of-pocket expense. We are owed nothing as a community, especially before the game is even launched. Let them fix what they need to fix, test how they want to test, and invite who they want to invite. In the meantime, lurk on the forums and discord server for announcements. 

Project Discussion / Re: What Happened?
« on: 04-01-17, 19:06:19 »
I got in and played for a few hours. Ran the main quest, killed a bunch of tusken soldiers, then just walked around Mos Eisley until logging off to sleep. With that said, there is no advantage there. This is not a sprint to a finish line. There is no economy, only a handful of people doing some hand sampling, grinding out some XP on combat toons with starter weapons, and running delivery missions from the terms. No one has more than 10k in gold, which you can make in an hour easy. However, if its easier for the Devs to restart the server with a wipe, then do it, I dont care - it was an hour or so. If they can keep it, awesome! I am sure I wont be the first to log in anyways when it goes live.

Look forward to seeing you all online when it goes.

ps - This entire server, the website, forums, SWG experience is a gift. Just sit back and be thankful.

Project Discussion / Re: Don't hate me, hows the testing?
« on: 04-01-17, 05:44:03 »
I played for about 2 hours. got to level 8. Really not much of any advantage. People were just grinding/getting use to playing again. I saw a few groups of 3 people killing tusken raiders, others just doing delivery missions, etc. I would imagine the most behind you could be at this point is a few hours of playing, and I bet not many are grinding non-stop. No crafts, etc yet. Long way to go until there is even a resemblance of an economy. Until then, its mission terms, and xp grinding.

Project Discussion / Re: Message to the devs
« on: 04-01-17, 04:21:34 »
I played for about 5 hours last night also and I gotta say I am impressed.  Server response felt great(11PM till almost 4AM PST).  For all of you getting ready to go start your grind.... loot your damn womp rats so the next guy gets a faster spawn >=)

Great work devs!  Take as much time as you need, I will be here when the dust settles.

I was able to get on as well. Played for about 2 hours. Server felt great, was a nice population in both the new player station and on Tatooine, already saw the galaxy harvester being updated, really excited about this community. Thanks Devs for helping make this a reality.

In terms of communication, its always an issue on every game. People will want to feel included, even when those in charge have no obligation to do so. I manage over 100 people, multiple tiers of professionals. I dont tell my interns what I tell my project managers, even though my interns are vital to the success of the company. We are using a free service, that is being provided by volunteers only asking for donations. Thats good enough for me, as I will not beg or want from them. I am entitled to nothing, but I hope for the same SWG experience I had in the past. Toxicity happens in every online community. Think this is bad? Play some ranked League of Legends, lol. Tons of instant gratification youth who hide behind screens and keyboards.

Anyways, thanks Devs. Look forward to getting back on.

Project Discussion / Re: Max users reached?
« on: 03-01-17, 07:26:31 »

Okay, yeah, nevermind. You got it.

It's weird. I'm getting in instantly.

odd.... Im not sure what to do then. been trying all night.  If I go through the swgclient without the patcher, I can get into the TC, if I use the patcher, I cant get into anything.

Project Discussion / Re: Max users reached?
« on: 03-01-17, 07:21:04 »


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