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Mission Statement of Stella Bellum
« on: 20-09-16, 04:22:40 »
Greetings SWG Community,

We are Stella Bellum - we are Star Wars!

All of us are looking forward to relieve the days of Star Wars Galaxies as it once was. Our team has overcome a lot of obstacles during the setup of this project and we will certainly face many more, as we continue explore uncharted territory. We are as excited as you are, but please be patient with us as we learn and adapt!

The project is development driven and the core teams sole focus is - you guessed, development. To understand this better:
I'd be happy to play the game on my home server with maybe 1-2 friends and just code
I'm a lot like "other dev" in that I really have no interest in running a server
I enjoy developing the code, but don't want to deal with support or the community stuff.

This means, if you as community have the desire to play with a community on the upcoming live server, please be there to support and help each other - be it ingame, the forums or Discord. The game is just more fun this way - help and being helped. The Developer Staff is not there to deal with community related issues, such as Moderation or GM/ingame actions. Furthermore, the Developers will migrate to a closed chatgroup to avoid all further distractions leading up to a live server. We're not leaving you and you will still receive status updates through me.

So, how can we help? What is planned? We decided to split our goals into three time periods. There is no set 'ETA' when we will achieve individual goals, but we expect the transitions to be interweaved. Some goals can be achieved sooner, others will always be present.

Medium Term Goals

We want to establish a community and grow it over time to be the most successful NGE server. This goal cannot be achieved by only the team, we will need your help as well. Please be respectful and helpful to each other to create this positive environment. We have measures in place to deal with troublemarkers. Yet, the Development time should be more valuable to you over them sorting out community drama. Therefore, we will be selecting players to join our Volunteer team to sort out those differences and help each other out. There is intentionally no recruitment thread - be active, helpful and friendly in the community and we might notice you ;)

Our live server to come will run the 16.4 patch as close as possible. The server will run vanilla gameplay settings. This means, no resource boosts, no handouts, no kickstarts. Like SOE, we will host occasional but rare XP events.

Long Term Goals

We believe making our code available will allow more individuals contribute to the code who are not associated with the project, but like to help. We do like to improve the code, meaning faster restarts, less crashes, more stability and less obvious bugs. The Code will branch into two bases:
  • One unaltered Vanilla code that will always operate on our live server Stella Bellum.
  • One Cocoa "Fun" Branch to which Developers can submit their individual creations that were never on live. Examples are: New species, new planets, new quests, something unexpected so awesome that will blow our mind. Note: The Fun branch will exist in development only - no server running with it. We don't intend to use content from that branch until everything Vanilla has been finished.
The focus of the Stella Bellum Development team is to advance the Vanilla Branch from 16.4 to the final patch before shutdown. We encourage the freelancing Developers to contribute to our Vanilla Branch and get in contact with us to find out to help! However, we also welcome any contribution made towards the "Fun" Branch.

When will you make the source available? When can I help?
"There is no set 'ETA' when we will achieve individual goals" Be patient and follow our project and you will notice when or how we decide to do so. This is your answer. No need to ask again.

The profession changes will be updated towards the final patch, but we also like to keep the profession balance. Some changes (unlinking Relentless Onslaught for BH, or unlinking all expertise skills of Medic) however, may not be implemented. The details will be discussed in future and we may involve the community to collect and summarise the changes made.

We will find means to introduce old items that were only obtainable preNGE (example: Aurillian Plant, Synapse Crystals, Paintings), or required additional content (example: TCG items). Those will not be available at the start, and this is where we have to deviate from Vanilla or these items will never be obtainable. Our goal is to introduce new items without breaking the economy, or flooding these items to make them worthless. We could be adding some of the items to the Rare Loot System, but we also like to create a better, more creative gameplay design to implement those items - the best way with respect to the community. RLS will nontheless be a part of the game.

Endgame Goals

We have a happy and flourishing SWG community. We finished the development of the final patch. At this point we could stop with the Development and rest on our work - leading to stagnation and the project losing steam.
We will continue the path SOE has set out and continue developing new content, like new themeparks, new quests, maybe even new Heroic Encounters? Or, we can choose and pick from the contributions made to the Cocoa branch (Hint: "something unexpected, so awesome that will blow our mind")

Thanks for your support! If you have any questions or like to discuss the topic, please post them here
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