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How to play!
« on: 10-07-16, 14:44:27 »
Register at to join us. You can use the login username/password to access the forums, too! If you have questions, contact us on Discord here.

You can find our Launcher in this thread.

You will need to download the latest version in the thread and extract it to a folder where you like to keep it.

Run STELLA.Launcher.Updater.exe. Upon first time of starting, the patcher will ask you where you like to install the game:

Select an existing folder of SWG, or create a new one. Do NOT choose the patcher folder. Then, the patcher will commence the download.
You can start the game either through the play button of the launcher, or run swgclient_r.exe as administrator if the launcher is hanging.
If you like to change the game resolution, change your joystick, etc, you have to run swgclientsetup_r.exe.

If you are having connection issues or is the login.cfg missing? Download the login.cfg here and place it in the SWG main folder (not the patcher folder).
If you have any other issues, please run the hash-check tool of the launcher first. You can find it under the cog-wheel symbol.

Missing files can be reacquired through the screwdriver symbol next to it. In this picture, the login.cfg was missing, it will be empty if the installation is in order.

To be able to login multiple accounts, please read this guide: [READ FIRST] Setting up your Main Account for dual logging!

Having trouble with the game or login? Read the troubleshooting FAQ here
Too complex? Decilation wrote an easy setup guide here (NOTE: It is outdated with the old installer routine)
Do you like to join the community chat ingame? Corthreat wrote a guide here
Have more questions? You can find all important threads here
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