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GM Assistance
« on: 23-11-16, 21:52:42 »
For our upcoming live server, following services are provided by our GM team:
  • Moving stuck characters that cannot use /unstick or group pickup:
    Please use Discord and ping @GM for assistance

  • Dealing with severe harassment that bypasses /ignore. Hacking, Exploiting
    Contact SilentGuardian through Discord or Forums

    In a nutshell, don't do what would have gotten you into trouble on the SOE servers either. Our rules in regards to AFK gameplay/Multiboxing/using programs
    to emulate player activity are lenient and elaborated in the Rules. Use /ignore if a player annoys you.
Other GM features, such as item restoration, are not yet available. Character transfers across accounts will not be available either. Public GM log has been put on hold in favor of prioritizing other development issues. Therefore all GMs only able to teleport themselves and other players.
You can rename your character with /rename every 90 days.
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