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This Guideline outlines the basic rulesets for the Stella Bellum. We reserve the right to alter it in the future, if need be. We like this to be a fun and relaxed place for everybody. Since we all are here as friends and should treat each others as such. These General Rules apply for all our services, from Forums over Discord to Server.

General Guidelines

1.) We are all here to help
The purpose of this forum and the game is to enable the members of the community to help each other in a constructive and positive atmosphere. If you are new to the community and are unsure about anything, just ask! If you are an old hand and see new participants joining, please welcome them and feel free to help them find their way!

2.) Be friendly and courteous
Everyone wants to have a positive experience while on the forums and ingame. Please make sure that you contribute to it. You can do so by expressing a positive attitude to other members. Please refrain from name-calling, harassing, threatening, abusive or being rude towards other members of the community. Instead, be friendly, helpful, and supportive - we are all in this together!

3.) Feel free to disagree, but keep it constructive and appropriate
When you engage communication with other community members ingame or the forums, please be polite and respectful. If you have a disagreement or dispute, be constructive and keep it in private. The forum and the game should be kept a warm and welcoming place for all.

4.) Refrain from being offensive or posting inappropriate content
Disparaging any religion, race, nation, gender or sexual orientation is not tolerated. Furthermore, refrain from posting anything that contains personal information, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity or sexual content. If you're told that something you said is offensive to someone then apologise, draw a line and don't say it again.

5.) No naming & shaming or instigating drama
If you have an issue with another player or group (i.e. trolling, rude communication, ruining the game or community experience), take it up with them personally. Please refrain from creating incitive or inflammatory threads to discuss private matters. This Rule also applies to Moderator action taken against you. Stealth moderation is not allowed, every Moderator is obligated to leave a public message or placeholder after Moderation. For further details, please refer to the "How To Deal With Problem Players" section of this guide.

6.) Clean playing is encouraged
Treat every member of this community the same way you like to be treated. AFK Grinding is allowed, so long it does not disrupt the gameplay experience of other users, i.e. refrain from farming Quest NPCs. Multiboxing is tolerated, as long as it doesn't escalate to picking up solo targets in PvP. Hacking, exploiting or disrupting our services will be dealt with harshly. Please refrain from posting about exploits on the forum, instead contact a Core Staff Member.

7.) Impersonating
Do not impersonate another person (including celebrities), indicate falsely that you are a Stella Bellum staff member or a representative of any other community.

8.) Advertizing/Spamming
If you are an active member of the community, you are encouraged to promote for your creations and ideas. I.e. you wrote a book, made a movie, or contributed to a project or like the help of the community. Feel free to use the General Any Topic forum for that purpose!
However, throwaway spam accounts advertizing and spamming the boards or the game chat with their nonsense will be banned and their posts removed.

9.) Common Sense
If your actions are done with the intent to disturb another user, be aware that they may result in actions taken against you. Not every action warrants Staff interference, so please be smart about it when to contact Staff and refer to "How to deal with Problem Players" guide. Example: A player spamming you ingame after you telling them to stop can simply be resolved by using the ignore function. Continued "mic-spamming" of annoying noises can result in removal of voice permissions on Discord, etc..
When a Moderator, or especially a member of the Core team warns you, or tells you to stop with something, follow their instructions. Ignoring a warning or reposting deleted content/threads will result in action taken against you. Same applies to discussing Staff action taken against you, please contact the respective person instead. If they are unable to resolve the issue, they will escalate it to the next tier.

About Volunteers

The goal of this project is to let the community work on the community parts of the project. Such as: Moderating the forums, helping the team testing bugs as QA, or helping the community as GM. Please be aware when a Volunteer is speaking their personal opinion, they do not represent the Project Lead or Core Team. They represent you, the Community and will help you with whatever question you may have.
There is a strict line between
Core Team and Volunteer. A Volunteer speaks for his actions (I.e.: explaining why you warned a user for a certain post), but they never speak on behalf of the project unless they are given specific instructions, or are promoted to a 'Lead Volunteer' position. These Lead Volunteers speak for their Volunteer team as whole which they manage and instruct it under guidance of the Core Team. We have extensive guidelines for every Volunteer role.
We tend to ignore or decline direct applications to those outlined Volunteer roles. Instead, be a positive and helpful community member, and we will notice you. If you have any other ideas, such as promoting the project, writing articles or other things not related to the Volunteer Program, we always welcome your suggestions!

About Moderation

If you are warned publicly or in a Private Message for your actions, please discontinue with them. A Moderator can use the warning function to remove your posting rights immediately, if you were warned publicly and continue to misbehave.
Most warnings for misbehavior are worth 25 points. Starting at 30 points (a second warning issued) the forums automatically remove your posting permissions. The points decay at 5 points per day. Currently, 45 points equal 3 days posting rights removal, 50 points equal 4 days, etc. Once your warning level decays below 30, you can use the forums regularly again. Points given per warning, decay and threshold are subjected to change. Your warning status can be found on your profile and is visible to only yourself and Moderators.
For stronger violations, i.e. excessive spamming of inappropriate pictures, posting personal information with malicious intent, a Moderator is free to escalate the issue to the Community Manager or Lead Moderator and request an extended suspension for 1 week up to 2 months or permanent. Your ingame privileges are in most situations not affected by forum suspensions. However if you continue to cause trouble, i.e. by making more forum accounts, we reserve the right to apply the forum suspension to your main gaming account.

If you feel the length of your suspension was injust, or like to appeal a permanent suspensions, please contact the Community Leader through Discord. This chance to appeal applies only to suspensions, forum warning levels which remove your posting rights are exempt. It is not advised to continue making a ruckus on our other services, like spamming Discord or the game, after you were banned on the forums. A permanent ban can be appealed, if at least 5 months have passed and you show remorse for your actions and refrain from continuing them in future. After a permanent ban, expect to be treated more harshly if you continue the same way - We are keeping logs of troublemakers.

In case you circumvent a forum suspension and continue with your disruptive or toxic behavior, we reserve the right to apply the lenght of your forum suspension/warning level to all your game accounts as well. Behave and you can still play the game while banned on the forum.

About GM Intervention

The goal of this server is to have as little as possible GM Intervention. If you require GM assistance for a game issue (i.e. being stuck, /unstick doesn't work) feel free to contact a @GM via Discord.
Due to the nature of GM commands being abused in various player run projects, some abilities have been disabled to ensure clean and fair gameplay. At first, the only available abilties on the Live server are teleportation to move stuck players.
In future, all GM actions will be logged and monitored - their names being obfuscated though. The log will be publicly displayed and is generated by an automated API script. Additionally, every GM has to log their actions internally on the forum, so it is transparent who did what for which ticket. Abusing GM powers is currently defined as: granting yourself/others credits/items/gaming advantage, or harassing players with GM commands. Abuse will result in immediate termination of Volunteer position and player account suspension.

In future: We will assist in restoring deleted items, but only two incidents per player per year and when all tools have been in place.
Once the GM commands have been restructured and the GM log is made public, we can assist in more elaborate situations.
The GM paragraph is subjected to multiple changes until the GM program has been worked out. You will read an announcement about what is possible and what not.

Please do not use the forums to discuss GM actions taken, because the discussion will get bloated out of proportions. This causes more work for us and Moderators will lock down threads that are discussing GM or Moderator issues. Discussing it publicly will make it difficult for us to find a peaceful resolution for all parties involved and cause us spend to spend 3 hours on something that can be fixed privately in 15-30 minutes. You could spend saved time on playing the game or watching movies, and we can spend that time on helping either other players, develop or play the game with you. Any Administration discussion of previous or current cases cases on public forum will be ignored and removed, use Private Messages or Discord to contact us.
Our goal is to have an unbiased decisionmaking based on a strict ruleset - every violation will be dealt with in the same way. This doesn't mean though that Rules will never change. Be nice and save us and yourself time and anger.

About Exploiting/Hacking/Credit Farming

We have various checks and controls in place to ensure fair play from player side. It is not advised to alter the client, be it through coding, altering memory addresses, or other means, to gain an illicit advantage. All cheated or duplicated items or credits will be removed. Depending on the severity, your account will be suspended or permanently banned.
Some clientside modifications are also considered an "illicit advantage", such as gurrcatting (running while dire snared/rooted), speedhacking or driving through walls and will be warned.
Third party programs which emulate player activity are allowed (Multi Boxing, Auto-it). Clientside modifications that change the game visually, or give no illicit gameplay advantage are permitted, but not supported. You can use them, but we will only help with tracking down issues of a clean installation made with our patcher.
Selling ingame credits for real world currency on a reoccurring base will not be tolerated. Every account charged guilty of selling credits for real world currency on a regular base will be terminated without chance of appeal. If you are aware of an exploit or credit farmer, do not post about it on the forums and contact our team in Private Messages: Darth, SilentGuardian.

About AFK Farming

AFK farming using macros is allowed. If you spawn camp NPCs for an important quest, please run an AFK join macro so other players can invite you. If someone is unable to finish their quest due to this and contacts a GM for help, we will move AFK characters a few meters. If the NPCs are not relevant for any quest, there is nothing we will do.

How To Deal With Problem Players ingame

If you get harassed ingame, just use the /ignore function. It works and saves you and us a lot of trouble and time. Harassment which can be resolved through /ignore will not be investigated. Harassment and toxic behavior which circumvents the ignore function (examples: character names, structure names) will be investigated. Action taken is decided by an internal ruleset.


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