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Title: How To Donate (Bitcoin / PayPal)
Post by: DarthArgus on 11-07-16, 02:46:40
Project finances thread is here (

Bitcoin Donations

In an effort to keep ourselves and our players anonymous, we are attempting to only accept donations in Bitcoin. This is primarily because of the legal entanglements we could encounter otherwise. You can easily convert funds from PayPal, credit cards, bank accounts, and other sources directly to bitcoin.

The fastest way we have found to buy Bitcoin with PayPal so far is to use SpicePay's bitcoin exchange (
All you have to do is sign up, add your PayPal account, and purchase the amount of bitcoins equal to what you'd like to donate.

You can transfer bitcoins to this address and see the balance:
19teYu6fPPr4nD4d8B6h8TMCN9ZPZtjvcV (

Paypal Donations

Neither of us is interested in putting up our names behind anything. Therefore, we prefer the use of bitcoin and encourage the use of it.

If you wish to donate via PayPal, read this please:
If you prefer full transparency and anonymity, you can use bitcoin which has a public transaction log.

You can donate via PayPal here:
PayPal (
You can use the dropdown menu to select $ / €.
Title: Re: How To Donate (Getting Started With Bitcoin)
Post by: stellab on 11-07-16, 03:15:57
Warning: Please be careful with your money. When sending money to an exchange or seller you are trusting that the operator will not abscond with your funds and that the operator maintains secure systems that protect against theft -- internal or external. It is recommended that you obtain the real-world identity of the operator and ensure that sufficient recourse is available. Because Bitcoin services are not highly regulated a service can continue operating even when it is widely believed that it is insecure or dishonest and webpages recommending them (including these) may not be regularly updated. Exchanging or storing significant amounts of funds with third-parties is not recommended.

First Time Bitcoin Buyer (some outdated Info, still good)

Big International Exchanges (USD, most accept EUR, too)

Big European Exchanges

Bitcoin Charts (tells you status about markets, too)